artisan sourdough bread recipe

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Yay! I always suggest starting much lower if you don’t know how your flour behaves – at least 40-50 grams).  This was amazing. I was schooled on this by our contributor Sasha Hunter our bread baker extraordinaire friend. PREHEAT oven to 450 degrees F. for at least 30 minutes. I’m new to making sourdough and at first tried a few recipes out of the book Flour Water Salt Yeast. Remove the dutch oven. I believe the waiting paid off in a larger, looser crumb, it did cost me a good ‘ear’. Then I found your recipe. When I started making sourdough I used my all purpose flour. Required fields are marked *. This should help with structure. Press your finger lightly into dough. Not sure when to add. I’ve made it a few times and love it but I would like to make two at a time so I can freeze one right away. Feed mature sourdough starter using the levain formula above. I recommend reducing the hydration – per my recipe headnotes or a touch more – as it will help build a stronger dough thats easier to handle. I highly recommend ordering a banneton as it will be a much better tool to use (I have links in my sourdough tools post here: For more information read our Entire Affiliate Disclosure. Place a tiny spoonful of your ripe starter in a jar of water, it should float. If you’re experiencing troubleshooting issues with this recipe or other sourdough baking, please check out my Sourdough Bread Troubleshooting Guide. That is actually flavor additive. This is a simple sourdough bread recipe. For more guidance and tips, check out my complete guide with my favorite sourdough tools and resources. 5 grams of protein on the label or about 12% protein. I’ve been struggling to make airy beautiful loaves before this recipe that were even lower hydration. Forever in your debt!! The result would be to dry the crust and add extra crustiness I believe. I’m so happy it came out well and that your husband also enjoyed it. Thank you Laura, I’ve done this recipe about 4 times now and each time is a little better than before but each has been delicious. Ideally, it should very SLOWLY spring back and still leave a light indentation. Thank you for my first successful loaf of sourdough! Have you experimented with making sourdough rye bread? WATCH your dough as it goes through the stages of fermentation. The crust should be 'shattery' which means as it cools it will crack. Hi Nancy. Remove bread from the oven and set on a cooling rack to cool down for an hour. Reduce the oven temperature to 475°F/240°C (*note: if your oven runs hot or your loaves are browning too quickly, reduce the temperature to 450°F/232°C) and continue to bake uncovered for an additional 15-25 minutes or longer until the crust is deep golden and caramelized. For the best crust and texture you need constant steam around the loaf while it bakes at least the first 15 to 20 minutes. Get it right and your results will already be good.There are hundreds of resources out there that tell you how to make a sourdough starter. DAPHNE”. I noticed in your videos you had a texture consistent to what I’m used to when kneading albeit more wet. Using your wet hands pull the dough from under the dough ball up and stretch it gently as you pull it over the dough ball top. My kitchen isn’t very warm so I rested my dough in the oven with the light on and the door slightly open. If you try it again be sure to measure the ingredients carefully. To avoid over fermentation keep the room temperature (or oven) at 80 degrees or less. The crumb will be crushed and your experience with your sourdough artisan bread will disappoint. Cooler ambient temperatures will slow down fermentation and might extend bulk fermentation significantly. Thank you so much for the reply and the choices, made the decisions so my easier.! I’m sure you’d think of that, but sometimes I have forgotten myself and the last thing you want to do is realize you don’t have enough that morning. I hope this gives some help, but there are so many variables involved, it’s hard to troubleshoot much beyond that without more detail. If your oven is convection always, reduce any temperature suggestions by 25 degrees – as the convection setting (fan) will create consistently warmer baking temperatures for every recipe that you follow, unless it is designed or specifies convection oven baking. Thank you so much Danielle, and I’m so thrilled to hear that you got good results, especially with your first loaf. I will totally make again, two loaves next time!Â. If there wasn’t enough tension developed to hold in the gases, it will not be as strong. I am thrilled to hear that Esra. I’m actually astonished the dough didn’t dry out as it fermented. For more visuals and guidance, please watch my step-by-step YouTube video and follow my sourdough bread video series on Instagram.  Can’t figure out what I did wrong. This often happens with sharp edged nuts. I’ve tried reducing hydration to 70%, and mixing the dough for 10 mins after adding salt rather than 5. It may not have quite the height of loft and be a bit denser but you will still have a good loaf of bread. Happy Baking! On both occasions during Pre-shape it was difficult to work with. In my case, at around 66F - 67F ambient temperature the dough doubles in size in about 4 hours. Thanks again! The crust was a tiny bit too dark after the final bake – but the bread is perfect and delicious. The reason this is important is chilled dough baked in a preheated HOT oven and baking vessel will have a much higher rise for you. I recommend watching my step-by-step YouTube video if you haven’t yet, as it offers a visuals of the entire process and will give a clearer idea of how the dough should behave! I think I’ll get some of the latter. It becomes easier over time! This bread freezes VERY well. Also, I went for the hydration you specified for the first time and it actually went just fine! Well if the bread is dry and the grain is kinda hard and crunchy don’t give up. My loaf came out