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Both lovers faced execution for their actions. The film may be a comparatively “straight” entry in Lynch’s filmography, but it’s nevertheless a rapturously beautiful and moving art object. Witness the scene where a bearded professor type, Dr. Emil Hobbes (Fred Doederlein), murders and then vivisects a young woman, Annabelle (Cathy Graham), dressed like a schoolgirl. The depths of sexual perversity to which Starliner residents will sink can just as easily be seen as signs of revolutionary sexual liberation. The downward spiral begins as a result of Nicholas’s having had secret dalliance with Annabelle. This film was near the end of a wonderful sequence of films made near the end of his life by Mizoguchi. The story reveals emotion and desire that is both on the surface, such as the scroll-maker sexually harassing a young servant (Yoko Minamida), as well as that which is concealed. This is a black-and-white film, which should surprise nobody given the age, and of course it is also a sound movie. The World Cinema Project makes unwavering strides to restore films to the best of their abilities. Aronofsky’s influential hellride of a film gets a sturdy 4K upgrade and a few new extras that extol its technical merits. The film’s central scene, a terse confrontation between Braddock and Parker, takes place in a forest at night. We soon learn, though, that Dave isn’t much of a hero and all that commotion was part of a scam cooked up by Roff and his manager (Wheeler Oakman) to sucker locals into betting their drinking money on Dave, who’s been paid off to take a dive in the second round of an upcoming match with Roff. There’s a lot more ground one could cover regarding this film and Mizoguchi‘s films in general than I have been able to here. Due to the attentive sound mixing, we feel Merrick’s considerable pain, especially his labored breathing, even as he is invisible to us. The Hit is an enigmatic, existential fable about crime and punishment. REBECCA: An Visually-Striking Adaptation Does its Damnedest to Escape the Shadow of its…, With New Director’s Cut, DOCTOR SLEEP Proves a Mike Flanagan Masterwork, THE TREE OF LIFE: Terrence Malick’s Revelatory Wrestling Match With The Eternal, Top 10 2019 Films To Make You More Empathetic/Compassionate, I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS is Charlie Kaufman Working Without a Net. Jean-Pierre Gorin’s 2007 video essay, A “Pierrot Primer, is a brilliant, incisive reading of about the first 15 minutes of Godard’s film—so bursting with ideas and insights that you may wish he’d done a piece on the whole film. So you could say there is quadruple relationship trouble in here. Here, the film’s structural and technical ambitions are usurped by a scene that frankly acknowledges the tolls of death. Just confirm how you got your ticket. Otama tells Ishun that she’s engaged to Mohei, who later resists the subterfuge presumably out of loyalty to his master, though in reality he’s in love with Ishun’s wife, Osan (Kyôko Kagawa). The box set also comes with a 76-page booklet featuring essays from critics Dennis Lim, Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu, Stephanie Dennison, Elisa Lozano, Aboubakar Sanogo, and Hamid Naficy. A short new interview with actor Kyōko Kagawa presents a more flattering portrait of Mizoguchi’s on-set practices, and she also speaks of the challenges of playing a married woman and adopting a Kyoto dialect. This 4K restoration was undertaken with close supervision by David Lynch, and it suits his exacting standards. In a cut to a close-up of Dave, Wyler highlights the conflicted nature of his protagonist’s reaction, finding him simultaneously horrified and proud that the boy is already so streetwise at such a young age. From this arises something unique which neither of them could have built on their own. Criterion has outfitted this seminal but somewhat outdated crime film with a beautiful transfer, as well as supplements that could use an uplift. When Otama lies for Mohei, in order to cover up his own lies for Osan, Mizoguchi briefly cuts to a close-up from Osan’s face to Mohei’s, signifying their subsequent union as well as their new partnership in love as well as deception. Afraid of Ishun's wrath, the pair flee, and become lovers while on the lam. Clem is something of a more youthful, slightly less corrupted version of Dave, as underlined in a scene where Clem reveals that he used loaded dice to swindle locals out of a few bucks. In 17th-century Japan, Ishun (Eitaro Shindo) flourishes in business but remains stingy and cruel, often mistreating