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What you want to do is use Stasis on one of the blocks when it is directly to the right. Walk through it and another circle will appear towards the waterfall. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. They are just tall enough so that they hit the base of the pond, allowing Link to stand on top of them without falling into the lava. On one of the sides of the pillar, there is a small windmill. Grab them and place them in the holes on the side, causing the nearby gate to open. Then toss a bomb, causing Molduga to come swallow it up. Since the Talus is actually in the lava, there is no safe ground around it. This will allow your navigate along the safe ground without falling into the lava. Then glide over and speak with the monk. This will raise the blocks four levels high and you should be able to climb up to the top to complete the shrine. Grab onto the metal block and then climb on top of it. There is one evasive bokoblin on top of the log, and another more powerful one on top of a large tree. Then take out both scouts to the left and right using bomb arrows, or another heavy duty arrow type. Once you claim the One-Hit Obliterator from the Shrine of Resurrection, you’ll have to travel around the Great Plateau to four locations.

If you look against the back wall, there is a maze like structure where that orb can travel through. The Ruvo Korbah Shrine can be reached by heading southeast from the exit to the Shrine of Resurrection. Once you arrive you will find that there is an Igneo Talus in the lava below.

Turn the dungeon and glide back towards the entrance, landing on the higher platform. In the room you will see a large spiked cylinder that is turning, but if you look closely, there is a clear path for you to walk on. There is a treasure chest that is constantly falling and you and break its fall by creating an ice block. Up ahead you will find a massive ball and chain.

Just to the left when you enter there is an electric charge that has a ball and chain that sticks into the water. Nearby is a wide open area filled with Lizalfos, Moblins, and Bokoblins. As with all the prior divine beasts, the first step is to get the map, which fortunately can be found directly ahead. If this were a clock, it would be at the 3 o’clock position. You can use Magnesis to grab them and place them in the lava. This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know from the locations and solutions for every shrine to Captured Memories, the best meal in the game, The Master Trials DLC and more. I find it easiest to get it in there when the gear is blue, or turning clockwise. You can open the treasure chest to get a Royal Bow. On the west side of the Pond you will find two large metal blocks.

Grab one of the second small boxes with Magnesis and connect the power to orange orb, causing the platform to rise.

Push it into the whole and the whole platform will start turning. Toss a bomb and explode the boulder, causing it to drop down and allowing you to pass. Before entering the room, look up and you’ll find a metal block that you can grab onto with Magnesis. Open it up to get a Great Flameblade. From the Shrine of Resurrection, it is the first hallway on the right and you can see some lava just on the outside. Most of these enemies are not a significant threat – lizalfos can be attacked from a distance, the moblins are slow, and the bokoblins ride around on horses. Take aim and shoot the horn. You will need to use Cryonis to create some ice blocks, guiding the orange block into the hole at the bottom-right of the shrine. 15.1 New ArmorProgress at this pointTotal LifeNew in this section. The locations represent three objects that you must complete in order to progress. Step on the switch at the top and it will lower the platform the scout appeared from. 15.5 Champion DarukProgress at this pointTotal LifeNew in this section. Push a block so that it is right up against the locked gate, and a second block right next to it, so you can easily walk over to it. Just follow these simple steps. You don’t have to come in through the entrance, in fact, it’s much quicker to just go straight to the arena. Explode it while it’s inside to stun Molduga. Way out to sea to the east, the ray of light passes through a blue circle. Initiate the scene with him to acquire a Spirit Orb. Once every enemy has been defeated, the gate will open allowing access to the monk. Ride the moving gear to reach the small staircase against the wall on the right. Walk over to the large ice blocks ahead and allow the flame to melt the cubes, allowing you to pass. Climb the steps and stand on the floor switch here to cause a large boulder to appear. A quick warning: If you try to climb up the northern face of the giant stump, there’s a bee hive waiting for you near the top. Flurry Rushes work well if performed, as they will cause an immediate kill with the One-Hit Obliterator.

You will need to start by taking the left pathway, as we cannot head straight since the door is locked. Run ahead and grab onto the metal crate. Walk down the pathway that is to the left when coming down the stairs. Your best bet is to wait at the east end of Knuckel Island and create a camp fire. After arriving, put the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal slate to trigger a scene.

You have to line them up so the electric current passes through all four of them. Make your way to the Flight Range and you’ll see all the targets on the wall. Hide behind a wall for a few seconds between the second and third guardian scout if necessary to avoid an attack.

Once you hit it a second target will appear. You will find a blue circle and once you move through it, another circle appears further ahead. There are now a series of circles that appear as you head down the mountain. Once you have successfully done so, use Stasis on the large fan and then glide over to the terminal. In the second room, disconnect the first metallic block so that it is no longer charged. The last point of interest requires use of the large block. To begin the quest, return to where it all started: the Shrine of Resurrection. Up ahead on the right you will find a motion puzzle. Light your torch and climb up, melting one of the blocks on the higher platform as well.

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