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With ‘VSync on’ the frame rate will not be allowed to rise above 144fps, at which point VSync activates and imposes the usual associated latency penalty.

This enhanced nuanced shade variety is also easy to appreciate at the high end. Deal. These settings only apply to SDR, HDR has separate settings associated with it (is far more restrictive) and is explored in the relevant section of the review. We’ve observed various issues on other monitors using ‘G-SYNC Compatible Mode’ that seem to only apply to older GPUs like ours but not newer generation GPUs such as the RTX 20 series. Serv. The greyscale gradient appeared smooth without obvious banding or dithering. You can’t use Adaptive-Sync at the same time as VRB and you’re limited to relatively low brightness levels, as explored earlier.

It’s best to make use of the ‘G1’, ‘G2’ and ‘G3’ presets as much as possible and just switch between them as that will avoid you overwriting things without realising.

Both our responsiveness article and the G-SYNC article linked to explore the importance of these two elements being synchronised. Our suggestions regarding use of VSync also apply, but you’re using Nvidia Control Panel rather than AMD Radeon Software to control this. Responsiveness The maximum reading from the smallest patch size (measurement area) that comfortably covered the entire sensor area and colorimeter housing was used for the white luminance measurement, which was ‘4% of all pixels’ in this case. The image didn’t looked ‘washed out’ exactly, but in general shades were somewhat more muted in appearance than under SDR. Without FreeSync active, these dips caused obvious tearing if VSync was disabled or obvious stuttering if VSync was enabled. AMD LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) is also supported by this model, which means that the refresh rate will stick to multiples of the frame rate where it falls below the 48Hz (48fps) floor of operation for FreeSync. That’s because the backlight itself seemed to remain set at the same level. It’s important to remember that individual preferences vary and that different units of the same model may require different adjustments. The Lagom tests for contrast allow specific weaknesses in contrast performance to be identified.

Video review With VRB active, the main object is significantly narrower with clearer internal detailing. The video below summarises some of the key points raised in this written review and shows the monitor in action. As noted earlier, AMD FreeSync makes use of Adaptive-Sync technology on a compatible monitor. The monitor has a setting called VRB (Visual Response Boost) that can be activated instead of Adaptive-Sync, if you wish. We there only focus on the ‘Normal’ setting, which is easily the best balanced for this mode. We assess this subjectively, shortly. The AOC offers some potential advantages aside from cost, including having a smoother screen surface, slightly (but not substantially) stronger static contrast and more vibrant colour output. Ensure the ‘Enable G-SYNC, G-SYNC Compatible’ checkbox and ‘Enable settings for the selected display model’ is checked as shown below. So it’s good that there isn’t clear strobe crosstalk there – just overshoot that’s quite distinct from and fainter than the main object. An X-Rite i1Display Pro was used to measure the luminance of black and white using a range of settings. VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification, the lowest level that VESA certifies for.

This display also made me feel dizzy.

You can see moderate overshoot behind the UFOs for the medium and light background, which is due to the fairly aggressive pixel overdrive used here to help keep conventional trailing at bay. Aside from our ‘Test Settings’ where various adjustments are made, assume factory defaults are used. All three rows of the test are analysed to show a range of pixel transitions. The strong gamma consistency was again evident, with overall detail levels maintained well throughout the screen without the sort of potentially jarring shifts you see on VA and moreover TN models. But the lack of tearing and stuttering was a very nice bonus even so.

On Battlefield V the monitor provided a fluid experience, with the frame rate keeping up with the 144Hz refresh rate. Note that vertical lines on lighter areas of the image are moiré from the camera, not observed on monitor. VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification, the lowest level that VESA certifies for. When viewing the figures in this table, note that for most PC users ‘6500K’ for white point and ‘2.2’ for gamma are good targets to aim for. Respectable but not excessive detail levels were maintained throughout the screen, certainly better than on VA and moreover TN models. With large areas of individual shade, this is a very unforgiving test for colour consistency.

We’ll therefore just focus Battlefield V for this section. Colour reproduction Respectable but not excessive detail levels were maintained throughout the screen, certainly better than on VA and moreover TN models. You can’t use Adaptive-Sync at the same time as VRB and you’re limited to relatively low brightness levels, as explored earlier. The camera is mounted slightly above centre so that the image is representative of what the eye sees from an ergonomically correct viewing position. For simplicity we’ll just focus on two game titles for this section; Battlefield V and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We assess this subjectively, shortly.

Perceived blur (pursuit photography) Some subtle differences may be noticed during careful side by side comparison of very specific content, but things are really handled very well even if GPU dithering is used. They often catch the eye due to their dynamic nature, on models where they manifest themselves in this way. The Acer did exhibit some overshoot at 144Hz, but it was far from strong and didn’t really stand out. This configures it globally, but if you wish to configure it for individual games click ‘Game Graphics’ towards the top right. In both cases your mileage may vary a bit due to potential uniformity issues which can vary between individual units. On Tomb Raider there were elements like deep purple flowers, dark blue dresses and flows of lava that lacked the sort of HDR intensity we’d expect.

Minimising exposure to stimulating blue light in the hours leading towards bed is particularly important to aid a restful night’s sleep. A rich and varied look to the image. The first 3 presets in the list (G1, G2 and G3 for short) are fully customisable, like the ‘User’ setting.

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