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So rather than having to scale everything up in the Operating System, which can bring about problems as highlighted in our ‘experience article’, they might prefer to simply use the zoom control on a per-application basis. The standard RGB (Red, Green and Blue) stripe subpixel layout is used. Although this depends on preferred viewing distance and eyesight. Generally, games will not have textures or particle effects which universally take full advantage of the resolution (that would be graphically very taxing), but there are usually some stand-out textures that look really appealing. We still maintain that the overall atmosphere and contrast performance was strong for such scenes, but things could have been better on a finer level. Full native capabilities delivered over both DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 This sports a 3840 x 2160 (‘4K’ UHD) resolution and 10-bit colour processing. The images below show the desktop and some of the real-estate afforded by the screen running its full native resolution without scaling. The level of detail in darker areas was largely as it should be, although there was a degree of ‘black crush’ towards the central area of the screen. The contrast we recorded did fall slightly short of the claimed ‘3000:1’, at ~2500:1 or ~2200:1 following the adjustments made to our ‘Test Settings’. But as noted on BF4, it wasn’t the sort of extended ‘smeary’ trailing traditionally associated with VA panels. Where there were dark objects (such as a dark-painted vehicle) against a lighter background (such as bright sky) there was a slightly extended trail. 2560 x 1440, for example, looks quite decent – although again a bit softer than it should. This helped give objects a nice definition which complimented the high pixel density nicely.

The following observations were made. The slight grain of the screen surface masked this a bit as well. There is also an ‘sRGB’ emulation mode of this monitor, which is shown in the diagram below. The ‘4K’ UHD experience provides very obvious inverse ghosting that is rather unsightly. Having said that, it’s more than likely that any users with serious motion sickness issues would find the experience of any 60Hz LCD to be problematic. Whilst far from the ‘grainiest’ screen surface we’ve seen, it’s really a shame to see the same screen surface used here as on the 28” TN UHD models. The contrast we recorded did fall slightly short of the claimed ‘3000:1’, at ~2500:1 or ~2200:1 following the adjustments made to our ‘Test Settings’. The final checkerboard pattern could not be distinguished from the background, whilst the second last was very faint and difficult to distinguish. This was much weaker and less widespread than ‘IPS glow’, but it lightened up blacks and dark colours a bit and is normal to an extent on a VA model of this size when viewed from a ‘normal’ distance.

Even the ‘Weak’ setting introduces some noticeable inverse ghosting in practice and any higher (‘Medium’ etc.) Positives It tracked at 2.2 on average according to the colorimeter, but as you can see below bowed a bit centrally. Pixel transitions were noticeably slower where a very light (white, in this case) background was used as per the second image. The input panel is typical AOC with one of everything.

It’s a 32” MVA panel with 10-bit color, 3840x2160 resolution, and a factory-certified calibration. A slot-and-click mechanism would have been preferable for ease of use and to avoid jamming the screws. This is a practical speed for such photographs and sufficient to allow the key components of perceived blur to be analysed. In reality that doesn’t tend to happen and instead an interpolation (scaling) process is used. By this we mean that it’s perfectly comfortable on the desktop, to our eyes, without using scaling. You get HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI, and VGA. Positives Users of Nvidia GPUs should open Nvidia Control Panel and navigate to ‘Display – Adjust desktop size and position’. Dark elements and subtle details such as cracks in rocks and the ground stood out very nicely against the surrounding lighter shades. The final image shows a fast 60Hz reference, namely a Samsung S27A750D set to full brightness (avoids PWM) and its optimal response time setting. That, coupled with the fact that most models now come with 60Hz input, means that there has never been a better time to buy a 4K display. AMD users needn’t adjust anything as things should be set up correctly by default. Compared to the 27-inch models we tested before (like the AOC U2879VF 4K monitor), the U3277PWQU is significantly heavier with a 31.5-inch diagonal which AOC, like many rivals, rounds off to 32-inch. The maximum deviation occurred at ‘quadrant 7’, towards the bottom left (123.6 cd/m², which is 25% dimmer). Rather than some transitions being noticeably fast and some noticeably slow, the vast majority of transitions were reasonably fast. But it’s certainly nice to have models of this pixel density not marred at all by any noticeably grain to the screen surface.

It almost looks as if the object is highlighted with a marker pen, but curiously you don’t get the sort of extended trailing behind the object that you’d usually see on a VA panel for such transitions. In the final section of the video you can observe the slight ‘VA glow’ that becomes more prominent off-angle. Bright neon colours also looked appropriately electrifying (cyans, pinks and bright greens in particular. The Lagom text appeared blended grey throughout with a bit of a red tint to the striping (normal for a wide gamut monitor). Decent gamma tracking and exceptional vibrancy straight from the box, with a VA panel offering more consistent colours than TN technology plus dithering-free 10-bit colour

This is a practical speed for such photographs and sufficient to allow the key components of perceived blur to be analysed.

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