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Are. At the end of the day (*sigh*), Shane is miles better in video than he is on paper and this season is all about the feeds so that makes me optimistic. I can’t believe she would blame you for everything – how crazy. Not sure how I feel about fans taking part in nominations. You didn’t have to lurk, though! Now you’ve sparked my interest in season 1 for sure! Being able to watch DR feeds would be great as well.

New season starts Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 10PM ET (7PM PT) and airs exclusively on All Access so you will need to sign up to watch the episodes, live eviction shows, the Live Feeds, and everything else! Or don’t. Nobody is going to have any idea she’s as intelligent as she could be. It’s still fun though. . Alex is more of a stunner on paper than on tape, but she’s not drawing dead by a long shot. On paper, he comes off as a misplaced Austin Powers extra throwing around the word groovy like it’s 1967. Especially Cy! Great Blog Alison!

I’ll have to give it another go!!

Danielle seems totally different from Z… She said she would like to combine the playing styles of Dr. Will, Derrick and RR in her efforts to win BBOTT. OTT is sure sounding like “Budget BB” but that’s ok as long as it’s entertaining! Of course can do all of this for you because of your generous support. I’m gonna include Season 1 here just because it did have a lot of potential but the casting was not up to quality. She was a strong player. LOVE him! I might just have to try the free 1 week offer…

I can’t wait for it to start. Alex seems pretty cool, not sure about her sis yet though! Does that make you feel better? Hopefully that’s all they have in common. I’m just returning from one lom. Anyway, Jason would make a great DJ if there’s still any need for them these days lol.

I noticed that too Heather. Unfortunately, Miss Willett is the twist. I thought there would be a competition to decide who is granted safety, but perhaps I’m wrong on that. Just read an interesting article from Jokers… A Grodner & R. Meehan did an interview about OTT and they mentioned how in the “regular” the feeds were used to make the broadcast show interesting, however, in OTT–ALL the feeds need to be interesting, therefore, HG will be encouraged and given incentives to *NOT* stay in bed all day and get up and socialize, in order to make feeds better! On Monday we’ll get the 12 HG cast reveal at 1PM ET (10AM PT), Tuesday voting will end for Jason vs Jozea, Wednesday is the premiere & reveal of 13th HG, Thursday is the first HoH competition live on your Feeds (4PM ET), then we should hit our regular routine.

He’s either going to fly under the radar for a bit or flame out in truly Devin-ing Jace Agoli shrine fashion. We can’t thank you enough for enjoying our shows these last 4 years, hopefully with your support we can continue to do them for the rest of the year. We are covering #BBOTT all season long with tons of content from shows, to blogs, cast interviews and recaps with past houseguests!

It’s a great way for you to find out what is going down as it happens 24/7 on the live feeds! 30 Episodes (2009-2009), Lydia Tavera I’ve heard them mention this to each other. Really great fun. 30 Episodes (2009-2009), Jessie Godderz OMG! Along with what we’re used to seeing from Big Brother there will be new extras like Live Feed Diary Room sessions. YES?

TGJ is trying to keep me updated on what’s happening. Lol be proud gurl. He’s no superfan (he’s only seen 17 and 18) but honestly, who is these days? We’ll see that all online as it happens.

BB OTT is going back to the way it was for 10+ seasons…about 70 days in the house. #BBOTT is here! No, you’re not the only one. Danielle looks like Zakhya and is also a pre-school teacher. LOL I’m going out on a limb and guessing Kryssie’s voice will make me want to stick an ice pick in my ear and Shane is related to Dog the bounty hunter. So there you have it. Seems like they want OTT and the summer show to exist independently. Never would I hunt you down! Or will he pass up this opportunity to cyber-stalk BBOTT?? K came to my defense and confronted the bully—I HATE confrontations—and I felt safe again. Tell her we miss her, Sha. Grodner…. You’re among friends! He was a morning DJ in Memphis, TN in the late 70’s and was such a big star that California came calling.

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