so great . Happy Baking, Hi Sandi, Yes you can. I Am SO grateful you are sharing your success with us. We made a video of the ENTIRE process of making this recipe for you. There are a ton of possible reasons though for this. Next day you should feel an improvement in the dough structure. My husband said it has been his favorite loaf so far. Finally worked up the courage to do a loaf and it turned out AWESOME!!! When I took the top off the dutch oven after the first 25 minutes, the beauty took my breath away! I hope this helps. Just wondering, but for the final rise of 2-4 hours in the fridge, can you do a shorter time at room temp? To complete a stretch and fold, dip you hands lightly in water (*this will help the dough from sticking). This is a flour about 12% protein. If the dough felt very wet during shaping, I would definitely reduce the hydration even further (maybe 300 grams) and see how that goes, but your dough might be over proofed (it could even be under proofed) – it’s hard to say, but if its incredibly sticky and sort of falling apart, that’s usually a sign of over proofing. I have been baking a 60% hydration knead recipe for a while and it turns out well but I wanted something with a better crumb and less dense in the middle.Â, I’ve tried this recipe 2x now and it has an awesome crumb. Rye typically ferments much faster too, which is another variable to consider. The total bulk fermentation time will vary tremendously based on your ambient kitchen temperature, dough temperature (FDT), flour type, and several other factors, so watch it carefully. It would definitely impact the flavor and texture. IF your dough is still breaking before it goes transparent when pulled. Happy bread eating, haha! I have learned how to make the roasted garlic and am ready to add to the mix at the right time…which is why I contact you now…would you have a suggestion for me? It should be big enough to allow it to rise and expand a bit. So happy to hear that. Hi Tricia, I can’t wait to see your results. I had cut the water back to 330 grams, but I’m guessing I need to scale it back even more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Your videos are super helpful too. I was curious if you ever crack the oven open with a wood spoon during the last 10/15 minutes or so.  Lots of detail though, but they are the critical point. Try all of our breads. Looking at your videos, it looks like – though slack – you can easily lift up your dough without it sticking too much. It provides a great forum for sourdough baking. Whatever flour you are using will influence this process. Makes me really happy. I would definitely recommend reducing the hydration either way – and maybe start at 300 grams total just as you get a better feel for what to look for. If you reduce the hydration significantly, reduce the number of stretch and folds to 4 total (30 minutes apart). Cover the bowl of dough with a plastic bag and set it in the fridge for 12 to 15 hours (Or overnight). I made this recipe and was so thrilled when my bread turned out perfectly. Am I right in thinking that? At 50/50 ratio by volume, my starter would again, become too sour after a few days, and, eventually, vinegary. You can also look into the techniques called ‘slap and fold’ and ‘rubaud’ method, which are others ways to develop strength early on). Next time I may reduce temp at 20 minutes, and will move the rack up in my oven (bottom of my oven is hottest)-I made the loaves in two separate bowls – next time I’ll make one larger batch and split before shaping. Sourdough is very different from other bread baking because a sourdough starter is a living thing and everyone’s starter will behave a bit differently depending on your environment, your kitchen ambient temperature, etc. I really recommend sticking with one recipe or formula for the long haul and tweaking and adapting different elements (how you mix to build strength,. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! What have I done wrong? This stage can be extended without worry up to four hours. Thanks so much Tess! Either it was flat, too sour or just a poor loaf. Currently making my fifth loaf of it! If you continue to experience problems, I recommend reducing the temperature to 450F when you remove the lid. And your family will love you for it. If it springs back quickly and completely, it is under proofed (allow it to sit in the fridge for another hour or so). I plan on adding a step-by-step process video to this recipe by tomorrow at the very latest, so please check back and reference that for moving forward. Looking forward to hearing from you! What do you think I did wrong? This time will all vary based on your ambient temperature (not sure what temperatures you’re working with). Thank you so much for your work. 3:45 PM – 7:45 AM  – retard dough (final proof) in refrigerator at 38°F/3°C for 16-17 hours. -You may benefit from watching the video several times. The second time I made it, it came out even better than the first. There are a lot of contradictions (and in my opinion, poorly explained or written recipes for sourdough on the internet). Thanks so much for the feedback Shelby!! Let me join you in your happy dance. Every brand of flour can even behave differently though, so again it is very important to focus on how the dough is behaving along the way – not following any strict timing parameter. Porridge breads where you cook the grains beforehand are so good! I didn’t time it out the same way but it still worked. You can accomplish this basic sourdough recipe. Enjoy! I’ve been following your page on Instagram and am struggling to achieve growth of my starter. I’ve never seen a dough do this before.Â. This is such a beautiful comment and review. Love the recipe, and the video was a huge help. My sourdough breads no matter whether semolina sourdough TA 160 or rye whole grain sourdough with the filler whether water, malt beer or buttermilk, with autolysis without salt and residual fillings etc.

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