aboki exchange rate in nigeria today 2020

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Date Currency Rate; 18/10/2020: Bitcoin: 410/500: 18/10/2020: GBP: 555/603: 18/10/2020: USD: 455/460: 18/10/2020: Euro: 500/515: 18/10/2020: CAD: 300/000 : 18/10/2020: CNY: 68/75: 18/10/2020 “Banks inflow” 464/470: Exchange Rate on 17/10/2020. The Apex bank governor Sanusi Lamido first disclosed this when he appeared before the House committee on banking and currency on July 29, 2009. Wow..!! We have people like Sir Abubakar Tafewa Balewa, Nigeria’s first prime minister. Somebody to teach me how to trade forex?!! In that way, you wont be a loser. No need to rush in selling now,wait till Friday....best advice but you know we're still in Nigeria where nothing is at it seems, All these ones CBN I doing now is just medicine after death,and they are not even administering the correct dose of the medicine,imagine supplying only 20000 every week to each BDC operator,and just one customer will be demanding for more than that,so let's see how it will play out, Nonsense!! Can you predict naira/dollar rate for the next one month, @Dele good evening, you can click the "Year" button above the chart and see rate for any date by clicking on the date you want for the last 365 days, good evening, please is it possible for me to see history for black rate fir dollar from January 2020, I want to be one of those markers selling dollar. Everything about CBN is audio, I want to buy goods from a importer,am scared if I should buy in large quantity that the dollar may go higher or I should buy in low quantity it may low? @SamrexBitcoin by far. No much economy activities due to Covid effect and Dollar still rising against Naira..... when economy activites resumes and the massive dollar demand ...where would our Love Naira be against Dollar. US Dollar is being traded at ₦463 in Black Market (Lagos) today, October 21, 2020. Nigeria gained independence in the year 1960, the Naira was introduced in the year 1973, this was when Nigeria decimalized its monetary system and substituted the naira for the Nigeria pound, this was actually what the country used when it was a British colony, this currency was actually divided into shillings. You can imagine, Nigeria they say is the giant of Africa, even Ghana is better.Because things are not done in the right way, how can dollar be falling our naira then those at the top will just feel less concern, its not good at all.Let us wake up and fight for our right, infact i want naira to rise against dollar ( N1 should be $100 in Nigeria) by the grace of God, it will be like that. The most trusted platform to get the live exchange rates. I want to change my Dollars where can I change it, @ Whyte, its sure going to go up. Now below are the top 10 interesting facts about the Naira, above was just a little history, so read on below. I have like 500 Dollars I have been saving since last year. I'm confused now...is like dollar is going down, 462 now...what should I doSell? Chill Dollar will still go up with the current situation of the country ok.. Make dollar kum down, I want travel out naija. The effects of Covid-19. Lamido told the committee that the approval has already been given for the Apex bank to proceed with mining of the notes by the Federal government under the tenure of Prof Chukuma |Soludo tenure as CBN governor. So that one can get the best black market exchange rate, How can I purchase dollar in the black market online, Would the value of dollar sky rocket between June and july, How much is dollar today Pls I need answer, Please which software that you can send dollar to naira into my bank account anybody that have suggestion please let me know, I think for those people that one sell the dollar should be sell for another person so they can make their own money sharp sharp don't keep the dollar too long because they can have any problem at any time thanks IBB, Abeg if u can let's d dollar rate at 490 I'll be happy, Now that cbn and bureau de change will soon pump dollar into the market, the naira exchange rate will improve. I see the dollar skyrocketing more but I can't predict when. . Meanwhile,investors will depart in droves and you will see how the niara will crash btw now and march 2021. our situation is very bad.. Kasala don bust o ,this evil currency known as dollar is rapidly going up again o , please buhari help us out o. Naira would be equivalent to ten shillings, the minor unit is kobo, 100 kobo which actually makes one Naira. Posted on September 19, 2020 by … List of Abokifx black market exchange rate today for Euro Pounds Dollar to Naira. Please between Bitcoin and Forex trading which one is more productive and faster bcoz I'm tired of this country . Please let the it continue to raise because it plays in a favourable way. I wanna double my dollars . At that time only N20 was printed on polymer, while a new N2 coin was introduced. He is pictured on the N5 naira note while Nnamdi Azikiwe is on the N500 naira note. Please can I sell my dollers to some one I am loving in sokoto state he in Lagos because the price in Lagos is better then sokoto state,?. The great decline in dollar this morning should send a great danger to thos who are still hoping it will rise. Leets wait for the CBN to start the sale to BDC. Abokifx.com website is a very popular website / online platform for the daily update on Nigeria’s conversion to a major currency black market exchange rate Lagos Aboki forex. As for me and my household. Apparently, the CBN's recent resumption of sales of forex to BDCs isn't injecting enough liquidity in the parallel market to curb hoarding and