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Basically, what you want is go ahead and in this ruler right here, identify the minus 10 and do a little key there. In this lesson, we're going to learn how to apply two main effects that I always apply to any podcast in the waveform. Manually drag the control points up or down to raise or lower the audio.

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I talk about the best Adobe Audition presets to use on radio sweepers, DJ drops and for podcast intros. Adobe Audition gives you a few ways of doing this, we'll just add them directly using the importer. It will open like this for you.
Or open them each time you want to use them.

line that runs horizontally down the middle of your music track. Let's go ahead and control as safe, and I will see you in the next one. In the next lesson we're going to learn how to apply two effects, two main effects that I apply every time here in the waveform. You have lesser space here. Basically what I want you to do is go ahead and answer into your main business folder and create one folder that's called podcast, and in the podcast folder you want to create two sub folders. Let's just hearing it. Go ahead and put it in A, this is not a set-up number, it's basically you need to try just go ahead and try and see test it out to see what works better for your audio. First, move all audio files you need in your project to the folder you created for your project.

You see at the beginning I'm just going to select. This is how you get started, this is how you're going to see it. To add music to your project, click on a music file and drag it into the music bed on your timeline. Would you believe I created a couple of videos that may help. Hi Mike! You just want to play with 2, 3, and 4 normally. Copyright 2020 © The Pennsylvania State University, If you are looking for supplementary audio files such as music and sound effects. The submaster, leave it as it is, and master also as it is. 1.

28/09/2018 Editing podcast audio using Audition can seem daunting, especially for someone who might not have edited before. We're going to set up your workflow to set yourself up for success. The waveform, it's amazing because it's a visual way to see your audio. Click and drag the little box icon on your music bed. Normally, I hit here, HP and LP. With access to Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Rush, you can create visuals and make complementary materials to promote your podcast. That was stressful. Yeah, I'm really happy with this, and I just go here in the effects rack, makes sure that has process entire file, and just hit Apply, and it just apply, you see it took some of the sound. It's going to take awhile now more because we have more sound selected.

If you put it maybe in AIV, that it's a really high-quality sound format or WAV that is high, high-quality sound format, maybe it will take longer time, but let's go right now. We can do it right now. I am Alejandra, and I am going to be your teacher today.

You have also some presets here, you can go ahead and try them. Maybe if you recorded in a big living room, or in a big space and you have a lot of echo, or in a little space maybe type of like, in your bathroom type of noise.

Basically what we did is the following.

Split Stereo File (if applicable) If you've recorded a stereo track that uses the left signal for one speaker and the right for another, now's the time to split it into two mono …

You want to go ahead and go around 80. Hey [inaudible] welcome to the tutor. You're just going to cut too much sound, and then it's going to sound like [inaudible] and that is not something that you want. You don't need it for any of these class, so let's use here in the hamburger menu and say close panel, and that way you have more space. Yeah, you cannot hear anything at the beginning now.

You will want to import both music and sound effects this way for your podcast. Because the original files are going to work as a backup in case something happened, in case something goes wrong, you can go back and have like a cushion to fall on. It will do the same thing, it's here, let's listen to it.

You are right Gerald, CC is going to be amazing, not long to wait now! Intro use changing key bus, submaster.

"Open files after Export". To add music to your project, click on a music file and drag it into the music bed on your timeline. Thank you for listening to this class and I will leave you right now.

Adobe Audition 101 for Podcasters: How to Apply Effects and Make Your Podcast Shine is a class for total beginners. Let's just double-click in our Audio file. It's looping endlessly. Is going to be this feature in your podcast.

We're going to remove the background noise. You can put 75 or 30. That annoying sound, we just want to just lower it, lower it, lower it so nobody will hear it.

Just click on it. When you click on the line it will create a control point. This is the normal like in the middle. The most important thing if you use them, is to be in a really quieted space with no noise around.

I reveal my best presets, vocal settings and give them away free! I'm super excited right now because you made it through this far and we're going to do the best part ever.

If I go back, I have my edited files and I'm going to just mirror it. Based on the “Podcast Host” preset from our best selling Pro Podcast Presets.

The SubMaster, that is the one we created, they're in the bus, the SubMaster is like these steel shaker, the one that you just put with ice and you just shake it, that is the SubMaster. That's why we need our backup, don't worry. Your email address will not be published. One thing that I just want to make sure you know here, we are not going to dig in into how to cut it or paste it or just put together timeline of your podcast. The teacher's recommendation is shown until at least 5 student responses are collected.

Select your audio assets. I’d save them all into your own presets then you won’t need to open the sesx file each time you want to use one. Great one, I really like this and all the podcasts you made about AA Great job on those with lots of inspirations, cheers!

This will allow you to import audio files from your computer into your Audition project.

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