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The seeming defeat is soon partly reversed, however, when Nori reveals that she and Elina had swapped the Immunity Berry during the heat of the chase with a similar-looking substitute - one of the berries that reveals the eater's true self which they somehow painted a red stripe onto to make it look exactly like the Immunity Berry. Nori Elina (Kelly Sheridan) must rescue a prince to prevent a power-hungry fairy from ruling the land.

Movies I’ve seen so many times I can’t count. Lately the Barbie movies have been taking a step away from sexism by showing young girls that they don't have to depend on a man, because Elina, the main character does not, and she saves her home and friendsfrom danger. In this animated follow-up to Fairytopia, Elina (played by Barbie) enlists the help of a mermaid, Nori, to save her friend Nalu, a merman prince who has been captured by the wicked Laverna. More Info.

Fungus Maximus, the leader of the Fungi, threatens to pour a bottle of magical poison into the ocean to destroy Mermaidia if Nalu does not lead them to the berry. The Most Controversial Films on Letterboxd, I’m in my room alone bored and I will be making a list of every movie that comes to my mind until I get bored with that. Eric André Lee Tockar Christopher Gaze Kathleen Barr Chiara Zanni Andrea Libman Brittney Wilson Pam Hyatt Tabitha St. Germain Venus Terzo Blu Mankuma Alessandro Juliani Nicole Oliver Teryl Rothery Raphael Wagner, Mattel Entertainment Mainframe Entertainment, Barbie Fairytopia - Mermaidia, Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia, Barbie Mermaidia, Syrenkolandia, 06.

When Elina asks Nori how long the effects will last, Nori's Crest Of Courage disappears for a brief moment. This is the twelfth Barbie movie Kelly Sheridan has starred in. Letterboxd's most controversial films, ranked by the variance in their ratings.

- Also Bibble literally ruins everything so. Studio

Azura: Venus Terzo 11. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service.

Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia (Video 2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Kim Dent WilderRob Hudnut

When the necklace's magic is invoked the pearls turn blue and then begin slowly turning white again, one at a time. Prince Nalu has been kidnapped by a power-hungry fairy who's looking to cement her status as the most powerful figure in Mermadia, and it's up … When Bibble eats the fruits that change his voice, the arrangement of fruit on the branch he picks it off from constantly change. If the user is out of the water when the last pearl turns white she will return to her original form, but if she's still underwater she becomes a mermaid forever.

Undersea Barbie adventure will enchant little ones.

More details at TMDb Fandango helps you go back to the movies with confidence and peace of mind. Barbie: Mermaidia Synopsis. Yellow Merfairy: Brittney Wilson 8.

Barbie: Mermaidia Synopsis. The two mermaids find the Mirror of the Mist and ask for Nalu's location. Elina hears Nori's cries for help and exchanges her wings for a tail, becoming a mermaid.

Meanwhile, Nalu is guarded by two Fungi while Max searches for and finds the Immunity Berry.

The Empire Strikes Back of the Barbie Fairytopia trilogy.

Executive Producers

Some of the voice actors and their voice-over characters (shown in Bold reprise their roles in this film and are also the principal characters) of Fairytopia.

kids and family, Nori (voice) Andrea Libman.

To view photos of the merchandise of Barbie: Mermaidia, click here.


| Fresh (2).

The two reach Delphine together and Elina impresses Nori with her flying, prompting her to finally begin dropping some of her hostility.

Martin Scorsese is very picky when it comes to cinema but these are films he certainly would call cinema. the most iconic and brilliant scene in the history of cinema: WE'RE ALMOST THERE! Max is lurking nearby, however, and threatens to release his magical poison into the water if Elina doesn't hand over the berry. All rights reserved.

Despite receiving the berry, Max drops the vial anyway. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Elina and Nori tell Nalu that they switched the real Immunity Berry with a True-self Berry, which Elina handed to Max.

!- Oh my god, when I was a kid I thought the scene where Bibble eats all the crazy fruits was the funniest thing ever- This would’ve been more interesting if Elina and Nori got together at the end :/- Solid wing transformation though - Idk why the whole fairytopia series just has weird vibes, they’re strangely awkward?? Fungus 1 & 2: Lee Tockar 15.

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In this animated follow-up to Fairytopia, Elina (played by Barbie) enlists the help of a mermaid, Nori, to save her friend Nalu, a merman prince who has been captured by the wicked Laverna. Thinking quickly, Nori gives Elina a True-self Berry. Shellie/Delphine: Nicole Oliver 14.

Furious, she swears vengeance on Elina.