speculation. If you panic, you will lose your money. The law of demand and supply just playing out. i hope one dollar to become 1 naira one day, No sign of it coming down, our government policies don't help it to either stabilize or decrease, Dollar will not come down below 450 again till after this year, Forget the rhetorics of cbn selling dollar to bureau de change to drive down the cost of that currency. Enough story – Let’s get into action on what you get on Abokifx Black Market Exchange Rate Today Lagos; They also give you a different bank and atm rate for a number of countries currency fx rate, bank atm rate, high and low ranking and more . Don't really know at abujee.. but I got a strong feeling it's going to fall.. Sharp fall a few weeks ago, regain some value last week, what to expect this week. Recently, the CBN indicated plans that are in the top gear to print denominations such as N5, N10, N50 notes on a polymer. With the decision of the CBN to sell dollars to BDC at the official rate, in days to come. am curious from the bahamas. The Nigerian Currency the Naira. President Goodluck Jonathan Unveiled  New N100 naira note on the 12. of November, 2014 to commemorate Nigerian’s 100 years of existence. Volatility in Forex is almost infinitely smaller, so you need either high leverage or high initial deposit to be able to make anything. How can you use payooner to to exchange at 462. According to geographical observation and currency bar dollars shall not be fall in this year, but it might be fall on January or February. The first coins that were introduced were the ½, 1, 5, 10, and 25 kobo coins. I see a more devastating effect on the economy soon. @Aloma. when pressure mounts on the naira in the coming weeks as businesses tries to kick start again. At that time only N20 was printed on polymer, while a new N2 coin was introduced. In the year 1968, currency notes were changed as a war strategy. Why? Note : Black Market is also referred to as Parallel Market. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ?, because the rate is dropping already, For me I will wait till December to sell off my Dollars. The food baskets of the country has collapsed, Wow let the dollar keep rising. These notes that were introduced were of the same size which was 151 × 78mm. Abokifx 2020 Current Black Market Exchange Rate in Nigeria. On what base the CBN will disburse dollar in a cheaper rate so that to easy the high inflation of price. The first notes that were introduced were the 50 Kobo, 1 Naira, 5 Naira, 10 Naira, and 20 Naira. Such a big decrease!! There is no reason to expect reverse. It is as simple as the law of demand and supply, Debt owed to China is hanging on the neck of Nigeria and oil prices are low .To understand why naira will always depreciate, ask yourself what percentage of Nigeria's oil revenue is used to service foreign debts and what does Nigeria offer the world in terms of industrial production in order to earn dollar. Dollar to Naira Black Market buy rates are used in calculating the Naira to Dollar conversion table. Now they are going to sell 10T to BDC twice a week making it 20T a week. Lion know go chop grass.. Lol.. God know go shame me, it looks like USD is heading to 500N then stabilise. You guys should not get scared. I am very much suprise why dollar is always sky rocket in Nigeria and the government is fully conversant for the single breathing of dollar in any given time the government should decide better, Dollar to Naira exchange rate will not go more than what we have on ground now.From now on it will start dropping and possibly go below 400 naira for a dollar by the end of the year.God Help Nigeria. It's still rising ooo.I will still save my Money..... can anybody kindly explain to me where we are heading to as a country with niara at 460.what will happen to niara by june and july.i just dey ask my pipo. This makes a 0.43% rise for Dollar rate against Naira this week.. To have a monthly quick review, US Dollar was traded at ₦465 at the beginning of October on Thursday, October 01, 2020. Today on Black Market (Lagos) Top rising exchange rate is United Arab Emirates Dirham to Naira having a ₦ 3 rise reaching ₦ 125.00 as of 16/10/2020. DEVELOPMENT FINANCE. Please I want to change my old dollar bills, where can I change it? These notes carried the portraits of the first two central bank governors Clement Isong and Aliyu Mai-Bornu, their faces were there and also a picture of the bank main’s office at the bank. Aboki FX Live Daily Naira to Dollar Exchange Rates. where can I exchange my ethereum for naira... Why are you cheering for dollar rise? My prediction hinges on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Is it reasonable for me to sell my currency now? Most of the banknotes in Nigeria contain images of the previous political leaders which are important in Nigeria’s history. Please my people I need your advice. I need professional advice on either to sell dollar now or hold for few more weeks for more gain? Keep your dollar, soon the rate is going to hit 550 in 2 - 3 weeks time or less.. How long do you guys think is best to keep dollar currency, before sale in order to maximize gain. My own contribution to this issues is that, we all know that, Nigeria is bad or ready, so let dorlla raise up so that Nigeria we get sense. Abokifx.com website is a very popular website / online platform for the daily update on Nigeria’s conversion to a major currency black market exchange rate Lagos Aboki forex. Dollar has been traded at ₦462 when Black Market opened this week on Monday, October 19, 2020.

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