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The topic of the maximum rate the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV can accept a DC fast charge has been a hot topic since the electric … Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, and on your phone! The Bolt EV took 69 minutes to reach 80% and accepted 51 kWh. We’ve seen this complaint on Chevy Bolt forums and threads. Hello everyone, I'm going to buy a Bolt at an auction. You can also get fast charging as an option on the Bolt EV. And for a motivated (and electrically informed!) Stock photography by. GM was pretty careful to advertise their charge rate as an “up to” and “under ideal conditions” thing, so it’s a bit of selective reading [to create] rosy expectations in the customers as well. Its Supercharger network now covers virtually all of the lower 48 states, and until earlier this year, it was completely free to Tesla drivers. But using a DC Fast Charging station on vehicles with the available Fast Charge port, the charging time to achieve 90 EV miles (145 km) is reduced to only about 30 minutes. For a few years now, Tesla has shown what a nationwide network of DC fast-charging sites for long-range electric cars should look like. Fleet vehicles in particular. Unless you plan on sitting in that parking lot for 10+ hours I think DCFC may be in your future. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. However, since most manufacturers offer how long it takes to charge the vehicle to 80% on a DC fast charger (Chevy doesn't - and we now know why) we thought charging to 80% for comparison was appropriate for this test. Directions

He's pretty thorough, though, so I'm surprised he missed anything. Is the Bolt EV's charging rate as big a problem as we think? Some people simply don't require DCFC. The combo charging port is an optional feature (standard in Canada). I am sure a GM engineer could do it, but will they? In addition, our reader Lang Reynolds passed along the following comments, on Bolt charging at EVgo fast chargers, received from an electric-car driver with industry-insider knowledge: The EVgo deployed network is all 50-kw, and if a fully operational (i.e. The DC plug will be locked and cannot be disconnected while charging is active. The Bolt EV took 69 minutes to reach 80% and accepted 51 kWh. Not so. It might not be that difficult, but it requires a number of parts including the harness, charging socket, junction box, and powerline communication module.

Two keys are provided that are used to turn off the DC Fast Charger when not in use or after hours. While charging rates taper off over the last 20 percent of battery capacity in virtually every electric car, the Bolt EV appears to start the taper much earlier and gently ramp down charging far earlier than the 80-percent level. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. The available SAE J1772 DC Combo charging port (Fig. It seems from those that [Chevrolet has] got the car set to throttle down on charge rate a lot sooner in the charge curve than most people expected them to. © 2020 MH Sub I, LLC. It's worth reading the entire post, but his observations include: DC fast-charging behavior of 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car [chart by Bro1999].

CHECK OUT: Much faster electric-car charging: on a fast track. It takes just a few seconds to plug in, then you can go about your day (or night) while the Bolt EV charges. All EVs slow down their charging rate as the vehicle approaches 100%, and it's just not worth waiting once the charging rate tapers off unless you really have to. (Fig. That's just too long to get to 80% in our opinion. From these pictures, I am now wondering how hard it really is to add DCFC aftermarket. I know it is a dying standard, but back in the day they had CHAdeMO upgrade kits (JdeMO) for the Toyota RAV4 EV, it may make more sense for you to pursue that route of DCFC if it can be adapted to your setup... but those kits were intended for the RAV4 EV (based on Tesla Technology and equipment) so it may not be any easier for you than a custom CCS solution.

More details on fast-charging rate in 2017 Chevy Bolt EV electric car, Fast-charging a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car. Installation should only be performed by a licensed electrician. With the 120-volt portable charge cord at the default 8-amp setting, it takes over 50 hours to fully charge the vehicle. With 11.5 KW charging (48 amp 240V on a 60 amp breaker) in each, you can drive one on an errands trip, come home swap to the other truck to run more errands while the depleted truck charges and keep the cycle going all day. The amount of time it takes to fully charge the 2017 Bolt EV with a depleted high voltage battery depends on the type of charger being used. What do you think? That means that when you plug in a Bolt EV with 50 percent of capacity or more remaining in its battery, the fast charging rate may not be even 50 kw. This is definitely for the grins, too.

