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Revali confronts Link and openly admits that despite wanting to stop Ganon, he does not like the idea of merely assisting Link just because he wields the Master Sword. Breath of the Wild (2017)

Piaf Il est le Prodige de la tribu Piaf et le gardien de la Créature Divine du vent Vah'Medoh. However, the Hylian knight's cold and aloof demeanor angered Revali, causing Revali to see Link as an arrogant person that he aimed to surpass in order to teach a lesson. Like the other Champions, Revali is also completely devoted to his goal of stopping Calamity Ganon, his sense of duty superseding his vanity that despite his feelings, he sets aside in light of the bigger picture. He is a member of the Rito tribe and a major character.

Première apparition

Title(s) Revali is voiced by Sean Chiplock in the English version of the game. Revali then gives Link use of his ability Revali's Gale as thanks. The EX Champion Revali's Song is one of DLC Main Quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, despite this honor, Revali was frustrated; he had wanted to be the main hero like Link, not a supporting fighter. Champions. Prior to the events of the game, Revali lived in Rito Village with the other members of his race. The Memory 2 - Revali's Flap is one of 19 unlockable Memories in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.. [9] Revali believes he is more skilled than the young hero. Il présente de nouveau ses excuses et espère que cette fois-ci, Link parviendra à vaincre Ganon. [11] Revali then mocks Link for not even being able to make it there on his own and soars upward to Medoh. After Daruk commented on the depressing delivery of Zelda's speech,[6] Revali reminds Daruk that the "ceremonial pomp, grandeur, and nonsense" was his idea in the first place. Il possède en effet une capacité unique dans le peuple Piaf, la capacité de créer d'importants courants ascendants appelée la Rage de Revali.
Décédé Il envoya l'ombre de vent de Ganon pour piloter la créature Divine, et cette dernière tua Revali dont l'esprit fut emprisonné durant un siècle dans Vah'Medoh. Néanmoins il sait se montrer reconnaissant et admettre ses erreurs.

Son orgueil prend alors un coup sévère.

Once there, Kass will sing a … He was known as the most skilled archer of all the Rito and could fire Arrows with the speed of a gale. Il réapparaît dans Hyrule Warriors : l'ère du Fléau.

Cependant, lors des événements du Grand Fléau, Ganon, le Fléau prit le contrôle de Vah'Medoh suite à sa réapparition bloquant Revali à l'intérieur. Comme pour Urbosa, Revali ne regrette pas particulièrement sa vie antérieure. Titre

In the English version, he instead sarcastically bade Link good luck in sealing away the darkness as he flew off. Revali appears as a playable character along with the other champions in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Head toward the monument, which will activate once the player gets close enough. Cependant au travers les souvenirs de Link, il apparaît quelque peu hostile par rapport à ce dernier et le prend de haut, du fait qu'il ne sache pas voler. Regardless, Revali was killed by Windblight Ganon during the Great Calamity. Artwork of Revali Mis à part ce don inné, Revali était le plus grand archer que la tribu Piaf connût. Prodige Piaf Attention spoilers: Ce qui suit dévoile des moments clés de l’intrigue. Pour remercier Link, Revali lui transmet son pouvoir, la rage de Revali. Youre busy enough, so im not going to request anything, but im going to try and see what i can rig up myself. Revali est l'un des Prodiges aux côtés de Link. EX Champion Revali's Song Walkthrough - Part One.

[5], Revali was present during the ritual of Princess Zelda making Link her appointed knight in Link's first Recovered Memory. Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence.

[10] After gloating about how his abilities are superior, Revali suggests they compete one on one atop the Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

He sets Medoh's sights on Hyrule Castle.[21].

Revali est l'un des Prodiges aux côtés de Link. Revali appears as an Advanced Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Hyrule Revali is also the Rito Champion and one of Link's allies, though he has an apparent rivalry with the Hylian. An amiibo based on Revali was released on November 10, 2017. [19] He thanks and congratulates Link on succeeding where he has failed and acknowledges Link as a warrior worthy of Revali's Gale. Male Revali has the ability to create an impressive updraft that allows him to soar, later named Revali's Gale after him.Hi… Spin Off / Cross Over This amiibo is compatible with Breath of the Wild's DLC packs. Ce n'est que lorsque Link vient à bout de l'ombre de vent de Ganon que Revali est libéré. Want to try your hand at these challenges? Son gameplay ainsi que son rôle dans l'histoire ne sont pas encore connus.

[16][17][18], After Link's victory over Windblight Ganon, Revali is freed and gains a grudging respect for the hero. Téléportez-vous au niveau de la Tour d'Hébra et partez vers le sud (image4) entre la Colline de Tabanta et la Gorge Tragite (image5).Sur la falaise, vous ferez la connaissance de Nazuri qui vous expliquera qu'un dragon se déplace dans la Gorge Tragite, la nuit venue (image6). Emplacement du Sanctuaire de Sirito'Gheoma : Indice : "Transperce les cornes du dragon flamboyant". When King Rhoam and Princess Zelda came searching for aid from the Rito people, Revali agreed to help and was chosen to become the Rito Champion, a protector of Hyrule and the pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Revali est un Piaf qui est devenu le Prodige de cette tribu. In order to complete this challenge, you’ll have to shoot the horn of Dinraal, the first spirit.This will reveal the hidden entrance to the Shira Gomar Shrine. Il porte la même écharpe bleue que Mipha, Daruk et Urbosa, symbole de leur appartenance au groupe des Prodiges et semblable aux tenues bleues portées par Link et la Princesse Zelda, élus par le Roi Rhoam. Hyrule Revali réapparaît dans Hyrule Warriors : l'ère du Fléau avec les autres Prodiges en tant que personnage jouable.

Really great stuff man, Im impressed with the bone rigging modification. Revali was a skilled flier and talented archer while alive, capable of great aerial feats.

[1] His weapon was the Great Eagle Bow.

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Âge Revali uses his confident exterior to hide his insecurity about himself.

Ultimate. Comme pour tous les autres Prodiges, Revali fut choisi pour ses talents exceptionnels. Thank you, for the mod, and in more ways than one.

This blue cloth is similar to the blue shirts worn by Link and Zelda. Infos Biographiques His spirit was then trapped within the corrupt Divine Beast, only being freed a century later when Link slew the demon inside the machine. Breath of the Wild Bananite

100 years prior to the events of Breath of the Wild, Revali was the Champion of the Rito tribe. Revali As Vah Medoh fires a laser towards Hyrule Castle to weaken Calamity Ganon, Revali swallows his pride and admits Link is the better man (although he attributed it to the Hylian's luck rather than his skill), succeeding where he has failed.

He wears the same blue cloth as Daruk, Urbosa and Mipha, symbolizing him being a fellow champion.

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He is a member of the Rito tribe and a major character.

Affiliation(s) This blue cloth is similar to the blue shirts worn by Link and Zelda. is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Rito Village Il porte la même écharpe bleue que Mipha, Daruk et Urbosa, symbole de leur appartenance au groupe des Prodiges et semblable aux tenues bleues portées par Link et la Princesse Zelda, élus par le Roi Rhoam. Revali (リーバル, Rībaru) est un personnage qui apparaît dans Breath of the Wild. Hyrule Warriors : l'ère du Fléau. Golgohma, Arachnide Siliceux du Crépuscule,, Revali a un physique et un comportement qui rappelle ceux de, Il est le seul prodige qui n’apprécie pas. Revali fut choisi par la famille royale pour piloter Vah'Medoh, devenant ainsi un des gardiens d'Hyrule et la fierté de la tribu Piaf.

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