Elina and Nori race to the fairy ferry, run by a giant sea-snail named Shellie. Nalu thanks them for saving Mermaidia and Fairytopia but Elina begins to lose heart at the thought of being a mermaid forever. Music In this animated follow-up to Fairytopia, Elina (played by Barbie) enlists the help of a mermaid, Nori, to save her friend Nalu, a merman prince who has been captured by the wicked Laverna. Copyright © Fandango.

Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Laverna: Kathleen Barr 5. Purple Merfairy: Venus Terzo 17. but then again you cant explain high art, this movie is a gay masterpiece because literally not a single character is straight and, no, i wont be elaborating on that, just confirming bibble was not a swine flu hallucination, i got severely queerbaited nori is a lesbian who is in love w elina that is all i have to say, Maratón "sé lo que tú quieras ser" 11/41Joder quiero matar a Bibble: Electric Boogalo, im gonna peg the mermaid prince in his scaly fishy asshole, elina and nori’s love story is part of the lesbian artistic canon.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Сказочная страна Мермедия, 芭比彩虹仙子之人魚公主, 75 mins  

The extra features can be accessed by selecting "Mermaid Fun".

Barbie / Elina voiced by Kelly Sheridan and 9 others .


Runtime The plot follows shortly after the events of the previous movie, focusing on a now-full-fledged fairy named Elina and a mermaid named Nori who attempt to rescue Nalu, a merman prince, from the clutches of the evil Laverna.

The film stars Kelly Sheridan as the voice of Elina and Chiara Zanni as the voice of Nori.

Elina is sent to rescue Prince Nalu and save Mermadia from Laverna. Saving Nalu could require the greatest sacrifice of her life: her wings. Teeny Mermaid: Tabitha St. Germain 16.

Elina (Kelly Sheridan) must rescue a prince to prevent a power-hungry fairy from ruling the land.

"Follow the underwater journey of Elina in the sequel to Fairytopia. They reappear when she places in it on the table.


Elina then decides to risk eating one of the true-self berries herself in the hopes of restoring herself to fairy form.

For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Nalu is grateful to be rescued but tells them that Max has reached the cave where the Immunity Berry grows, very near where he was being held by the two lesser Fungi.

Elina eats it and is transformed back into a fairy with a new pair of wings. Elina dives to catch it and manages to restopper it just before hitting the water at the bottom. Forgot your password? Eric Colvin Bibble / Fungus 1 & 2 (voice) Christopher Gaze.

| Rating: 6/10 Elina arrives at the Crystal Cove a short time after this, accompanied by her companion Bibble.

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Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. When Nori is talking to the Merfairies, she turns around and puts her hands on her hips at the sight of Elina, but when Elina approaches her, her arms are crossed. Nalu reluctantly agrees, and the Fungi take him away with them underwater. Meanwhile, Nalu has delayed the Fungi in their quest by leading them to a place in the ocean called the Carousel of Confusion, with hypnotizing waters that make people forget what they’re doing. She'll need the help of Nori, a headstrong mermaid who doesn't trust outsiders and wants nothing to do with Elina. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia, or simply Barbie: Mermaidia, is the 7th CGI film and the 2nd Fairytopia installment released on March 14, 2006. Barbie Movies Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. | "Together we're strong", Media: Barbie: Fairytopia | Barbie Live! Beyond the vents lies a cavern filled with a variety of sea plants bearing magical fruits, including one that causes the eater to speak backwards, one that causes all of the eater's hair to fall out, one that reveals the eater's true self, one that makes the eater dance with yodeling, one that causes the eater to sing beautiful opera, and one that causes the eater to speak in a deep voice. All Critics (2) Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. Nalu knows where to find the berry, and so she has sent her Fungi to recover it. (Part 2), View production, box office, & company info.

Laverna, who was banished to the Bog of the Hinterlands by the Enchantress' magic, is seeking the Immunity Berry - a berry that makes whoever eats it immune to all magic, past, present, and future. Tyler Posey realizes he's on his own in an exclusive clip from 'Alone,' now on FandangoNOW, What to Watch on FandangoNOW: ‘Unhinged,’ ‘The Opening Act,’ Miranda July’s ‘Kajillionaire’ and More, This Week in Family Movie News: ‘Thomas & Friends’ Coming Down the Track, First ‘Addams Family 2’ Teaser and More, See Full Cast + Crew for Barbie: Mermaidia.

Fungus Maximus (voice) Kathleen Barr. fantasy, February 13, 2019 Nori recognizes the symbol as the "Crest of Courage," which mermaid legend says will decorate anyone strong enough to travel to the very bottom of Mermaidia.

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