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There are inaccuracies with many colors and with shades of gray. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. The bezels are very thin, which is great for multi-monitor setups.

That includes motherboards, graphics cards, gaming laptops and indeed monitors as in the case with this Optix model (two of these Optix offerings have previously made the cut for our best gaming monitors list, so they have pedigree, if you’re wondering). The MSI Optix G27C4 is a curved monitor targeted at gamers, models which have become quite commonplace in recent times (you may have seen curved TVs, as well). The G27C5 also gets brighter and it has better color accuracy. The MSI has a much better response time, so motion is clearer, and both the gray uniformity and black uniformity are better on it as well. This monitor is well-suited for dark room gaming thanks to its high contrast ratio, and it can deliver a good picture quality with saturated colors and fluid motion. Given the asking price the MSI Optix G27C4 is pitched at, it’s a very tempting proposition.

The idea is that the curve provides a more immersive gaming experience, as we said at the outset, and to that end, the Optix G27C4 also runs with a ‘frameless’ display. The Acer Nitro XF252Q is better than the MSI Optix G27C4 for most uses. Its 1080p resolution is a bit low, but its 27 inch screen lets you see comfortably without having to sit up close. AMD’s FreeSync technology to combat tearing. Specifications may differ depending on your location, and we reserve the right to … Furthermore, there is a chance that this panel could become an even more compelling bargain given a Black Friday discount, so keep an eye on our roundup of the best cheap monitor deals for Black Friday 2019 going forward. If you need a monitor with better viewing angles, check out the BenQ EX2780Q.

It only allows for tilt adjustments.

The MSI is a much better choice for gaming because it has a 165Hz refresh rate, a much quicker response time, a black frame insertion feature, and a lower input lag.

Refresh rate on the Optix G27C4 is excellent. This is important if you often share content or play co-op games. Conclusion: MSI has produced a very impressive panel which offers a lot of positive points for gamers in terms of achieving smooth and fluid gameplay at high frame rates. The G27C4 has bad ergonomics.

MSI Optix G27C2 27 Inch 1ms 144Hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor The curved advantage — This 27-inch 1800R curved MSI gaming monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080p + 16: 9 aspect ratio) delivers immersive gameplay with MSI Gaming … The ASUS VG279Q is significantly better than the MSI Optix G27C4 in most uses. This monitor can reproduce dark, saturated colors due to its great contrast ratio. We tested the MSI Optix G27C4, but there are three other variants with different screen sizes, resolutions, and refresh rates, which you can see in the table below. Nicely priced for what you’re getting. SDR color volume is outstanding. We purchase our own monitors and Due to photography and/or monitor settings, coloration of product images may vary from actual product. The G27C4 has a much better black uniformity, a higher refresh rate, and a faster response time. If someone comes across a different type of panel, or if their MSI Optix G27C4 doesn't correspond to our review, let us know and we'll update the review. Visit our corporate site. We recommend the 'Fastest' setting, as it provides the best performance. The MSI Optix G27C4 is a decent monitor with impressive gaming performance. so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. Cons: Only Full HD resolution. Viewing angles may be a problem if you want to share content with others, and even though it has great reflection handling, viewing the screen in a bright room can be difficult due to the monitor's low peak brightness. LEARN ABOUT RESPONSE TIME @ MAX REFRESH RATE, Be the first to start a discussion about MSI Optix G27C4. The MSI Optix G27C4 is an okay monitor for media consumption. The 27 inch screen is great for gaming and productivity, but the 1080p resolution is a bit low for this size, which impacts text clarity. It's very similar to the MSI Optix MAG271CQR. More pronounced curve may not be everyone’s cup of gaming tea. Homepage | Terms of use | How we Rate | Privacy Policy | Privacy Rights Policy, The curved advantage — This 27-inch 1800R curved MSI gaming monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080p + 16: 9 aspect ratio) delivers immersive gameplay with MSI Gaming OSD for in-game assistance and on-screen customizations, AMD free sync — Adaptive free sync technology matches the refresh rate of your pc GPU to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering to deliver ultra-smooth, lag-free visuals. It has a high refresh rate and a low response time to provide a smooth gaming experience. Unfortunately, the 1080p resolution is lower than the 1440p resolution on the Nixeus. You can download our ICC profile calibration here. It's mainly made out of matte black plastic.

