air raid wardens ww2 records

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Air Raid Wardens. Barrage balloons encircled the city, held by long cables that could entangle enemy planes. Records in other archives and online sources, publications about bombing in the Second World War, Friends of The National The files include general assessments and reviews of defence measures, weekly reports summarising the damage to and effect on production and daily damage reports giving the same information in tabular format. London (Region 5) is further divided into groups between 1940 and 1942. Air raid wardens were the first link in the chain of Britain’s civil defence system. The three most useful series of records are: Of particular significance among the records in HO 198 are the BC4 report forms. “Remember that fire (not the bomb) is the chief danger and a jet of water is still the best weapon.”. Marilyn Roberts recalled her grandfather, Shippy Brinton Lent, watched an area around Sixth Street near where Noah’s Ark Restaurant is now. A search for documents at The National Archives begins in our online catalogue. “He has a position of leadership and trust that demands his best.”, Information from: Kitsap Sun,, Glenn and Lori Stockton look over the air raid wardens, training and job materials that they found in the crawl space of their home in Bremerton, Washington, on Thursday, July 19, 2018. Their Ironsides Avenue residence was born in 1942 as a fire hall. Its purpose was to provide the government with a complete picture of air raid patterns, types of weapon used and the damage caused – in particular to strategic services and installations such as railways, shipyards, factories and public utilities. But they were trained for the worst, the documents found reveal. Section Company Battery. The Imperial War Museum has many personal reminiscences, both written and oral, from civilians and civil defence workers as well as photographs of air raid damage. The aim was to protect civilians from the danger of air-raids. This was known as the ‘Bomb Census’. Other records of air raid attacks and damage, 9. If you visit The National Archives you can see a list of the groups, and the boroughs that were in them, at the start of the paper catalogue list for record series HO 198. The bombs in each raid are numbered in sequence, both on the BC4 form and on the Bomb Census maps in HO 193. Alternatively, find contact details for archives elsewhere using our Find an archive tool. These reports, in HO 202, are arranged into just ten pieces and are searchable only by report number range or date, so it’s easier simply to browse the series to locate one. War WW II. ARP (air raid precaution) wardens supervised the Blackout. There are over 1,000 files containing reports on specific towns or London boroughs which typically contain: Other files in this series include general analysis of bomb damage and its effects on industry, transport and public utilities, and some transcripts of interrogation of enemy personnel. The BC4 form is often accompanied by a sketch map showing features such as the road layout, and the point of impact of the bomb. If a light was spotted, the warden would alert the person/people responsible by shouting something like "Put that light out!" These reports were compiled in the Home Security War Room for senior officials, the Minister and the Cabinet.

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