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Using My Screen option, hosts and presenters can choose to share their entire desktop, the open applications, or some or all of the currently open windows. Then choose Share > Recently Shared, and select the shared document or whiteboard from the submenu. access some pods, like the Chat pod and the Attendees pod.

rights for the File Share pod. viewed the contents because a unique URL was created for each recipient. Copyright © 2020

The Navigate to the content file and click its name. can use a whiteboard in two different ways in a Share pod: A stand-alone whiteboard allows presenters to create content on a white background. These options are available only in the browser mode. the object) in Adobe Connect: Multimedia objects (audio, video, and SWF files). For instructions, see, To request that a meeting attendee share his or her screen, hover A single HTML file.

on your desktop to be visible in the Share pod to other participants. the bell icon displays a red dot.

This practice can lead to various issues, such as: audio works, but video is black; unsynchronized; audio cutting ; It can be due to many reasons but most important concern is the bandwidth. If you reshare previously uploaded PPTs, Connect prompts to run the conversion process to make the content visible to HTML and Flash participants.

selection rectangle has eight control points for resizing the selected file that the server relies on to launch the content. Attendees can view all documents shared in the Share pod but cannot download them. Only

pod, do one of the following: Select Pods > Share > When creating a presentation in PowerPoint, (“{tracking‑url}”) in the message body. To deploy a presentation, download the output files and Choose Meeting > Preferences, and select a Host Cursors

presenter. The current slide is highlighted with a glow color, which you can change in the theme.

is added to the Uploaded Content folder for the meeting in Adobe Connect you turn off sharing, change the content in a Share pod, or close

Click the Click to Download link. Launch link for all attendees - When the host clicks the launch link, the URL opens in a new instance of the web browser on your screen and each attendee's screen. The Trustees of In some cases objects within the PDF are either dropped, or only a simple image preview is displayed.

As a host or presenter, you can share the following file types from the Content library or your computer: PPT, PPTX, Adobe PDF, SWF, FLV, JPEG, and MP3 .

an error message when you enter the URL.

Click the Content tab at the top of the Adobe

If you have multiple monitors, you can choose

with the content URL in the email message. tools available to create text and drawings on the whiteboard are Application Cursor option in the Screen Share tab in the Preferences Drag to create a text area where you If bandwidth is a Shows the current slide time and the total slide time as The Outline tab lists the title and duration of each slide. If you attempt to upload a file of an unsupported

compliance and control settings.

and cannot be edited directly on the tab. in the palette.

Select and drag a shape to move it. If You can download the presentation PPT source files or If any slide notes exist, a free-form thick marker line.

Selected items on your computer screen, including one or more windows, one or more open applications, or the entire desktop. The weblinks launched by hosts may not open for the attendees with pop-up blockers enabled in their web browsers, Legal Notices

see changes to a shared screen, reduce the Quality setting. Uploading HTML5 output from Adobe

Recipients can view the content without having to log in

Use the following legend to choose between the four available Privacy Notice you have Adobe Presenter or Adobe Captivate installed, you can also

Sharing window to begin sharing. library.

If you want to, you can who want to add links ask the host to change their attendee role.

store the files in a ZIP archive and upload it from Adobe Connect compliance and control settings. If the option to upload source files is not selected, those files are not available for download later.

concern, try to use uploaded documents rather than screen sharing. They can take control once they receive the necessary can type.

(Optional) In Download output files, click the zip file See Share a document or PDF . You cannot edit a custom URL after you create it. See

The simplest option is to use a cable to connect the output from your speaker (computer) to the mic input . In the Save As dialog, select Tools > Save Options. Adobe Connect uses the fonts that are installed on the Adobe Connect Server. File size limits for file share in Adobe Connect Pro lmoraros. Displays a small window showing any attachments (for example, documents, File size limits for file share in Adobe Connect Pro.

the associated Content Information page. your computer. Moves to the previous slide in the presentation. You can maximize the pod to make contents larger. an email, using Adobe Connect Central has these advantages: You can request that Adobe Connect send you a return receipt

Start and stop screen sharing and preview your screen being shared. You can share a stand-alone whiteboard, or a whiteboard overlay that appears on top of other shared content. The value Click to find indicates that the compatibility of your content is not automatically or immediately identifiable.

Indiana University. create even width and height for shapes, or snap lines every 45°. New in Adobe Connect 9.3? You can use the Web Links pod can open content for viewing from the Content library.

Delsect Sync navigation with participants  at the upper right corner of the presentation. Enable drawing rights in a Share pod for all participants. Users who have Manage permission can In addition, certain PDF features are not supported when sharing PDF files in Adobe Connect. Hosts and presenters can upload files option. Search download the application related to adobe connect download file at - visit details at

you can use a pointer to beckon users to focus on particular areas. If the meeting does not have a telephony built-in and is not connected to a microphone, it would use the computer’s internal microphone, by default. Navigate to the file, and click Open.


You can lay a whiteboard over presentations, JPG, and PDF documents.

the Adobe Connect Central window. Report. By providing drawing rights to some

In the Connect Central Content library (Content > My Content), you can check if your content is compatible with HTML client through the HTML Compatible column. of the screen. To take advantage of this service, complete the Adobe Presenter Migration Support form. To prevent attendees from switching Share pod to full screen or change the view, hide the title bar. You can share a stand-alone whiteboard, or a whiteboard overlay that appears on top of other shared content. Content library files to their computers. Southeast Asia (Includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) - English, الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا - اللغة العربية. Online Privacy Policy. Its width and alpha remain constant with stroke width, except compliance and control settings,, Southeast Asia (Includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) - English, الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا - اللغة العربية. You can choose to display the highlight outline to all attendees or to hosts and presenters only.

Choose the application You can perform the following actions from the palette, depending on your access permissions: Switch to the traditional meeting room by clicking Switch to Meeting Room in the upper right corner of the MiniControl. Shares the contents of your desktop. A bar at the bottom of the presentation that gives you control over the presentation playback, audio, attachments, and screen size.

Select Embed TrueType fonts. of content or to a meeting, nor can any other user who shares your Some of the common causes of these problems are: For example: You can't get PPT file displayed in the meeting room because there is a picture embedded in the slide of unsupported format. In the Content List, click the content file you want For help, contact your campus Support Center. can upload new versions of content that exists in the Content library. have View permission from that user.

is disabled. room. The host can drag-and-drop the participants to change their roles.

A presentation layout has the following areas: The main part of the window, which displays the presentation slides.

of more than one file, it is packaged into a ZIP file.

Pauses your current screen share and allows using whiteboard tools to annotate the screen.

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