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Reverse Gear. Fans of the burgeoning cruiser segment have noted with significant interest two fascinating custom bikes recently unveiled by reputable builders in Japan and the USA that have both featured prototypes of BMW Motorrad’s big boxer engine.

The headlight is full LED and it comes with a cornering function. I would expect this bike to feel the same. Just like the old boxers, BMW R18 has a single disc dry clutch, but it was designed as a self-reinforcing anti-hopping clutch, which is very important for this type of engine, with huge torque and low rpm range. otherwise cool bike…pitty it's German…. The Frame. On one hand, it’s a bid from BMW …

BMW R18 is a big step for the Munich brand and it marks its entry to the cruiser world, dominated by Harley-Davidson. But the R18 comes with Rain, Roll and Rock! The new R 18 invokes our history and the iconic hallmarks of our brand which we have worked very hard on. Feast your eyes on the Concept R 18 and it’s clear that a desire to make a true, pure-emotion, hand-built, custom bike has taken the designers deep into the brand’s past for inspiration.

Open shaft-drive, cantilever rear suspension, a twin-Solex carburetor from a BMW 2002 car, a 1950s Bosch-inspired LED headlight mounted between the fork legs, no visible switchgear – the list goes on and a walk around the Concept R 18 (as the motor’s plaquette proudly states) throws up many surprises. There’s also a cruise control that comes as an option. I too was disappointed with the numbers they are giving for such a huge bike.

I really don't get it! 100 newtons is just 74ft/lbs. What I wonder is if there’s going be a lot of heat coming from the engine and if it will become disturbing during the hot summer days. We have new and used motorcycles as well as provide service, financing, parts and apparel. Having this giant boxer engine, it’s impossible to obtain an elongated riding position, so BMW comes with mid-mounted footpegs for the R18, right behind the cylinders.

I do not hope riding it but it is wonderfully built imagine all the features. This is not the R1200C.

Visitors to the world’s most exclusive ‘beauty contest’ for historic cars and motorcycles have witnessed some outstanding two-wheeled contributions from BMW Motorrad’s design department in recent years. Alright looking bike but 5k to expensive. So you can transform it just as you like – from the classic, simple, R18, to this eye-catching bobber. It looks like they werent sure if they wanted to be a british 50s, an american 70s/80s, or something else. There are only three metal surface treatments used – either blasted, painted or polished – in order to give a clean, authentic atmosphere around the bike, while the iconic Metzeler-branded RILLE tyres have a custom-made tread pattern and special colour treatment on the sidewalls. BMW Canada Inc. reserves the right to revise pricing and/or specifications at any time without notice. The throttle is ride by wire, which is very important, and we’re expecting a smooth response of the acceleration. A bike should be light enough to manage without struggling. Its just kinda boring. Nicely done. Actually, the design is inspired by the R5 engine, built almost a century ago, in 1936. it unveiled at the 90th anniversary ‘Concorso’ celebratory event, the Concept R 18 is set to win the hearts and souls of many fans worldwide, for whom heritage and history are important factors – even in a modern interpretation of a cruiser. The new BMW R 18. The. Walkaround coming soon: In two days I’ll get my hands on this bike and be able to come up with a walkaround and to share my thoughts after seeing it in person, so if there’s something you want to know about the new R18, just aks using the comments section below, and I’ll try to come up with an answer. BMW considers the R18 to be the company’s first foray into the cruiser market. The mid mount pegs to me is a bonus, and there may just be a market for individualist who don’t want to ride in a group of 1000 other individualists who all ride the same bike.

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