The maximum charging rate he saw was 46 kw on a 125-amp charger; The Bolt EV battery is quite sensitive to internal temperature, and needs to be at 65 to 70 degrees F to charge at the highest rate; Fast-charging starts to taper off at 50 percent capacity, and tapers again at 70 percent; and. I attended the 2020 Bolt EV media drive and Chevrolet informed us that the 2020 Bolt could charge faster on a DC fast charger under different ambient temperatures than previous models could. Privacy Policy. The battery pack would also need to be modified or replaced, which adds far more expense. Using a 240-volt charging station set at a 16-amp level, the charging time is reduced to approximately 19 hours. Also, most people won't stay plugged into a DC fast charger past 80% unless they really need the extra miles to get home or to the next charging station. DON'T MISS: Fast-charging a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car. The Bolt reached its highest charge rate of 53 kW at 20% state of charge and bounced between 53 kW and 52 kW until about 50% state of charge when it began slowly ramping down the rate. Luckily, because I push pencils, my need for a work truck is fairly limited. Level 1 chargers, Level 2 chargers, and DC Fast Charging for the Chevy Bolt “Fueling” your Chevy Bolt will take a little longer than filling up at the gas pump. The Chevy Bolt EV accepts the universal connector on every standard Level 2 charging station, which adds about 25 miles of Range Per Hour. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 40 Posts ... Hello everyone, I'm going to buy a Bolt at an auction. Fuel Injection & Cooling System Tools The Chevy Bolt operates with a Combined Charging System configuration, commonly referred to as CCS. It features an easy-to-use interface with two simple function buttons. We were told that, for the first 30 minutes, the 2020 Bolt EV can charge at up to 150% faster in cold temperatures than the pre-2020 models were capable of. PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You, 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. First, there's no coherent network of charging sites despite using the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) protocol adopted by every German maker and every U.S. carmaker except Tesla. That 10% battery increase translated into 21 more miles of EPA-rated driving range to 259 miles from 238 miles. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Tech Section. Cool that someone has done it though. I think it's a darn shame that CCS isn't standard on every Bolt ever built. Hyundai states that the Kona Electric can charge from 0% to 80% in 54 minutes. It adds about 90 miles in 30 minutes. Fig. Second, while Chevy says the Bolt EV can charge at "up to 80 kilowatts," that's both lower than the 135-kw maximum for a Tesla and effectively capped at the 50-kw rate of all currently deployed CCS charging stations in the U.S. READ THIS: VW's Electrify America submits electric-car charging plan to EPA, CARB: now what? In 2020 Chevrolet increased the battery size of Bolt EV from 60 kWh to 66 kWh of usable energy. I bet that if it was standard, it would have cost GM less to include it than supporting two different builds. The hard part is reprograming the car to accept the parts. Join to discuss sport mode, reviews, battery range and charging! not mechanically impaired) charger delivers a slower rate than that, it’s because the car is ‘asking’ for less (either because of the ambient temperature, or because of the car’s battery state of charge). Accessories that are available with the DC Fast Charger include a wall-mounted cable dock (EL-52240-DOCK) that holds the cable and vehicle coupler and a pedestal mount (EL-52240-GNT) that allows the DC Fast Charger to be installed in an open area. Charging and Batteries. 56 TV Pl To stop charging at any time, use the controls on the DC Fast Charger or touch the Stop button on the vehicle’s Battery information screen. Techline Connect Setup for Updates, The latest software update for the EL-52545 TPMS/RF Tool (Fig. DON'T MISS: Fast-charging a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car But Bolt EV fast charging is less capable than Tesla's in three crucial ways. Now, it does suck for secondary market sales, where prospective buyers aren't sure of what they're getting, but that's about it. 10 . It will continue to charge the vehicle to 100%, but at a slower rate. Two optional access cards also can be used to restrict access to authorized users only. Copyright © 2020 TechLink. The update adds the following features and enhancements: Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) learn and […], The GlobalConnect App Center now features a tile for Techline Connect (TLC), enabling Techline Connect to be downloaded to a Techline personal computer (PC).

Chevy BOLT EV DCFC to 100% Found out charging past 80% still stays at 20kW. Sign up to get the latest green car and environmental news, delivered to your inbox daily! DC fast charging.

If you are never going to road trip them, or haul things in a serious manner (like using them as work trucks) then concentrate on getting good AC charging... less expensive but still good for extending their usefulness in "around home" driving.

The Charge Status indictor on top of the vehicle’s instrument panel, near the windshield, will illuminate green and the horn will chirp when properly connected. Enter your registered email address to request a password reset link. Click Here For A Full Breakdown of the Charging Options, Click Here To Learn More About Some Of The Most Popular Chargers.

This fast charge rate makes it more convenient for dealerships to keep Bolt EV models in inventory charged or to quickly recharge a vehicle visiting the dealership. We really like the Bolt EV, but the charging rate really hurts the vehicle's ability to travel long distances without too much inconvenience.

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Follow GreenCarReports on Facebook and Twitter. Chevy's advertised "90 miles in 30 minutes" will only likely occur if the battery starts between 0 and 50 percent capacity. Follow the steps on the DC Fast Charger to start charging. You can: Would you like us to send you price alerts? Yup.

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