beer potomania

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Three facts contribute to beer potomania: 1. Chem 10; Osmolality; ADH; Evaluation. Potomania is a word that literally means drinking (poto) alcohol excessively (mania). excessive ingestion of beverages that are alcoholic in nature such as wines Beer potomania is an unusual syndrome of severe hyponatremia associated with excessive beer ingestion in the presence of alcohol use disorder and malnutrition. The amount of free water we excrete depends upon number of osmoles that need to be excreted. • Patients presenting with beer potomania are at increased risk of osmotic demyelination syndrome (ODS) due to rapid sodium correction. This condition is the correct medical reference for low levels of sodium in the blood. Beer potomania, a unique syndrome of hyponatremia, was first reported in 1972. 2. Hyponatremia is due to a large consumption of beer (which has a poor salt content) together with a minimal intake of ordinary food. It is described as the excessive intake of alcohol, particularly beer, together with poor dietary solute intake that leads to fatigue, dizziness, and muscular weakness. Potomania is the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages; beer potomania is used to refer to a dilutional hyponatremia caused by excessive consumption of beer. The kidneys can dilute urine to a maximum of 50 mosm/L Excellent nursing care is critical because too-rapid sodium correction can result in osmotic demyelination syndrome, a serious and frequently irreversible neurologic disorder. 3. Potomania induced by beer is sometimes referred to as beer drinker’s hyponatremia. The low solute content of beer, and suppressive effe … •Beer potomania is an unusual cause of hyponatremia in excessive beer drinkers who have low daily solute intake.

1 First recognized in 1971, this cause of hyponatremia is not the most common but should be in the differential if the patient is a heavy alcohol imbiber who presents with encephalopathy and low serum sodium. Beer potomania syndrome; Beriberi; Thiamine deficiency; Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome; Evaluation Work-Up. Overview. Beer contains a lot of free water with very little salt and protein (one liter of beer contains only 30 mg of sodium).

When hyponatremia occurs as a result of beer, it is referred to as dilutional hyponatremia due to the dilution of sodium by beer. In medicine, beer potomania refers to a condition in which the level of sodium in …

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