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", "Megamind's head is not that grossly exaggerated. : While avoiding Roxanne Ritchi, Megamind ran into Bernard, who mistook Megamind for someone dressed as him and proceeded to insult his "costume", calling it "tasteless" and claiming that Megamind's head wasn't that "grossly exaggerated" and was unimpressed with Megamind's De-Gun, calling it a "cheap replica" until Megamind used it to dehydrate him. | He has an average build and a very slumped over posture. Official Sites Is the emotionless curator of the Metro Man Museum. Bernard (Megamind) Hal Stewart | Titan; Established Relationship; Pregnancy; Roxanne/Metro Man if you squint at the very end; Friendship; Reader has sad backstory; Hints to sex; little bit of language; Summary. Bernard is/was the curator at the Metro Man Museum. : Bernard is a worker of the Metro Man Museum, he appeared when Roxanne was talking to the Metro Man statue, where Roxanne was surprised and he said that he can't insult costumers.

So Megamind used his dehydration gun on Bernard and copied his appearance with his watch made by Minion. Here is your minion. [voice-over]  Megamind Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Bernard is a worker of the Metro Man Museum , he appeared when Roxanne was talking to the Metro Man statue , where Roxanne was surprised and he said that he can't insult costumers. He believes he is the know-it-all when it comes to Megamind, so much so that when Megamind accidentally ran into his cart in an effort to keep from being discovered by Roxanne, Bernard didn't believe it was him and went into a monologue about how the real Megamind would not look like the one standing right in front of him. Bernard : [accidentally runs into Megamind with his cart] That's a pretty tasteless costume! That's a pretty tasteless costume!

Bernard He will look after you.

Bernard seems to be the type of person who is not easily frightened or intimidated. How long... [Megamind's father places his son in a ship]. [last words to his son]  Megamind ... [Megamind scans Bernard with his gun and sets it to the 'dehydrate' mode] Bernard : Oh, and you even made a cheap replica of his dehydration gun. He wears glasses, a brown jacket, A blue turtleneck, and white pants. FEELINGS...!" We're closing soon. Sir, you really need to clean out your pockets more often! Release Dates Megamind prepares to destroy the recently opened Metro Man museum, trying to forget the city's former hero, but when he sees Roxanne wandering inside, he takes on the holographic disguise of Bernard, the museum curator (temporarily dehydrating the real Bernard into a small cube). Ahahaha, no worries! Bernard Megamind finds himself attracted to Roxanne, and from her, gets the idea of creating a new hero to fight. This has been the worst day of my entire life! [Megamind scans Bernard with his gun and sets it to the 'dehydrate' mode]. Company Credits Bernard. After that, he bumped in Megamind, insulting him that his head is more bigger and his dehydration gun needs a little work. : Megamind's head is NOT that grossly exaggerated. :

Megamind's Mother when she encountered Megamind, in all his dramatic antics, disguised as Bernard. Filming & Production : And here's your binky!

Bernard seems to be the kind of guy who is always unimpressed, serious, and monotone. Minion You probably think I'm a little bit nuts. Destined for... What? Megamind's Father

| Regie führte Tom McGrath (Madagascar, Madagascar 2). Bernard Technical Specs, [accidentally runs into Megamind with his cart]. Bernard from Megamind. He seemed unafraid of Megamind when he first encountered him, calling him a guy in a costume, and the fact that Megamind might have been the real deal never once seems to cross his mind.

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