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Thanks again for watching and have fun creating. When you're finished with this pattern that you've drawn in Fresco and made into a pattern in Adobe Illustrator, let's move on to the next lesson where we will finalize the file, and make sure that we have cleaned up our repeat pattern tile. What I usually do is that I copy the artwork from the PDF and paste it in an AI document. So this is also a really quick solution to create wonky lines in Illustrator. Maybe not the most beautiful wonky lines repeats that I've ever seen, but now you know the technique to create a wonky lines repeat in Illustrator. This new rectangle, I will remove the fill color so that it has no fill and no stroke. Now, we go to view outline again. I'm just going to go for select same and fill color to select all of my orange lines and then I go to effect, distort and transform and roughen. It’s no must to use an iPad to draw in this class, most of the class will focus on designing in Adobe Illustrator. But this time we will check in this smooth box. I go to file, export, export for screens, and I only have one art board. If you want to use the palette, you can, or you can just pick random colors when you create this wonky lines repeats. Let's just go for that. After this, I make sure that all of my lines are selected, and I want to expand the lines so that they are not lines anymore, but they are outlined objects. So now everything is perfectly tiled up. Then duplicate the line a few times, expand the appearance, and expand the lines so that we have outlined objects. So we will draw straight lines. For example, make a copy of the wings layer and then flip it horizontally. Then we go to Effect, distort and transform and six sack again. I also need to tile up the top and the bottom. Then just erase the extra, and there we have our wonky lines. Then align your line to the edge of the art board, hit command key, make sure that you have the same size as your art board in keyboard increment, 1,000 pixels. Hit okay, and as we did on effect, we need to expand the effects. Hit option and the arrow key to create a duplicate of your first line. Just click and drag and that will place it in the direct opposite corner. What we want to do is to have the corner selected, Absolute selected, and then we can play around with Size and Ridges per segment. I will go for my standard size when I create patterns 1000 pixels square. The Basics - Straight Lines: Let's get started. 3. I will just align these vertical to the top and then create a few copies by holding down my "Option" key, click and drag to make a copy, and then hit "Command D" to repeat. This class is all about lines, straight lines, diagonal lines, zigzag lines, waves, and most of all wonky lines. Select all of your lines, make sure that you have aligned to selection and hit "Vertical Distribute Center." So I just want to have this simple guide lines that I can follow when I draw my wonky lines. I'm going to say mine as JPEG 100. The ruler is pinned to the canvas as you zoom in or out. Just make sure that you have drawn across the edge. I will select the green object. Fresco makes it easy for you to draw patterns, shapes, symbols, letters, and so on, with the ruler. Fresco makes it easy for you to draw patterns, shapes, symbols, letters, and so on, with the ruler. We start with drawing a line, make sure you have a stroke color selected. Then pause shortly at the end of a stroke and it will straighten and allow you to pull out a straight line from there. Ruler showing the length of a line in pixels as you draw, Southeast Asia (Includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) - English, الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا - اللغة العربية. I can imagine that I want to have three waves. Hit "Create document". It looks a little bit crazy as I've mixed so many techniques, but this was just as an example to show you how you can create much more beautiful wonky lines. The degree of rotation will be displayed on the ruler in between your fingers. So now we have our wonky lines repeat, all made in Illustrator. I then hit Command G to group them together, Align To art board in the Align Panel, and I center my lines to my art board. Now this is just an effect, so we need to expand this effect to make this a real object. Online Privacy Policy. Now we will go in with a blob brush tool as we did previously on the orange lines and we will fill in the gaps. This is the basics of creating a wonky line repeat pattern that you will draw in Adobe Fresco on your iPad, and then export to PDF and create the pattern in Illustrator. We will go through it all here. But first, I will just distribute these evenly on the art board, so ungroup, and as I want this a little bit more wonky, I think that I will just do this by looking with my eyes and not distribute them completely even. This is just to save us from complications later on that might happen if you continue to work in the PDF from Adobe Fresco. In addition to Parichay's reply, as a workaround what you can do to create a straight line is: Tap on the Lasso Selection tool on the Toolbar and keep a point on the canvas. The class is built up so that it get’s more and more advanced for every lesson. I create artwork that I license to collaborators worldwide and I teach fellow creatives all I know about surface design and life as a creative entrepreneur. There you have your perfectly aligned waves pattern. And if you want any specific feedback, just let me know and I will try to answer your questions and give you some tips and tricks. So what we do next is to zoom in, you can uncheck the box dim copies. What I do now is that I select all, and I copy Command C, all of my objects, hit Done in the pattern tool, and Command V to paste my objects. Now, this again is just a matter of preference, but this is how I do it. Make sure that you have the Preview box selected. But to make sure that we don't have our white lines, I will just make our lines a little bit wider, so that they go outside of our pattern tile. I would love to see your work. Then, paste your objects. Correct answer byTheresa_J| Adobe Community Professional Go to your app settings>experimental and turn on the option to draw straight lines. I know that it needs to start here and end here. Then we will just draw a few guides. After that keep the next point on the canvas where you want the line to end. Mine had three, and then I hit "Okay". Now, make sure that you unlock everything. 