his wife, Osan (Kyoko Kagawa). David Lynch’s The Elephant Man may be a comparatively “straight” entry in the surrealist’s filmography, but it’s nevertheless a rapturously beautiful and moving art object. Stephen Frears’s The Hit, which receives a fine 2K upgrade but no new bonus materials from Criterion, is an enigmatic, existential fable about crime and punishment. That's the duty of an employee." Unlike Shakespeare who continues to inspire a steady flow of film, Chikamatsu's name has been largely neglected however; there is this, and films by Uchida, Shinoda, and Yasuzo Masumura, 'shunji'/double-suicide stories that were Chikamatsu's forte, each enlivened in its own way by the intensity of vibrant artifice and a story of forbidden passions cleansed by death. Merrick is so present, even disguised, that we’re never led to anticipate his “reveal” cheaply, as we might a monster in a horror film. The monaural soundtrack is similarly sturdy, and the score by Miklós Rózsa and Frank Skinner has never sounded lusher. |, December 20, 2018 |, February 19, 2008 However, it shares with them his wonderful flowing camera and great cinematography. Yet, The Naked City’s glorious compositions tell their own truth, offering a portrait of a city that’s teeming with honor and evil and decay and beauty, as well as irreconcilable mixtures of all of the above. Claudine is a strong, loving mother, but the film doesn’t paint her as an angel. Criterion provides Jean-Luc Godard’s freewheeling ode to amour and its ineluctable betrayal with a spiffy new 2K upgrade, but all the extras have been ported over from past releases. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! The image has a bit of attractive grit, and details of the actors’ faces can sometimes be (appealingly) soft, but the compositions here have generally been rendered with a piercing clarity that honors the film’s formal beauty and exactitude. Then we have the businessman's wife and also a maid. Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Graziella Galvani, Dirk Sanders, Raymond Devos, Roger Dutoit, Hans Meyer Director: Jean-Luc Godard Screenwriter: Jean-Luc Godard Distributor: The Criterion Collection Running Time: 110 min Rating: NR Year: 1965 Release Date: October 6, 2020 Buy: Video. Special features aren’t as abundant as some Criterion releases, but considering the film is over 60 years old, it’s much harder to compile new material. Villains in narrative art are often understood to receive their comeuppances out of a sense of cosmic order—because, in other words, they deserve it. Between these men on the film’s moral spectrum is Treves (Anthony Hopkins), whose own exploitation of Merrick, in terms of displaying the man to medical professionals, is mentioned but largely unexamined. Shivers opens with an advertisement that introduces the film’s central location, the science fiction-sounding Starliner Towers, in all its petit-bourgeois perfection. This transfer is a feast of pristine and revealing cityscapes and architecture. They’re fallible, undecorated people who nevertheless manage each to be what the other needs. Raoul Coutard’s ravishing Techniscope cinematography looks livelier than ever. One of a string of late-career masterworks made by Kenji Mizoguchi in the early 1950s, A Story from Chikamatsu (a.k.a. unmarried female lovers. When the investigators leading the case—self-consciously hambone veteran Lt. Muldoon (Barry Fitzgerald) and young buck detective Jimmy Halloran (Don Taylor)—find Dexter’s estranged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Batory (Grover Burgess and Adelaide Klein), the film takes an abrupt and devastating turn into melodrama. While this is not a morality photo-play, Mizoguchi stresses (perhaps to the extreme?) This release brings much-needed attention to Berry’s tender portrait of black love and the failures of the welfare system. Overall, this is a minor Mizoguchi: beautiful and haunting at times, but inferior to his renowned masterpieces. Criterion ports over the slim-pickings bonus materials from their earlier DVD release. |, March 11, 2019 Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. He clarifies that many Jewish groups disagreed with claims made against the film, as the scene in question clearly aims to sympathize with the former concentration camp prisoner after a racial slur is hurled in his direction. Carmody talks about getting the job as producer, casting a lot of local “wannabes” in secondary roles, his hands-on approach, and his later involvement with a number of cult Canadian genre films.

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