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It is a blend of Kenyan leaves and Assam leaves. Smoked teas like Lapsang Souchong are usually served hot, with or without a little sugar and lemon.

A lively cup prepared from these bags will help keep you happy any time of the day. Therefore, it may be difficult to arrive at the best one. Make you get a tea leaf holder to steep your tea in the cup for this type of tea. Benefits, Uses, & Recipes.

This brand features organic and all-natural ingredients you will definitely love. For instance, hot beverages are often preferred during the cool and cold times of the day.

Commonly known as the "Champagne of Tea," the region of Darjeeling produces what is often considered to be the world's best black tea. It has a smooth taste and an enticing aroma that will leave your surroundings with a cheerful and warm fragrance. Although Keemun needs no additives to be enjoyed, it's also good with milk and sugar. The brand is excellent in every manner. Not only are bold black teas more popular, but they truly are delicious! In recent years, countries not well known for black tea have begun to produce better blends. You can serve it with a little bit of sugar, honey or milk depending on how you like your cup prepared. You could take the iced drink as it is or you could add sugar or honey depending on what you prefer. This tea is made of high-quality ingredients that you can trust. It can be brewed multiple times in the gong fu style of tea brewing. In terms of side effects, there was little to report with this black tea. Maria Melnikova Photography / Getty Images.

The Adagio black tea is highly recommended and reviewed by many people--athletes, runners, and those who just love good black tea. Lightly caffeinated with the quantities ranging from 30-50mg, It has a divine aroma that can turn anyone into a tea enthusiast, Bags are not individually wrapped and sealed to maintain their full flavor, The bags are not bio-degradable thus making them less friendly to the environment, To some consumers this brand may be overpriced, Only 20 bags, which is fewer you would find in other brands. Will it be to help you relax, for your good health, to improve your energy, to help you focus on the activities of the day, as a way of socializing or would you pair your cup with other food products? With this brand, you will not only enjoy your cup but the brand's antioxidant properties will help keep you healthy and relaxed even during stressful moments. When it comes to potency, this tea is sweat in flavor. If you are sensitive to caffeine you may want to go for the decaffeinated tea options. Intense flavor that would transform any person into an avid addict, Therapeutic touch that helps relieve stress, Aromatic caffeine explosion that provides you with a kick-start for the day.

When it comes to flavor this one might trick you with its spicy aromas. If you're drinking black tea for its health benefits, you'll want to make sure the brand that you buy is made from leaves grown in the shade. Twining’s is one of the most popular brands available on the market today. However, there are many different types of black teas, both packaged in bags or loose-leaf. When it comes to side effects, make sure you consider whether or not you are sensitive to caffeine. It is smoky, slightly malty and smooth, with an aromatic finish. Mild is definitely the way to go if you know you are on the picky side. The exact species of plant used, the maturity at which it was picked, the weather conditions it was grown in, and the time you steep the leaves all make a difference in how much caffeine your cup contains. Organic Assam originates from India. They are typically produced during the summer harvest in Nantou, Taiwan.

Bai Lin Gong Fu is a nuanced, flavorful, handmade black tea that is rare even in its homeland of China. (Each of the harvests is known as a "flush" and the first flush, harvested in spring, is the most famous and the "greenest" of the flushes.) They are free of a lot of fillers and unwanted ingredients, which makes this black tea a perfect option for most people. Benefits, Uses, & Recipes, The 8 Best Tea Subscription Boxes of 2020, What Is White Tea? For its price, this tea can be enjoyed separately or the drink could be consumed with some sugar and milk. This is a value-priced product that you will enjoy every cup of and that will help uplift your spirit for the day, and then help to relieve your stress at night. A bit of sugar and a splash of milk are commonly added to Assamese teas.

Leaves that originate from different regions have their distinctive flavors that suit the distinctive needs of assorted consumers--so if you are a tea connoisseur you will probably love the more unique selections. Recommended by the queen--we have to say here again. This tea is definitely pricey when you compare it to the standard black tea you can get anywhere--but if you want something unique, delicious, and gourmet then it is definitely worth the additional cost. Contains antioxidant properties that are good for your health by helping to relieve stress. Benefits, Uses, & Recipes, 8 Tasty Milk Tea Recipes From Around the World, What Is Ceylon Tea? Nilgiri is exceptional when served iced with a little sugar or honey and a wedge of lemon. This tea delivers a rich and delicious flavor that will refresh your taste buds. For a refreshing aroma and vibrant color in your iced drink, ensure that you use longleaf type as part of the preparation process when garnishing your iced drink. It tastes great and is a perfect addition to your daily routine if you want a tea that will help you relax and that you can sit down and enjoy. It has a rich history that dates back to 1706 a clear indication of its exceptional quality, It has a fresh flavor that is very refreshing, A blend of carefully selected varieties gives it a unique taste consumers love, Some consumers complain of an inconsistency in the quality, It has a mild flavor, some people want something bolder.

Ceylon teas hail from the island nation of Sri Lanka. When it comes to side effects, we didn't find any serious complaints.

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