1. I'll go for pink. Then I adjust the size. Next step, which will make it easier for us to see if our line matches up in the edges, is that we will create a background square in another color. I don't really mind those squares that much. Maja Faber, Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator. So I will just select all objects, hit my option key and arrow up, and once again, option key and arrow down. If I change that fill color, you can see in the little glitch here that we have that glitch covered with our new line. The Basics - Diagonal Lines: Now we have our straight lines repeat pattern, let's create diagonal lines repeats. I will just air drop the PDF to myself. It looks good there, so let's just make a new square and a perfectly tiled diagonal lines repeat pattern. You can play around with the Relative as well and Absolute. Then I select one of my green lines by holding down my command key and just clicking one of the lines, and then I just start to click and drag to make that line a little bit wonky. Line patterns can be so tricky to get right, especially the wonky ones. You can measure the length of a stroke using the ruler. This is a technical class for you who want to learn a smooth and easy ways of creating wonky lines patterns. So what we do now is that we will copy all of our objects, hit done in the pattern tool and paste our objects to our art board. We'll then use these basic techniques to create our final wonky line repeat. Where are the tools for drawing straight lines or circles and curves that Draw had? Then you have one line to the center of the bottom, and then select all and in your Align panel, which I have up here as well, I select Align To Selection, and then Vertical Distribute Center. Let's head over to the next lesson where we will open up this PDF in Illustrator and create a pattern of these wonky lines that we draw in Adobe Fresco. Thank You: So that's all for this class. With the line selected, I will send them to the art board, and then select everything again, and drag in the pattern to the swatches panel. Next step is to duplicate this line and move it horizontally with the distance that you typed in in your keyboard increment settings. When you have your patent tile here, you can change the width and height to the same as the art board. Thank you so much for watching. First, let's just create a background square with a light pink color and align that to the art board then hit command C and command B to create the tile in the background with no fill and no stroke. For now we will just turn off the visibility of our guides layer. You can see that we have already got a line repeat. The level is determined by a majority opinion of students who have reviewed this class. You can use any of the techniques that I show you and you’re more then welcome to show your process with all of the line patterns that you create along the way. In this class, we will create REP patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Hit Create, and here we have our document. Go to select same fill color. Align them centered to the art board, then hit "Command K" and make sure that you have the height of your pattern tile in the keyboard increment box. We're going to try out 30 pixels. You can also, if you're used to working with a grid, match up the edges of your line. Align the square to the center of your art board. Hit Okay. If we have a closer look at this, you can see that Adobe Fresco gives you a lot of anchor points. But once you get the hang of it - you’ll feel that you’ve taken your pattern design to the next level. I have 1,000 pixels. This can be a little bit tricky to understand how to make them tile and the simplest way to create a diagonal line to be a pattern is a little cheat and that is to have your straight lines repeat. Get the Straight edge tool on canvas. It will be so much fun to see your wonky lines patterns, so make sure you share your project here in class. I will just try to change the green to blue. 9. I find that it's hard to use the grid to visualize the endpoint and start point of my line, so what I do is to create the basic line repeat and use it as a guide. Then you create a square that is 1000 pixels. So no pressure dynamics and no velocity dynamics. At this moment in Fresco, you can't use any type of grid. At this moment in Fresco, you can't use any type of grid. Finish drawing. If you want wonky lines, you can adjust the size. Then we will select the vector round brush. Next, we can copy all of our objects just as we did in the previous lessons. Let's make five lines. Diagonal lines that are even distributed along your art board and pattern tile. Here you have your pattern tile. Make sure that you scale them down so you can see what is happening. Well, I found that the best way is to lock your background layers, and then make sure that all of your objects are grouped together.

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