2017 chevy volt premier adaptive cruise control

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Is this different from forward automatic braking? Does this mean we’ll see ads in all 50 states? Me - 2018 silver Tesla Model 3 LR RWD-EAP FSD, Wife - 2018 red Tesla Model 3 LR RWD -EAP and FSD, I will never, not get another car without adaptive cruse control. The new Volt will meet federal tier 3 emissions rules (not surprisingly) and here’s maybe the best option of all: GM will sell it in 39 more states than the 2016 model. In the manual the controls on the steering wheel look the same for regular cruise control and the adaptive cruise control. Looks like it worked ... for a couple days. The tech re calibrated the brake position sensor and found out there is a new TSB and a new clip for the brake that came out just a few days ago. How do I know the car I'm looking at has it? I got the message trying to engage the ACC.

Love it. While some negativity has been put out there, it’s less, and the new 53-mile all-electric range evolved car offers more than the original 2011 that had 35 miles all-electric range and started at just around $40,000. I took my car back to the dealer and they looked at it again. Chevrolet To Delay Volt Production To Next Spring as 2017 Model Year For 39 States, GM’s First Self-Driving Car May Keep Manual Controls, GM Partners with Constructor of Hoover Dam to Build EV Charging Stations. Last week I just purchased a new 2017 Volt with the Premier package. Got the retainer replaced Thursday (Sunday today), so far it has not re-occured but sometimes it would go weeks between (sometimes days) occurrences. I guess it could have been temperature related on the camera side.. it was a warm day in direct mid day sun with the visor down.

I have not taken it in yet as I know the tech will find no issue since it's a random failure.

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I have attached a copy of the work order for reference in hopes that it helps others experiencing the same issue. Cars with ACC will have a separate center section and the Chevrolet bowtie will be flush with the panel. Last week I just purchased a new 2017 Volt with the Premier package. I also do use it on the surface streets actually but I pay very very close attention and only on occasion as I'm afraid of being rear ended :(. Does the Volt ACC use the camera and radar or just radar? I touched the camera housing and it was hot to the touch. We'll see. The front and rear sensors are also provided by Bosch. '17 Premier no ACC, only 5K on the odo. The quickest way to tell is by looking at the front grill. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. _______________________________________________________.

Thank you. Before I do some road testing is there any way of verifying that I have the Adaptive Cruise Control? I attributed it to the extreme summer heat with the baking of the car in the parking lot all day. So I had this issue on my 2017 premier with adaptive cruise and took it to the dealer. About a minute or two passed and then it worked again. I took it in and they recalibrated (again) the sensor. Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. It must be a later build MY17+ (Rumored to be around July 2016+) Premier with Driver Confidence 1 and 2. Push the Cruise Control button(left button cluster on the steering wheel,button on the right),you'll see the grey speedometer/car logo and "--MPH/KPH" on your DIC. One thing to note: I do use it extensively on surface streets. I got the same message. Now back to intermittently not working. The car has been working flawlessly ever since, and I have restored confidence in my cruise control. News not available in September is this option will fetch $1,195 in theory, but actually $2,185 in fact. I had this happen recently. I agree, very frustrating. After the sensor was re calibrated it failed a couple of times on the drive home and has been working good since. Full-speed adaptive cruise control is now available on Premier models.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Maybe it had to learn the new signal I don't know but it is working better. Cars without ACC will have a raised bowtie. Unfortunately I needed to find it -- just started happening to me. For now I am just documenting it and will let the dealer know when I go in for a tire rotation. A forum community dedicated to Chevy Volt electric car owners and enthusiasts.

Option code KSG on the order sheet. If it only uses radar, why does the temperature or condition of the camera matter? I am hoping it's just a coincidence that I got the reprogram done for the rough idle on Friday and this problem started on Saturday. Have the same issue here on a LT. At random times the cruise fails to engage and the will start working fine again later. I recently had my sun visor on in a hot parking lot.

The Volt can now be equipped with adaptive cruise control and forward automatic emergency braking.

In the end, the tech widened (drilled it out) the brake position sensor locating hole just a bit to "adjust" the sensor position by a few degrees. The car has actually been getting worse since. If it uses both, what is the camera seeing that the radar doesn't? We'll see. And the forward beeping EVERYTIME you start and back out of garage, first thing I did when putting car in reverse. I also know that there are a couple of sales people who also belong to a chevy volt group on facebook who have also said they have not head of when it will be available when people have posted the questions to the group. The tech at the dealer i spoke with told me that the voltage reading when the pedal was not pressed was higher than it should've been even after changing the sensor.

It requires a level of integration that can't be done after the fact. All-new last year, the 2017 Chevrolet Volt adds a few key features.


The next day it works.

It would make me nervous to hit Resume w/o dropping the cruise control speed.... Top tip: The re-gen pedal acts like a cancel button too, just pull on it briefly; quick enough not to engage re-gen and ACC will cancel, find that it's better and faster than jabbing your thumb on the cancel button or pressing the brake pedal. Yes,ACC cars have an improved version of front automatic braking over DC1 and DC2 cars.

... and more importantly is adaptive cruise control on the Premier trim level. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

How do you turn off ACC if you have ACC on your car so that its just using normal cruise control? Lease was up today! is the windshield in front of the camera clean? Great thread. Teen Driver is added to the MyLink system, and Chevy will offer a limited number of Volts painted in Citron Green. adaptive cruise control Adaptive Cruise Control can automatically maintain a driver-selected gap time from the detected vehicle you’re following while you steer.

I would love to see a JATO 757! Unfortunately LKAS can't steer for you :(, Unless you are this guy ACC cannot be retrofitted :(. Really enjoying not buying and burning gas!

Problems, Driver Warnings or DTCs - Gen2 Volt, MPG, 98% Electric, 2% gas, Saved 6 gal., 28 kW-hr/100 miles, http://gm-volt.com/forum/showthread.php?280265-2017-Cruise-Control-Brake-pedal-issue, Chevy Volt General Discussion, News, and Events, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 2017 Premier… © 2020 hybridCARS.com All Rights Reserved.

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