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2019 - 13 THINGS LTD. All rights reserved. And the show also featured eleven black models, like Pat Cleveland and Billie Blair, which at the time was truly groundbreaking. In deviously delicious PR stunt to raise money to restore the Palace of Versailles, the fashion show was billed as a battle between American designers like Anne Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, and French designers such as Hubert de Givenchy, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent. But it was the models who really stole the show. “When you delve into the story, it's fascinating the way that race and class and gender played a part in the architecture and the foundation of our current American fashion industry. I hope you are finding a way to thrive this quarantine, but I can’t blame you if you’re starting to feel a little cuckoo and might have low-key had a secret hangout with your BFF. We made Battle at Versailles to bring the behind-the-scenes story to life. By including African American models, the American designers, particularly Stephen Burrows, equivocally tied American fashion to the zeitgeist of 1970’s American Civil Rights movement and brought black beauty to the center of fashion on an international stage. Ramona Saunders, Norma Jean Darden, Barbara Jackson, Alva Chinn and Jennifer Brice were also Black models who dazzled that day, making huge strides for their careers and those of every other woman who wasn’t white wanted to make it in the modelling industry. Career Battle of Versailles. 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I got the chance to speak with executive producer and creative director of the 2016 Battles at Versailles documentary Susan Hootstein and got her take on covering such a triumphant event and the moments that changed the game forever. Screenshot the ^^^ or click the code to add now to join the fun. A key turning point was the so-called “Battle of Versailles” in 1973, when U.S. fashion designers won a … The show was the first time that the American fashion industry was granted respect by its international peers, "and I just think that's fascinating,” says DuVernay, who is currently writing the script based on fashion journalist Robin Givhan's 2015 book, The Battle Of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight And Made History. These women’s success paved the way for Iman, Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, and so many other top models. READ ALSO: 28 Black Women Who Slayed History. It was a defining moment.”, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, U.S. to seek Trump's exit from rape accuser's defamation lawsuit. Luna didn’t just walk the runway. Susan Hootstein and got her take on covering such a triumphant event and the moments that changed the game forever. Then there's Naomi who conquered both worlds equally,” he says. It's so much fun to get a little thrill.”, “The dresses that these girls wore, during the Battle of Versailles, had been fit to them,” says Reynolds. She took it to outer space. They embodied a less buttoned-up approach to couture – one that craved energy, movement, and individuality. For his portion of the show, Halston told Cleveland to go out on stage, and “be a moth” for him. “Some people declared her a Masai warrior, Gauguinesque, Nefertiti reborn,” writes her daughter in a 2019 Vogue essay. As we look back at some of the most dazzling Black models in modern history, the Battle of Versailles feels like a point of culmination in the fight for their representation. She passed away in 1979 at a clinic in Rome from drug-related complications at just 33-years-old. The Battle of Versailles Fashion Show in 1973 was a moment in time that would set the tone for the future of fashion industry. They’re right—it can’t really. In order to raise money for the restoration of the Palace roof, taste-shaping publicist Eleanor Lambert, who founded both New York Fashion Week and the Met Gala, devised an idea to put on a fashion show: a friendly competition that would pit the crème de la crème of French haute couture – Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro, Christian Dior, and Hubert de Givenchy – against the top five American ready-to-wear and sportswear designers – Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, Bill Blass, Halston, and Anne Klein. How did the presence of black models at the Battle of Versailles change fashion? This “army” of new talent for the American team surely would’ve made models like Dorothea Towles proud, who according to Essence was the first top Black model to work in Paris in the 1950s: The 1960s-70s was such a turning point for Black models, because it began carving out a space for them to say, in the words of James Brown, “I’m Black and I’m proud”. There’s a “Battle of Versailles” they don’t teach you about in history class; the event that transformed the world’s most iconic château into a star-studded battle royale between French and American fashion designers in the fall of 1973. That's a fallacy. These models married dark toned skin with bright colors in a world where the pastel palette of couture clothing catered to white skin. Known as the robes importables, or “unwearable dresses,” Rabbane’s creations were often fashioned of Rhodoid discs – looking every bit ready for a space age Joan of Arc. Things were changing. Warsuma was one of eleven black models that ran in the Battle of Versailles Fashion Show.The Fashion Show was held in 1973 at the Palace of Versailles raising $280,000 for the restoration of the palace. They embodied a less buttoned-up approach to couture – one that craved energy, movement, and individuality. "Versailles '73: American Runway Revolution". Not only was Battle at Versailles a story of triumphing over adversity, it changed the trajectory of American fashion and put American designers on the map. READ ALSO: A Black Makeup Scientist On Why Makeup For WOC Is Overlooked. Was it considered risky at the time to cast black models in fashion shows in New York City? I was just playing with them. That was huge in the 1970s and unfortunately even still is now amongst the biggest couture houses. I’m sure some in the fashion world thought black models were a “trend” or a “publicity stunt”. These elements of fluidity and music are still used in fashion shows today. Why did you feel the need to make another documentary of the battle even after a past documentary and book depiction of it were already done? On November 28th, 1973, social elites gathered for a showdown between French and American designers in the Palace of Versailles. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. “I could feel through my feet that I was on the edge,” she says. The house was filled with hundreds of glittering names from pop culture and real-life royalty; there was Liz Taylor and Princess Grace; the Duchess of Windsor, and Paloma Picasso. The craziest channel on Snapchat for beauty, fashion and pop. The presence of black models at the Battle of Versailles changed fashion by giving people a new perspective on beauty. External links. She was utterly dedicated to her quest for individuality, and self-expression. While the Battle of Waterloo and the Battle of Gettysburg have been seared into our brains as moments that changed history, there is another — albeit, far less violent — showdown that represents a turning point in history: the Battle of Versailles fashion show. 7th Avenue girls, as they were called, were fit models and runway models that worked closely with the fashion designers, and, because they lacked representation, were often introduced to the designers socially through stylists and make-up artists, or they were discovered on the streets of New York City. The Battle Of Versailles… Even so, though, Versailles didn’t change diversity in fashion overnight. When you think couture, you think craftsmanship and history. She doesn’t wear shoes, winter or summer.” Indeed, Luna was a lighting rod of 1960s counterculture. “The milestones literally are: The girls from the Battle of Versailles, then Iman, then Naomi. At the time, Burrows was a young Jersey kid who made it big, and one of the first African American designers to sell internationally. It all had to do with the music, dancing and the fun that people were having. I think the inclusion of black models brought something fresh and new to the fashion world of the 60’s and 70’s that left a lasting mark on the industry. “They invited these big time, glossy girls to go along, but they didn't go because the pay was so low,” says Cleveland, who was compensated $300 for the week. But the doors of Europe were closed to Black models before the Battle of Versailles.”, Much like Black models were a rarity in Europe in the early ‘70s, representation was also difficult to find in the U.S., as the the idea that there was only room for one Black girl per agency, through which print jobs were booked, was pervasive. We wanted to celebrate the moment that legitimized American fashion by creating a documentary that provided a deeper look in to the story. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. “Anne Klein wasn't pushing the boundaries of fashion by any stretch of the imagination, but she was making money.” The fashion show at Versailles became an opportunity to show the world exactly what American fashion designers were capable of — Lambert was keenly aware of what kind of publicity an underdog victory would achieve, adds Reynolds.

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