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Tangerine is a young adult novel by Edward Bloor, published in 1997 by Harcourt.[1].

When he arrives at Tangerine Middle School, he is shown around by a girl named Theresa Cruz. Nicely done debut from Mangan with a real throwback vibe. A novel should stir the emotions, and Tangerine, the debut novel from Christine Mangan, does just that.It made this reviewer boiling mad.
Adjustment to life in Florida is difficult for the Fishers.

Paul Fisher is an outsider. I can relate to it a lot, because it's about soccer, and I play it a lot.
All the kids help out on their families orchards. He goes to a school where he can finally play soccer, but then has a conflict because of his impaired vision. Paul makes friends with Joey Costello, but he’s still incredibly depressed by not being able to play soccer.

And then Paul moves to a new town call tangerine he meets a new friend Joey and they both play soccer and tangerine middle school.

When they tease him, he teases back. They tell him that they hid the truth about his eyes from him because they didn’t want him to hate his brother. I needed more to hold me in.

"Tangerine" is about a blind boy who realizes why he is blind. This is more than a coming of age story. What topic are you most looking forward to discussing? Alice has moved to Tangier with her husband. One day after the Cruz kids begin to trust Paul, they come over to his house to work on a science project.

One of the things that I particularly liked about this book was how I was transported to a place so completely different than the Midwest. Paul is terrified of Erik. Paul is devastated, but the Cruz kids are more devastated. Then a sink hole comes and destroys the school and Paul goes to a new school tangerine middle then he meets new friends and then at the end they Paul's bother and his friend goes to jail for killing pauls friends brother.

Erik makes friends with Arthur Bauer; as soon as Paul sees them together, he knows that Arthur is going to play a bad role in Erik’s life. Paul confronts his parents. Way downhill. I can't believe you want to read it too." When we got towards the turning point, everything really started to interesting quick. His parents hardly notice that he is a gifted soccer player becasue he … People die and there is no real moral to the story, although you do eventually found out how he went blind - and it's horrifying. Paul gets kicked out of Tangerine High for attacking the coach, but he vows to play for the War Eagles next year. [Lucy is crazy, was responsible for the accident, is unhealthily obsessed with Alice, and was lying about her past. Unlike at his home, riven by unspoken hostilities and buried secrets and terrorized from a series of unexplained break-ins, Paul finds the Cruz family generous and open and the farm inviting and invigorating. Through Paul's father's reaction, we better understand the neglect and ignorance of humanity. Erik and Castor spray-painted the walls of the development and got caught. This is a twisted psychological thriller narrated from the point of view of the nervously anxious and isolated Alice Shipley, recently married to John, and her once close friend, Lucy Mason. There were admirable aspects to this book - burning one's fingers on the scalding glasses of boiled mint tea "one can get used to anything" and a little nod to the e. I've got a thing for exotic places, Morocco especially, and the personality of Tangier - with that city's name having changed each time it was conquered since 5BC - was my favorite character here.

After the accident at Bennington, the two friends—once inseparable roommates—haven’t spoken in over a year. Erick can be a men person because he made fun o f mike Costello. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tangerine_(Bloor_novel)&oldid=984521769, Articles needing additional references from October 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 14:49.

I really liked how it ended even though this book was kind of hard to end.

I live in Tangerine. The marriage is not a huge success; it was virtually arranged by Alice’s aunt and is mutually beneficial. I thought Alice fought with Lucy, and then she called Tom; he drove over to get her. When they settle in, Mrs. Fisher joins the Lake Windsor Housing Association and becomes the head of the architectural committee.

"Tangerine Summary". Erik admits this is true. Award Nominee (1998). One day after a torrential storm, a sinkhole opens up at Paul’s school and swallows one of the portables. The "she must be going mad" trope in these books has worn thin.

Paul Fisher, an eighth grader with bad eyes, is afraid of his older brother, Erik. The last two chapters also inexplicably switch to the third-person in a manner that serves no purpose.

They’re nervous, because the school is in a rougher, poorer town of Tangerine. At first they’re suspicious of Paul.

is it possible for me to read it but not buy it. In my humble opinion, you did not miss anything. They’re terrified and drive away. I was wondering about the same thing!

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