2020 honda insight review

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These factors can make the Insight less than comfortable on extended drives. Since the internal-combustion powerplant doesn't necessarily drive the wheels, there can be a perceived disconnect between driver and powertrain. Drivers interested in this Honda might also consider the larger Accord, which is available as a hybrid, too. In typical Honda fashion, this hybrid is a master of space efficiency. Inside, there's standard push-button start and Bluetooth. Now available at Gillman Honda Houston, the 2020 Honda Insight seats five and comes in three trims: the entry-level 2020 Honda Insight LX, midrange 2020 Honda Insight EX, and range-topping 2020 Honda Insight Touring. You'll want to avoid this driving mode as it makes the car feel utterly lifeless. But as conditions dictate, this powertrain can also function as a parallel hybrid. Yes, this engine-and-motor combination is superbly efficient, but it also feels confused. EX and Touring versions gain an 8-inch Display Audio system with high-resolution touchscreen as well as support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The 2020 Honda Insight makes hypermiling an effortless endeavor. Given its small hybrid battery pack, the Insight's electric-only driving range is, unsurprisingly, limited, maxing out at just about one mile. Kind of looks like a Honda Civic, don't you think? It's always busier than a colony of killer bees and probably more aggressive, at least when it comes to entering new vehicle segments or updating its product range. It includes a host of goodies like lane-departure warning, collision-mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control, traffic-sign recognition and more. Enter your registered email address to request a password reset link. Even though it's supremely economical, the Insight looks like, well, pretty much a normal car. The Bottom Line The Honda Insight is a high-quality small sedan that feels premium and returns crazy fuel-economy numbers without even trying. Both come standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an excellent sound system, managed via a next-gen 8-inch touchscreen.

The brand's Ioniq hybrid is similarly economical to the Insight and Prius, returning 55 mpg city, 54 mpg highway and 55 mpg combined. Adaptive cruise control is part of this suite, along with lane-departure warning and forward-collision warning. Honda's two-motor arrangement is quite clever in that it can operate as either a series or parallel hybrid, or even as a pure electric. Top-shelf value is another attribute shared by the 2020 Honda Insight and the rest of the vehicles at our Honda dealership serving Sugar Land, TX. Tuned for maximum efficiency, it delivers a mere 107 horsepower and 99 pound-feet of torque on its own. It was probably just as numbing to drive. The Bad This machine's powertrain is unexpectedly annoying for something built by Honda, plus its front seats are soggy and the available LaneWatch system's camera is disappointingly low-res. Naturally, there are some important distinctions between these cars. Still, its steering is relatively crisp for a hybrid and the ride quality is supple without feeling sloppy. Plenty of other enhancements bolster safety in this type of accident, from breakaway windshield-wiper pivots to energy-absorbing fender mounts. Meanwhile, the 2020 Honda Insight boasts a bevy of equipment, including heated/power leather seats, onboard WiFi, and a sunroof. Debuting around 2010, it resembled a partially deflated station wagon that had a good part of its rear-end torched off. Hyundai's hybrid hatchback is for those who want everything a Prius offers, but in a better-looking, more efficient and less conspicuous wrapper. A 1.2-kWh, lithium-ion pack serves as an electron reservoir. The pedal is responsive and easy to modulate with none of the robotic feel I anticipated. The Insight's engine revs change at random times and sometimes have little correlation to vehicle speed or load, which is just weird. The car, and passersby, benefit from an aluminum hood, which not only saves weight, but is designed to make crashes safer for pedestrians by deforming in a collision. Adaptive cruise control is part of this suite, along with lane-departure warning and forward-collision warning. For refinement, performance, and unbelievable gas mileage from a hybrid sedan, it's tough to beat the 2020 Honda Insight. The super-saver Blue model is even more efficient than mainline variants, delivering 57, 59 and 58 mpg, respectively.

Honda is positioning this hybrid between its Civic and Accord, offering it as a more premium compact sedan. Structure My Deal tools are complete — you're ready to visit Gillman Honda Houston! The gasoline engine is connected directly to the motor-generator. I subjected the car to plenty of wide-open-throttle blasts and a large amount of high-speed interstate driving. The range-topping Touring model tested here checked out for a totally reasonable $29,270, a price that includes $930 in delivery charges. EV enables emissions-free, nearly silent operation at low speeds for very short distances. It's also unexpectedly affordable. Minor quibbles notwithstanding, the 2020 Honda Insight is still a fine choice if top-notch fuel efficiency is one of your priorities. These efficiency scores compare favorably to other hybrid models from rival manufacturers.

The baseline trim sets a strong foundation of appealing standard amenities, and the 2020 Honda Insight EX adds to it with features like an eight-speaker sound system, a split-folding rear seat, and the infotainment upgrades mentioned earlier. The rear seat offers ample room for noggins and knees, though there are no air vents for passengers relegated to steerage. Under heavy acceleration, the engine churns away, making an unexpected amount of unpleasant sounds. Add it all up, carry the three, try not to divide by zero and you might be surprised to learn this car has 151 system horses with 197 lb-ft of twist. The 2020 Honda Insight Hybrid is a top choice among compact sedans for its fuel efficiency, comfort, and style. Drivetrain refinement is one area where the Prius and likely Ioniq, too, have an edge.

See the 2020 Honda Insight models for sale near you Absolutely without trying, I managed to average better than 44 miles per gallon during my week-long stint in an Insight Touring, the range-topping model. These two cars feature the same 106.3-inch wheelbase and have bodies that are roughly 183 inches long. This vehicle looks, feels, and handles at the Honda brand's typically high level, with the added bonus of exceptional gas mileage. Hyundai is never a company to kick back and relax. But enough yammering about the broader hybrid segment. It's spacious, nicely trimmed and mostly looks like a normal, compact sedan.

Admittedly, that figure is fractions of an mpg less than the car's combined rating, but what makes this impressive is that it delivered said fuel economy when I drove it more aggressively than any typical owner would. There are badges in case you forget what kind of car this is. The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority. Combined, Uncle Sam's minions at the Environmental Protection Agency say it should return 48 mpg. Make the most of your secure shopping experience by creating an account. I've concluded this setting basically makes the accelerator unresponsive in the name of slightly better fuel economy. Honda Sensing, the automaker's suite of advanced driver aids, is standard across the board.

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