amc rebel 4 door

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Instead I have a moderator belittling me? The temperatures on the drive to daycare were -4 degrees F. The car was blowing ICE COLD air out of the vents until I just turned off the climate control. It sounds like your resistance heater is broken. That looks wildly different from the dashboard in my Leaf. I put blankets over my children and got them to day-care. I prefer to the fix the car right the first time instead of wasting my time throwing parts at a car. Mine used to work great, even in -10 F weather. After work I drove straight to the dealer where I purchased the car.
We'll see what the dealer is able to accomplish this time. This being the case, we might have expected the …

I did respond to the OP in a pm to not get myself in to much trouble. Nissan Presents the Leaf as All-Round Capable The 2018 Nissan Leaf is the other mainstream EV with no active thermal management. 2013+ SV/SL LEAFs used a "hybrid heater", which is a heat pump with backup resistive heater for very cold temperatures. Maybe the heater sucked up some of that trash. A heated seat and steering wheel don't keep my knees and feet warm. Just because you read on the internet that it happened to 2 other cars doesn't mean it happened to all of them. As far as documents are concerned they have a good deal of go no go tests and that's it. My heater works fine, but I think that there is a 2 stage system where it uses a heat pump in moderate temps and resistance heater in very cold temps. He promptly and gave me a loaner car and I was on my way. I think my understanding is that the 2015 Leaf uses a new style of heater. I have a 2013 leaf and just use those most of the time to stay warm.

On my drive home things seemed to be all better so I didn't think too much of it.
For two days. Also, hauling extra mass around will reduce your range. I can't continue driving my toddler & infant to daycare in an ice cold car in below zero weather. We are quickly working on a solution and you should be rolling green in no time. Perhaps the backup resistive heater is not working properly? There's a minimum outside temperature to allow a heat exchanger to work. I am. Nor do they help kids sitting in car seats in the back. Sounds like they are stalling on a part, or they are clueless. My guess is they are watching. The 2012 Nissan Frontier has 1 problems reported for no heat. Any guesses what it might be? For all of the gritty details, including step-by-step instructions, and to get started resolving your own Altima's no-heat … And it takes longer to charge. リーフ(LEAF )は、日産自動車が2010年から販売している5ドアハッチバック型の電気自動車である。 概要 リーフは2010年12月より日本およびアメリカ合衆国で販売が開始され、他にも欧州市場、中国 … Then the next day I pre-heated my car again at 6:15am to get in at 6:45am and it wasn't luke-warm, it was cold. Have any of you experienced similar issues? EDIT: Sorry, it's a 2014. These cars were not made for cold climates. That is where the OP's problem is coming from. Then the next day the service advisor tells me his tech can't replicate the problem, and the heater is working just fine.

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