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Joseph promptly shot both Sam and Brooke's father before shooting himself. She instantly talks to the new comer, Brooke.

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She … Before leaving L.A., Brooke survived a harrowing home invasion by Satanic serial killer, Richard Ramirez.

Bobby comes back and Montana tells him to tell their ghosts stories to everyone and the 80s will live on. Ray. Brock's most notable feature about his appearance is his eyes naturally appear closed.

She met him during one of her aerobic classes.[4]. Margaret. Montana reveals her true motive and attacks Brooke who eventually kills Montana in self-defense just as the children pull up on a bus for summer camp, leaving Brooke as the only surviving counselor.
When Montana was six years old, her mother had sent her away to a "fat camp" where she learned how to binge and purge. Montana watches the Olympics with the others at night. The wiki for the FX series American Horror Story that anyone can edit. 1984 is t… [3], In the summer of 1983 Montana's brother Sam was killed by Joey Cavanaugh, Brooke Thompson's late fiance. Montana explains how Trevor died and Brooke saved him.

Having met several other youths her age, she agreed to go to Camp Redwood to do summer work as a camp counselor. When Bobby comes to Redwood, Montana tells him how she and Trevor are ghosts and they kill themselves in front of him to prove it. Montana and Donna later fight each other since their "friends" are fighting each other. Montana is later seen when Trevor arrives instantly recognizing him and they later have sex. The two come across Blake's body and they go to the van but they wreck it after Rita jumps in front of it. Acteur

Brooke comes back wondering if everyone is a ghost and Montana says she is not and Montana goes to kill her but she runs away and later in the morning when the campers arrive, Brooke kills Montana. Marron Asylum. Brooke wakes Montana up to see that Montana has a knife when she sleeps. Trevor notices Montana and the two have sex much to Margaret's disguist.

Brooke later joins the group and they accidentally run over a man on the road and they take him to camp. She then tells him how they killed Margaret.

Emploi(s) Brooke Thompson Margaret Booth, seizing the opportunity, stabs herself in the leg to feign being a victim and frames Brooke for the murders.[4]. Brooke and Montana talk about Brooke's past and Montana kisses Brooke much to Brooke's suprise. For a complete list of LGBTQ characters throughout the series, see. Xavier Plymton, un jeune professeur d'aérobic, convainc ses amis Montana, Ray, Chet et Brooke, une jeune étudiante récemment arrivée en ville, de se rendre avec lui au Camp Redwood afin de travailler en tant que moniteurs pour échapper à la ville et à son taux de meurtres élevé. [2] Sam is revealed to be Montana's brother who blames Brooke for his death. Benjamin comes for a second time and Montana agrees to protect Bobby.

The chaos has won." Informations Générales Xavier . Montana is very impulsive and extroverted, as stated by herself in a conversation with Brooke, admitting that people are often annoyed by this. Freak Show. Montana is by her own admission a woman of suspicious nature.

Tentant de fuir les intentions du tueur, elle rejoignit son nouveau groupe d'amis pour participer en tant que monitrice au Camp Redwood, afin de passer un été infernal et dans le but d’échapper à la menace. À leur arrivée au camp, les jeunes gens adoptent rapidement leur pos…

The team splits up and Montana, Xavier, and Trevor go to get the keys for the motorcycle. Wiki American Horror Story est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Télévision.

Camp Redwood.

Première apparition American Horror Story ou AHS (Histoire d'horreur au Québec) est une série télévisée d'anthologie américaine créée et produite par Ryan Murphy et Brad Falchuk, diffusée depuis le 5 octobre 2011 sur la chaîne FX et au Canada depuis le 31 octobre 2011 sur FX Canada1.

The three run into an empty cabin where they find the real Rita and they help her escape only for her to die.

Sexe Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Montana Duke is supposedly just happy to welcome Brooke into her male-dominated friend group.

Montana later tells Trevor to stay away from her because nothing good will come out of him being with her.

Murder House.

American Horror Story: 1984 Navigation Episodes Camp Redwood Mr. Jingles Slashdance True Killers Red Dawn Episode 100 The Lady in White Rest in Pieces Final Girl Characters Brooke Thompson Montana Duke Margaret Booth Xavier Plympton Trevor Kirchner Chet Clancy Benjamin Richter Rita Richard Ramirez Cast Emma Roberts Billie Lourd Leslie Grossman Cody Fern Matthew Morrison Gus Kenworthy John Carroll Lynch Angelica Ross Zach Villa Production Teasers Media Timeline Discussions. Elle est interprétée par Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts

[1], It is revealed that prior to the series, Brooke was engaged to a man named Joseph Cavanaugh who launched into a jealous rage on their wedding day thinking Brooke had sex with his friend, Sam. Montana vowed to get her revenge on Brooke, teaming up with her lover, Richard Ramirez, after he killed one of her enemies. Elle est interprétée par Emma Roberts.

Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. [2] Montana had her sexual awakening by watching Jane Fonda's unedited fitness video featuring Trevor Kirchner, the first thing she "masturbated to". Brooke Thompson was a teenager living in Los Angeles, California in the early 1980s. Headhunter's Horror House Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

Due to this, she enlists Ramirez to kill Brooke in revenge.

Brooke Thompson est nouvelle en ville. Brooke explains that the phones are working and that the hiker said they didn't but Montana doesn't care. When Benjamin comes to Redwood, the ghosts tell him how they feel. ♀ Féminin Relations She was played by actress Emma Roberts. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. In the wake of the sexual revolution, Montana is sexually uninhibited and has no problems talking about sex in public or having several partners with no strings attached.

Montana is a very fit and beautiful young woman with big deepset brown eyes and a very loud and electric personality, unafraid of saying what comes to mind. Apocalypse. Elle avait pour projet d'étudier la médecine vétérinaire au cours de l'été mais cela à soudainement déraillé après qu'un tueur en série dérangé soit entré par effraction dans son appartement, lui ait volé ses bijoux et s'est juré de l'assassiner.

Benjamin noticed Montana and Montana is surprised to see him being taken under water by a creature (Bobby).

Her appearance consists of very bleached blonde hair and bright heavy eye makeup, along with an edgy rocker style. Rita.

Trevor. Brooke, un peu hésitante suite à son désir d'étudier, change d'avis au moment où elle se fait agresser à son domicile par un individu se faisant appeler le Night Stalker. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Durant l'été 1983, elle doit se marier à Joseph Cavanaugh sauf que en plein milieu de mariage, il reproche à elle et son meilleur ami d'avoir couchés ensembles.

AHS Seasons.

Brooke se retrouve pleine du sang de ses 2 amis.

Brooke Thompson is a fictional camp counselor and one of the main characters featured in season nine of the FX Network television series American Horror Story, subtitled "1984". American Horror Story presents a new, interconnected story for each …, Montana is the fourth character portrayed by, Montana is the second LGBTQ+ character portrayed by Billie Lourd. AHS: 1984 FANDOM.

Les deux nient.

Chet. Brooke Thompson is a fictional camp counselor and one of the main characters featured in season nine of the FX Network television series American Horror Story, subtitled "1984". Montana Duke (collègue, amie)Xavier Plympton (collègue, ami)Chet Clancy (collègue, intérêt amoureux)Ray Powell (collègue, ami)Margaret Booth (patronne)Rita (collègue)Trevor Kirchner (collègue)

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