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This insures my descriptions are clear, concise but informative. It’s important that your online portfolio website is found in search engines, so take the time to make sure your website is SEO-friendly. Like the orientation of the portfolio, descriptions are a personal preference. Find more illustration portfolio inspiration here. Have an illustration, design or creative project you want help with? Online portfolios: best pieces first. Dena Cooper creates a lookbook of her own using Format’s Horizon Left theme, giving the viewer an intimate look at her… Use the same typefaces, the same colours, the same messages, everything. Tip 14 – Mix up your layout design to keep things interesting! If you haven’t worked for any clients, this is ok! – Go above and beyond for clients Clients want to hire an experienced illustrator, so make sure your showing your commissioned illustrations first. His vivid use of color and line work is displayed using Format’s Order theme. London illustrator Cressida Djambov has a distinctly graphic style. Ashley Eansor uses a combination of traditional and digital media, and her Horizon Left portfolio lets viewers seamlessly side scroll through examples of her work: from fashion-inspired illustrations to text-based design work. – Consider a splash page at the start of your portfolio (which showcases your contact details, your brand and who you are. A4 is great for transportation, however A3 delivers that instant ‘wow’. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this. I have my own Behance portfolio, that points to my main website – which is what I recommend you do as well. With a digital and colourful illustration style, this website is a great example of someone going against the grain. If you don’t have any commissioned work, that’s ok! Each project is short and sweet, which places more emphasis on his work. Alvaro Tapia’s portfolio opens with a single, poignant image. Keep your portfolio simple, with the focus on your work. Purchase a high-quality PRATT portfolio, and if you don’t have the funds to hire a web designer to design your website, choose Squarespace or Adobe Portfolio. When arranging your illustration portfolio, make sure you’re putting your best work first and last (to make a good first impression, and to end on a good note). Based in Montreal, Genevieve Godbout works as a children’s book and fashion illustrator. If you’re a editorial illustrator, your brand may be powerful, striking and bold.. Whilst if you’re a children’s illustrator your branding may be fun and playful. Sometimes we want to show absolutely everything in our illustration portfolios, which results in including too much. – Create a super clean website. This InDesign portfolio template packs a punch with a bold cover design and simple font elements. A lot of websites out there add too many elements to their website, but this one focuses on the illustrations and nothing else, which works excellently. The interesting aspect of this portfolio design is the difference in scale for their work thumbnails – which adds interest. Many thanks for listening and visiting my news page today. Tattoo Aritst, Illustrator, Comic book Inker & Colorist. External websites are out of your control. You want to amaze others by your first image(s) (which introduces them to your portfolio and starts on an good note), but you also want to leave them with a couple of amazing illustrations (that they will remember). Customers shop with these companies because you know you wouldn’t be disappointed, as they always offer a good service, and you’re satisfied by the outcome. Like all of these inspirational examples, the portfolio is clean, modern and consistent. This is what you must have within your illustration portfolio. For example, have a look at this 4 page layout. For an online illustration portfolio, it’s slightly different as users might not travel down a page. The header menu moves down the page as you scroll, allowing for quick access to other pages of the Canadian illustrator’s website. This adds consistency to your portfolio, which in turn adds another level of consistency to your illustration work. The whole idea of a portfolio website is drawing people into your work, getting them intrigued and hiring you. Tip 13 – Include a description to help the viewer throughout your portfolio. If you look at popular brands like Nike or Apple, you will see that they stay consistent with everything they do. This creates a ‘wow’ factor when you look through his work, with an elegant description for each project. If you create lots of landscape illustrations, then landscape orientation might be worth going for. Check out the InFrame episode featuring Paul Pateman here. Free trial. An outstanding illustrator portfolio makes all the difference between you getting hired. ), to help you design and create your portfolio for you (which is unique and personal to you). If you would like to discover more blog posts like this one, head over to my blog page for more, or have a look through my own illustration portfolio, and see what you think! In contrast to a physical portfolio, I don’t recommend having a splash page for your online illustrator portfolio. We like knowing what to expect, hence why the biggest brands are so popular – we go to Amazon because we can rely on them and offer good deals, go to Nandos because it’s quick and yummy, and fly with Emirates as it’s world class. With your portfolio it’s exactly the same, if you want to be commissioned by a children’s book publisher, this needs to be at the fore front of your portfolio. Tip 8 – Use your own name for your website URL, keep it simple and if you’re overwhelmed, have only 3 pages. Probably the crème de la crème of portfolio examples is Pentagram. Tip 5 – Work daily on improving your illustrative style and your portfolio will improve. Note that each project’s description is always below the main image at the top and is center aligned. – Include a business card, which you can leave with a potential client This is the perfect portfolio scenario that you should always try to aim for every time you edit, refine or create your illustrator portfolio. Click through and you’ll find more of his portrait-style abstract illustration work, laid out in a clean grid style. This makes sure your images load fast and keeps your website quick. First and foremost his work is situated on a off-white yellow background, which actually works! Now you have the fundamentals sorted, what are the optional extras that you might want to include in your online and physical illustration portfolio? – Work on personal projects Learn more about Format’s portfolio website templates here. – Surround yourself with inspiration, go to art galleries, immerse yourself with creativity A splash page is an introduction to your portfolio, often showing your branding, logo and your contact details, like mine below: But should you put a splash page within your physical portfolio? Equally, a landscape portfolio can be beneficial too – it’s really up to you. Your illustrator portfolio is created! If you’re an illustrator, you want your online portfolio to be a space where people will immediately get an idea of your work, have any questions answered, and dissuade the need for additional references or work samples. I recommend you use a publishing software to create your illustrator portfolio (like Adobe InDesign for example). Created using the Grace theme, artist Michael C. Hsiung’s drawings, videos and tattoo art can be navigated through at top right with every section clearly labeled in drop down menus. For my own segments, I use my brand colour of orange for the background, with the typography on top. Tip 10 – Avoid splash pages for your website and add them to your physical illustrator portfolio – it’s a good introduction. I personally recommend it, as it offers a nice introduction. You might think including everything is wise, but it’s actually counter-intuitive, as it devalues the quality of your work. A clean design encapsulates the whole website, with large full scale images used within each project. For example, if you want to be commissioned for map illustrations, you have to; Think of it this way, you wouldn’t go to Mcdonalds for furniture – that’s just ridiculous. – For a physical illustrator portfolio, keep your text to a minimum and give a brief explanation of each project (remember to focus on your work) Looking for examples and inspiration? That’s how highly I rate an illustrator portfolio. This in turn improves your SEO ranking. They’re visually appealing, creatively displayed, easy to navigate, and compatible with all devices. Adobe Illustrator has been the go-to program for graphic designers for a while and although some alternatives have appeared, it is still the best option. Tip 9 – Create an illustrator portfolio website with Sqaurespace, Adobe Portfolio, or hire a website designer, and focus on a simple website, which concentrates on your work. Using a clean design that highlights the work, his images are big, modular and placed on a white background. With your portfolio and branding, it’s a good idea to think about the message that you’re trying to convey. I recommend you use your name as your website URL (if you want to be unique you can choose something wacky and different). Check out all the details in the single image view.

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