The MSI Optix G27C4 is a decent monitor with impressive gaming performance. The G27C4 has an excellent SDR color gamut. The refresh rate of 165Hz means you can push up to 165 frames per second, assuming the GPU is capable of driving your favorite shooter – or other game – that fast. This monitor doesn't have a local dimming feature; the video above is provided for reference only. The monitor has good reflection handling, but its low peak brightness may be an issue if you're in a bright room with direct sunlight. It's a great gaming monitor, though, as it has a 165Hz refresh rate, excellent response time, and a low input lag to provide a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

And also, the colors are so vibrant, and overall image quality so good by all accounts, that you’ll likely forgive – or possibly not even really notice – any sharpness shortcomings. The IPS panel on the VG279Q provides much better viewing angles, has much better color accuracy, and it can get brighter to combat glare. As with most VA panels, vertical viewing angles are poor. It's a smaller monitor with a higher refresh rate and has a better response time too. The MSI Optix G27C4 is better than the MSI Optix G27C. However, its peak brightness is lower, and its horizontal viewing angles are worse than the G27C. Really impressive image quality. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The G27C4 is a somewhat updated version of the G27C with an updated design and some performance improvements. It's slightly higher when playing at 60Hz or when variable refresh rate is enabled, though it shouldn't be noticeable for most people. It covers nearly all of the sRGB color space used in most content, and it has great coverage of the Adobe RGB color space, which is used for professional photo editing. There's almost no variation in brightness when viewing different content, and it should be bright enough for most well-lit rooms, though it may struggle a bit in direct sunlight. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The G27C4 has a flicker-free backlight to help reduce eye strain. It has a wide VRR range; however, it maxes out at 144Hz when using an HDMI connection. The stand has a tripod design, though the back leg is much shorter than the front legs. Response time at 60Hz is good. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. However, the G27C4 has better reflection handling and quicker response time. Input lag is exceptionally low. New York, The EDG 34 also has HDR support but works best with a DP connection. Its high contrast ratio is great for dark room gaming, though, as blacks look deep and inky. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Having trouble deciding between two monitors? The difference between the two really comes down to personal preference and how you'll be using it. The Optix G27C4 has good reflection handling. For other options, you can see our recommendations for the best gaming monitors, the best 1080p monitors, and the best 144Hz monitors. The MSI Optix G27C4 is better overall than the Samsung T55. Although it has a high refresh rate, low response time, and low input lag, this monitor doesn't support any HDR format. MSI is a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer that makes a broad range of products, many of which are gaming-related. More on what all that means shortly, but the upshot is there’s a lot of slick technology here packed into this Full HD monitor which has a surprisingly cheap price. © The stand is also plastic and supports the monitor well. Its performance should be good enough for most gamers, but its ergonomics are very disappointing when compared to a monitor such as the ASUS VG279Q, and it doesn't have as many features as the Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q. best cheap monitor deals for Black Friday 2019, 6 new TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and more streamers this weekend, DJI Mavic Mini 2 release date, price and everything we know so far, Why the iPhone 11 is a better buy than the iPhone 12, Disastrous Windows 10 update is reportedly breaking some PCs, iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max, First Samsung Galaxy S21 image leak shows a major camera design change, Walmart is having Black Friday three times this year, because 2020.

Sadly, it doesn't support HDR, it has very few extra features, and its mediocre peak brightness can be an issue in very bright rooms. – AMD FreeSync™ Premium Technology – Tear free, stutter free, fluid gaming.

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