bridget jones' baby who is the father at the end

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Arrives 16th Sept! The answers to those questions might be the same, or they might not. He’s an American tech millionaire who meets Bridget at a music festival, and feeling impulsive, she sleeps with him but leaves in the morning. Even Paul McCartney Has Made a Quarantine Album, If You Can’t Write a Good Joke, Jay Jurden Isn’t Listening, Shonda Rhimes Left ABC for Netflix After a Disneyland Ticket Snub, An executive allegedly told her, “Don’t you have enough?”, Julien Baker Remains Devastating on New Song ‘Faith Healer’.

She has some bad habits—smoking and drinking—but she annually writes her New Year's resolutions in her diary, determined to stop smoking, drink no more than 14 alcohol units a week, and eat more "pulses" and try her best to lose weight. Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) or newcomer Jack Qwant (played by Patrick Dempsey) could potentially be the father of Bridget Jones’ baby. Bridget Jones’s Baby premieres in theaters this Friday. In the long-awaited film which finally completes the Bridget Jones trifecta, we’re able to catch up with all of our favorite characters over a decade later: Bridget, Mark, Bridget’s friends Shazzer (Sally Phillips) and Jude (Shirley Henderson) and even Bridget’s parents (the ever-hilarious combination of Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones). While there, she sees her ex, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and his new wife. Okay, so: It’s clear early on that Bridget is not going to end up with Jack. Here are 13 reasons why Mark being the father of Bridget Jones' baby is a perfect choice. It’s a gripping emotional journey, and it’s undercut completely by the twist at the end: Turns out Mark doesn’t need to work on his jealousy at all.

After a film’s worth of lip service to the idea that a family can be whatever you want it to be, the happy ending for Bridget and Mark is still a traditional, biological nuclear family. People can watch her and feel for her. Apparently, an alternate ending was shot for Bridget Jones's Baby that revealed Jack was really the father, but the version where Mark is the dad but everyone remains friendly was selected. To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Up to and including the penultimate scene of the movie, that’s how it looks like things will shake out. Swoon. Hugh Grant's absence in the sequel is explained away as Daniel dying in an offscreen plane crash, but the ending reveals he was found alive. Jack turns out to be an American mogul in the ever-expanding world of logarithms and online dating, but of course she doesn’t know this at the time.

Bustle actually predicted this weeks before the release of the film. “I SWEAR TO GOD THE FATHER OF BRIDGET JONES BABY BETTER BE MARK DARCY OR ELSE THE WRITERS BOUT TO CATCH THESE HANDS,” tweeted one passionate fan who’ll be very pleased when she sees the film. But it doesn’t need or even pretend to be. You’ll just have to venture down that road for yourself if you’re curious to see how her love story ends. In 2014, Zellweger found herself the subject of plastic surgery rumors and criticism. In Cinemas September 14! Bridget is shown walking down the aisle in a church to meet her new husband, who is, of course, Mark Darcy, as to be expected! Celebrate 10 years of Steals and Deals with up to 77% off bestselling products! It's going to be a race to the end to find out what everyone else is harking on. If you’ve also been going about life on the verge of tears, maybe skip this clip. So she means that, whoever the father may end up to be, Bridget will be Bridget. Not to mention, will either man fully love the child if it’s proven to not be his?

is an indie, sci-fi, somewhat dark comedy that’s ultimately all about the people... continue reading, The theme of growing up flows throughout the film as many of the DigiDestined have a different idea of growing up... continue reading, ‘Shortcut’ is two movies in one, one classic horror claustrophobia and the other mediocre monster hunter... continue reading, This episode was basically one big 'Nope'... continue reading, There are several love stories at play both among the living and the dead... continue reading, ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ closes its season with perhaps the best first Trek season ever... continue reading, 'Possessor' is the goriest film I have seen this year with many moments that made me turn my head... continue reading, Seems like old times as 'SNL' returns live from New York... continue reading, ‘DieRy’ has deep thoughts wrapped in a world that feels much less deep... continue reading, The Netflix adaptation of the Broadway revival is slickly made but troubling... continue reading. Beyoncé Joins Call to #EndSARS Following Pressure to Speak Out, “To our Nigerian sisters and brothers, we stand by you.”. While it may not have been the strongest follow-up with the fans, what I liked about the sequel was that it showed a more realistic picture about what happens in a relationship long after that “happily ever after” moment that occurs when you meet and admit your feelings for each other. The stand-up talks quarantine and comedy’s role in her activism. The crazy continues with #BridgetJonesBaby ! ‘Snowden’ is more a hagiography and screed than a real movie when you get down…. With such a perfect specimen at her hip, you may be asking yourself why on earth does Bridget end up in the situation where she doesn’t know if newcomer Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey) or Mark Darcy is the father of her unborn child in the hilarious Bridget Jones’s Baby?

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