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HP X27i 2K. (VGA, HDMI x 2, DisplayPort x 2, USB 3.0 x 4) - Black/Red at Amazon UK. Sunday and Business I.T. section of Manila Times, A quick look at 3rd Gen Ryzen performance across the stack, REVIEW | AORUS FI27QP High Bit Rate Monitor: A Refresh that Benefits Everyone, REVIEW | ASUS VG258 – The Era of G-Sync Compatibility, Site24x7 Announces CloudSpend, Its Cost Analytics Platform for the Public Cloud, AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su to Deliver COMPUTEX 2019 CEO Keynote on New High-Performance Computing Technologies, REVIEW | MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk: Essential Durability, REVIEW | MSI MAG B460M Mortar: Yep, this beats cheaper Z490s. MSI GTX 1660 Ventus XS review | Budget Must? The images below are captured using the Nikon D5000 at ISO 3200. Área activa de la pantalla (altura x anchura), H=30~160KHz (DP)/ 30~83KHz (other), V=30~146Hz (DP)/ 50~76Hz (other), EN, FR , ES, PT, DE, IT, NL, SE, FI, PL ,CZ, RU, KR, CN (T), CN (S), JP, Consumo de energía en encendido (Energystar), Consumo de energía en apagado (Energystar), Consumo de energía en espera (Energystar), Dimensiones del embalaje (Prof. x An. The colors remained consistent no matter what weird angle we look at it but of course, ideally, you will be right in front of the monitor when you use it. ... AOC Game Mode allows quick adjustment and pre-designed setups (tailored for different genres) to … His career as a tech journalist began after working in the PR industry for two years. AOC AGON AG273QCX. Desde que se fundó AOC hace medio siglo, nos especializamos en tecnología de pantallas. Click 'I accept' to accept cookies or read our cookie statement to learn how to turn off cookies. The monitor’s SVA panel has an 1800R curve, matte finish, and it looks almost border-less as it seamlessly blends with the frame. For this one, we had to ask one of our friends to help out with the Display Analysis to test the color gamut out of the box with the DataColor Spyder 5 Elite. View. Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQL1A. Con AMD FreeSync Premium Pro puedes disfrutar de juegos fluidos a la máxima velocidad. It is a crowded market segment and at 500 USD and up price-point, manufacturers have to both deliver an almost perfect Product, Feature rich experience and Innovate, all at once. AOC AGON AG273QCX.

The AGON AG273QCX has a very familiar OSD that follows the same format as previous AGON models but notably, it has HDR and Light FX (RGB lighting) options. Here, we are going to talk about the third generation of Ryzen processors: Ryzen 5 3600 and 3600X, and the Ryzen […], The Aorus FI27QP is a direct descendant to the more known Aorus AD27QD which is the entry piece of Aorus to the gaming monitor market. Overall, the picture’s colors has more life and more vibrant compared to having HDR OFF. As usual for models with these characteristics, the screen is also curved (to 1800R). The AG273QCX uses a solid tripod style stand that uses a powder-coated metal material which gives it a premium feel. Your technical question is important to us and will be sent to our service center in your region. Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQL1A. Since the launch of AMD Ryzen in 2017, we can all agree that AMD has made a comeback in the enthusiast PC space as Ryzen processors have been widely embraced across all budget ranges. AG273QCX Support and Warranty. Samsung C27G77T. El HDR ofrece un espectro excepcional y ultra nítido de los colores y tonos de luminosidad, para unas imágenes de gaming increíblemente realistas. AOC just released its latest model of it gaming-centric Line-up, the AGON AG273QCX. AOC AGON AG273QCX. We tried our best to capture the image quality that HDR brings to the table and I’m afraid our photo’s doesn’t give it much justice. The AOC AG273QCX, of the AGON 3 series, takes the VA path. Acer Predator XB271HU.

We are hoping Nvidia will add this monitor to their list. I also liked AOC’s Agon AG273QCG, but for some reason AOC put a horrible grainy finish on its curved TN panel, which ended up spoiling the whole thing.
The AOC AGON AG273QCX has a less aggressive gamer look compared to the earlier AGON monitors but the overall look of the monitor tells of serious business. However, unlike the AOC C24G1 that we previously tested where G-Sync works effectively at 48hz (48fps) and above, the AOC AG273QCX has to maintain 55hz (55fps) and above for it to work properly. PC Gamers nowadays are slowly moving forward from the usual 1080p resolution as more powerful graphics cards are coming to the market and high refresh rate 2560×1440 monitors are somewhat more affordable. Priced at around $500 or roughly Php27,312, this monitor has a lot to offer. Screen size: 27 inchesPanel type: VA LCDNative resolution: 2560 x 1440Response time: 1msRefresh rate: 144Hz (variable, with Adaptive-Sync)Weight: 8.14kgPower consumption: 50WBacklight: WLED. AOC AGON AG273QCX. Not exactly validated to be G-sync compatible but it should work fine. Below is a video showing the changes between HDR OFF/ON. With HDR OFF the leaves of the tree on the right are somewhat red and grey-ish. Con una resolución QHD en un panel VA curvo de 27”, proporciona grandes ángulos de visión, DisplayHDR™ 400 y tecnología FreeSync Premium Pro. Visite la página de Servicios. Movimientos rápidos y transiciones espectaculares que se ejecutan con fluidez, sin el incómodo efecto fantasma. He started GGWPTech to write PC hardware reviews, gaming, cyber security, and enterprise tech news. Underneath the monitor you will find several inputs as well as a joystick that serves as the power switch as well as for controlling the OSD.

But hopefully you can have an idea on how HDR improves visual quality on games especially on HDR enabled games.

With HDR ON, the textures on the road and the road blocks right ahead are showing more “roughness”, shadows are fuller and the character details much better. This was something we didn’t expect from a gaming-centric monitor and it just goes to show that the VA panel is in a league of it’s own and it’s more than a sweet spot in between TN and IPS panels. ... AOC is offering a Pixel Policy based on the ISO 9241-307 Class 1.

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