asus tuf vg249q review

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Either way, don’t sweat that difference as it’s negligible really. So here we are, this time, I know I don’t want unpleasant surprises and I’m a bit more careful with my research.

Both models were under development and initially released (in some regions) at the same time. From what I learnt from not very complete reviews, it has a decent contrast, but not as good as the AOC, colors are good but more natural and less vibrant, and I don’t really know if response time is sensitively better or worse. Only that from a farther distance, it looks plain black. I just have to cross my fingers. Having issues with uniformity can make this sort of thing worse and having a wider gamut in the first place (i.e.

First of all, I’m new into the monitors world, and I have already spent weeks researching and learning about all the parameters that conform a good criteria in order to buy myself a new display.

Designed for intense, fast-paced games, The Asus TUF Gaming VG249Q is a 23.8” Gaming IPS display with 1ms (MPRT) response time and blazing 144Hz refresh rate to give you super-smooth game play. Pretty ineffective and not seeming to do an awful lot. Definitely no strange patterns, I really like the vibrant color, more than I expected (maybe because I come from dull TN monitors). But the ASUS is available, and I’m tempted to buy it without having still all the information I’d like.

That’s not to say the pixel responsiveness is ‘poor’ per-say, but drop the idea that it would be better in that respect from the AOC as the opposite is true.

They now own and are happy with the AOC 24G2U. It could be days or weeks until the next restocking, but I’m patient enough. Or follow the steps mentioned in the colour reproduction section of the AOC review to curtail the gamut.

Next day I inspected it very very closely, and it was really something I couldn’t explain: it actually looks like a tiny dark “stain” that covers an irregular area over one pixel and a half… yes, it sounds strange. Read through the colour reproduction section of the review and watch that section of the video review a few times as it will give you a very good idea of what to expect.

Sadly, I received a panel defect as well from my 24G2 i bought ~1 month ago. I’m glad you appreciate this unique resource, it’s always nice to see such positive feedback. Perhaps a bit of both. Also the relatively high contrast for the panel, plus the vivid colors and decent response time. I hate having to start this by saying this but I guess I won the lottery… it came with a dead pixel. And on much more expensive monitors than this. I come from a decent, but old 1080p 60Hz TN LG display, and I decided that I should be taking more advantage of my new GPU. The same CELL is used on both products.

This is shown above with the Dell S2716DG. Not saying that the ASUS is not worth it, but in general I feel more appealed by the AOC calibration, For me viewing angles are not a big concern, and the documented uniformity prevalence in the AOC plus the trust in its well known response time, definitely tipped the scales towards the AOC no doubt. This is explored in the review, where it’s pointed out it’s one of the weaker IPS-type options in this respect. – And last… colors. Finally, about your new toy, the SpyderCHECKR, well I don’t know how people wouldn’t appreciate it, since it will give even more accuracy and detailed parameters to your reviews (specially nitpicky and enthusiast people who are for sure the main audience of this site) so keep up the good job. This is to help highlight colour consistency weaknesses which TN panels like that used in the example are prone to, it’s less of an issue on the IPS-type models considered in this thread but may still apply in some cases, as pointed out in my following post.

The ASUS produces shades in a way that’s truer to their original sRGB intentions – you can of course profile either monitor for the best results if doing colour-critical work. So, the AOC being in stock in my country is a rare sight. Hello, call of duty, the battlefield and its fate. Finding this site and its comprehensive reviews makes me really grateful for the effort done here, so thank you in advance. is this subtle difference a “game changer”? Although the ASUS could be more tightly calibrated or setup differently such that the contrast ratio is a bit lower ‘out of the box’ or with slight adjustment. The right side of the monitor shows the shades in the order they’re printed on the sheet, whilst the left side shows them inverted. Obviously if people don’t like it or don’t find it useful I won’t include it in the future, but I think it’s worth trying out and seeing how people find it. And for the month I’ve had my 24G2 the experience has been awesome, colors are great, response time and input lag are minimal and it also looks awesome :). Again, thanks for doing such a good job, I honestly think other sites are no match for the quality of this site’s reviews. Obviously videos or a photo will never accurately convey how the actual shades appear in real life on the printed sheet or on the monitor, but they can capture relative differences. Some people prefer colours that ‘pop’ more and are more vibrant, others prefer a more muted and accurate (‘rich and natural’) appearance to the image. should I worry about the chances of it having them?

Another thing worth mentioning is that the AOC is perhaps more prone to uniformity issues than the ASUS. According to user feedback I’ve seen on the ASUS it has worse, not better pixel overdrive tuning. Luckily I was able to request an RMA from AOC and I’m gonna ship out my package first thing tomorrow. It’s a shame about the dark patch – I assume you meant you didn’t win the lottery due to that aspect rather than you did win it? The ASUS certainly doesn’t have better pixel overdrive and it’s not really newer, either. I tested the “pixel repair” tool that flashes independent pixels at rapid pace, and could observe, upon very close inspection (using reversed binoculars, works almost as a microscope) that that tiny section was responsive, the pixel had the three color components and emitted light accordingly, but dimmed by that black shape.

Another poster has just brought up another interesting angle to consider – warranties and aftersales support.

But they covered some interesting points about their experience with ASUS when some things went wrong with some of their other monitors.

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