100% german dna

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Actually, the reality is, that I was not being lied to in any way. If both Previous Results and the Update are accurate but presented in different ways that needs to be stated. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, research and checking trying to understand and figure out the rest of my story and don’t understand or know what to do? I’ve found quite a few cases of infidelity and adoption within my tree. Understanding human origins over time is more the anthropological focus of interest . Thank you. Out of curiosity, my wife and I sent in our spit to Ancestry DNA. Fortunately I was not testing “just for” the ethnicity results like so many others seem to be. what gives AncestryDNA?! But in the decade and a half since, technology has vastly improved to the point that the number of gaps—or regions of DNA bases that are unreadable—has fallen dramatically, making the mapping of Nala's genes the most complete yet. These situations are difficult to calculate mathematically, so just keep them in mind. Ancestry also have Timber to remove IBS segments as best as they can, that still leaves a few ‘pile-up’ like Clusters but again they have a similar profile and are a small percentage. When I am looking at the map of migrations, the information stops 25,000 years ago. They are Dutch and German, respectively, and people in those countries have not embraced genetic genealogy to the degree Americans have. My daughter’s % on Native American (New Mexico, Wife’s side) went from 12% to non existent and her GB went from 8% to 78%, really?

As a company, do you assume German because it’s where the largest reference population is found? I agree, I tried to compare to my brother’s results done couple years ago and my mother’s done same time as mine. Everything else is gone. I used a salt lick with that. Awesome article as always. Uploaded it to FtDNA and it has me at 28% Scandinavian.Here’s the thing – I actually do live in Sweden, but I was born in Australia and moved here as an adult. In other words, since most British people have Viking ancestry and then one of them marries another person of Viking ancestry, the Scandinavian ancestry remains and doesn’t get diluted easily. I am even more confused now that my mother has done the dna Test. Originally my English Heritage was 2%. 7 Things You Need to Know to Decipher Church Records (PREMIUM), Essential German Genealogy Vocabulary: The Collection, Recognizing German Numbers: A Practice Game (PREMIUM). These kits make great gifts too! What gets me is the Finnish I keep coming up with. What about finding (and double-checking) links to genetic cousins especially those whose current home is a foreign country? There has to be quite a high standard of evidence to be assigned to one of those, therefore many customers like you and I don’t have any of them. If genealogy tells me that I’m Ulster Irish, Norwegian, German and French (Pyrenees) how can I have such a large percentage of England/Northwestern Europe? Best stated, we just don’t know why you might carry small amounts of unexplained regional ethnic DNA. The first “available” spot with an unknown ancestor for a Scandinavian is in the 7th generation where they would contribute 1.56% of my DNA and 3.12% of mothers.

In other words, if they can’t get 30% right, how could they ever get 4 or 5% right? so in your case the Scandinavian DNA might be a portion hard to tell apart from Netherlands etc. Then, about how wild the numbers can get from generation to the next, my mother has 36% British Isles, I have none. please note I have a minor in evolutionary biology and I would be happy to volunteer to gather new samples as there is no way my DNA changes that much unless the samples for the baseline are corrupted or complete incompetence was made and my own sample was contaminated on the re-testing somehow. I was always told I was German… My great, great uncle was even the captain of the Hindenburg. This does NOT increase the price you pay but helps me to keep the lights on and this informational blog free for everyone.

I expected my largest Native segments to be on my father’s side. What in the world is going on with your system Ancestry? "I would expect that as the costs come down, all the major breeds will have a genome mapped within 10 years, because this will help identify specific diseases, and lots of breeds have known specific diseases.".

Instead it switched continents. Then the list expanded to all over the place.

Is it based on the results of one particular ethnicity, or something else? For example, one company groups the Czech Republic and Poland in with Western Europe and another groups them primarily with Eastern Europe but partly in Western Europe and a third puts Poland in Eastern Europe and doesn’t say where they group The Czech Republic.

The “noise” of Middleastern in my results has completely disappeared and now reflects my researched parish records from the 1600s in Bergen, Norway – even they were having children out of wedlock, but they were all Norwegian. That suggests I received a surplus of 24% Scandinavian from my father, or that I got short-changed 24% on my British genetic material from my mother. Your mileage can and will vary too! Like so many I lost my Greek ancestry (despite having met Greek relations) ENTIRELY. There is Welsh on the other side of my family also. So sure it would be a happy place if we all knew who our parents are and could make great big trees, but for some of us the percentages are all we’ve got, so it would be nice if they were accurate.

I will however not be subscribing or recommending Ancestry.com to anyone until they can explain otherwise in a satisfactory manner to myself that makes since. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Let’s look at those differences that have occurred within population groups. My mother’s side of our Turkish heritage is from Georgia and my Dad is from Aegean coast north. It matches my paper trail. But mine have taken a turn. I have made a lot of progress. I did try them and was not impressed. Terribly confused. I grouped the regions so that we can obtain a somewhat apples-to-apples comparison between vendor results, although that is clearly challenging based on the different vendor interpretations of the various regions. Heather has always known that she has Irish ancestry, so it was a pleasant surprise to me that I am part of the club too! I completely agree. Using Minority Admixture to Your Advantage.

This is from my parents and my environment, not my GGGG grandparents. It is so fascinating to be able to find out what your heritage is. I would love to have my DNA tested. As far as the Scandinavia results go, they spread their genetics so much into all the areas surrounding Scandinavia that im sure an accurate result cant be reached. It is a small tube where you collect your saliva, which is then sealed up and sent back to Ancestry.com in one of their pre-filled out envelopes. It’s the same DNA segment found in all of the populations. Great, I will breakout the kilt, until the next “update” wipes that out and tells me I’m French…. And we were impressed. However, you can never really know the effects of early population movements – except you can pretty well say that if you have 25% Scandinavian – you had better have a Scandinavian grandparent. Does this mean one of her parents would have to have been British? All of the major vendors do update their ethnicity results from time to time. If I could afford it I would have my DNA tested by all of the other companies to compare my results but I cannot afford it My mother purchased ancestry kits for all of her children and their spouses for Christmas. Think the four major continental areas here – Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas. Treat any subsequent ethnicity updates that you receive as informational supplements, and no more. Are both estimates accurate, and are they now showing us the entire forest rather than the tree we’re looking for? Diahan lectures internationally, owns Your DNA Guide, and writes for Family Tree Magazine and Your Genealogy Today. Dicey waters. If you want to take a really deep dive, and you carry significantly mixed ethnicity, such that it’s quite distinct from your other ancestry – meaning the four continents once again, you can work a little harder to track your ethnic segments back in time. Jewish people tend to test very true, but others don’t. I personally have real problems with individuals claiming “minority status” in order to obtain special programs that are specifically designated for minority groups. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, except in very recent generations – like 2 (grandparents at 25%), maybe 3 generations (great-grandparents at 12.5%).

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