can t get spectre mask division 2

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In total, there are 12 Hunter Masks that can be taken by fighting out as many Hunters as you can. The 12 Hunter Masks that are found in the game are: Below we have listed the location where you can find all the 12 Hunter Masks in The Division 2. Don’t miss the ones behind the yellow tarp. Same exact thing here. Look to the right and you will spot a crane and a Hunter sitting on a shipping container.

In The Division 2 you can find some hidden enemies known as Hunters which can be fought to obtain their masks. log out and log in to try again, remember to shoot the actual head of target of the window and not just any part of window. I followed a guide 2 weeks ago where I had to go to three grave sites at night around the Monument that when completed were supposed to spawn the Ghost Hunter AND the Spectre Hunter. To get these two masks, you have to start by first reclaiming the Control Point near the Washington Monument. I have completed this event, but it's look like you... Dont sell rose ring. Use 1886 as weapon as you need to shoot every window without missing and 1 bullet per window.

Your email address will not be published. Once you collect one Hunter mask it will be added to the collection wall in the basement of the White House. One shoots all bottom rows of the window sets. The Spectre Mask is one of twelve Hunter Masks you can unlock in The Division 2. Wraith and Specter are bugged for me, just can't get them both. Interact with it to light it up and highlight a map. On the recommendation of another thread from about 5 days ago I tried matchmaking to free roam and trying somebody else's game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Go down the escalator and follow the path and stairs until you find a grassy platform. This mask can be found far east of the map, and to the right side of the safehouse that is near Capitol Hill. The locations are detailed below: Once you have saluted all of the graves, return back to the Control Point, where a large orange circle will now show up at the screen. The key is to check the trucks rear lights as you shoot the first window. One video shoots top row of the bottom and bottom row of the top set of windows. Itll get boring so maybe ill just divorce and marry all... Hi! Top floor don’t shoot every window. The Spectre mask can be found north from the monument where you can check the rooftops for the Hunter.

It does not always work but still I have gotten half a dozen attempts at trying to kill him before he de-spawns.

First, you need to go north of the Control Point, where a park will be with a Christmas tree in the middle. once you find it, stand in the water, and turn around to your left to shoot he light illuminating the wall. The Ghost hunter spawned right where the guide said he would spawn and I was able to kill him and get the mask and the ivory key. To get the Hunter Masks in The Division 2, you have to complete unique challenge in Survival, Resistance, Underground and Global Events like Assault and Strike. Go to the office where you will see a level on the side of the desk. If you fail to kill this Hunter you can summon it the next in-game night to try again. Cause that worked for me after i tried other shit. If you look out at the courtyard, a Hunter will have spawned. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

The Spectre Mask is one of twelve Hunter Masks you can unlock in The Division 2. You will see a collection of exposed windows where the yellow tarps are ripped. The Division 2 Masks: All Hunter mask locations and how to get them By Ford James 26 February 2020 There's 12 Division 2 masks to be found in the game, and to get … Don’t shoot the windows without any glass (the black ones). The only trouble with this Spectre Hunter is as soon as you get in range to shoot he jumps from the building and de-spawns in a cloud of smoke. The Spectre Hunter also was triggered and spawned on top of the building just North West of the Monument Control point. An ardent lover for first person shooter games, Salik has been part of GamesHedge all through its journey.

You can find 4 masks here and it is by far the most difficult of the challenge. Kill him and take the Ghoul Mask. Pull this level, and then go back outside and start running around the Christmas tree. Stand on the north-side of The Mausoleum and look at the building. To get these two masks, you have to start by first reclaiming the Control Point near the Washington Monument. We haven't been able to get these final two masks ourselves to confirm … Once you collect one Hunter mask it will be added to the collection wall in the basement of the White House. These hidden enemies are rather difficult and are well hidden. Get a friend or NPCs to help you whenever possible. Today we will look at how to get the Spectre mask in The Division 2. Defeat this Hunter to get the Spectre Mask. Same boat. I would say at least 30 since then. Once you have done that, you need to go down the elevator shaft and go to the back of the room to the screen.

Location: see above. Ghost and Spectre Hunter Masks. Next you need to go to the body of water at the memorial and look for a scaffolding that has a light hanging from it.

They cover the entire face of your character, and take the place of your headgear if you decide to equip one on your Agent. If they don't light up you're in a bugged world.
... you'll obtain the Spectre Mask.

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Here you need to look for a memorial wall with water in front of it. To get the fourth mask which is the Phantom Mask, you need to go outside the part to the street on the right. For the Ghoul Mask, you need to head to the bottom left corner of the map, and near the Lincoln Memorial, to an SHD cache.

Your next task is to go to three locations. Complete this side mission then return to the outside of The Mausoleum building the quest occurred in. Press J to jump to the feed. Here you will find the hunter crouched near the fence and he will drop the mask when you kill him. Your email address will not be published. You need to stand on this platform and look towards the windows across. Stand in this pool and just the Jumping Jack emote. Once you have done that, you need to go down the elevator shaft and go to the back of the room to the screen. You also need to make sure that there are no enemy patrols around.

Here you need to go down the sewer entrance, and follow the tunnel until you reach a room with a laptop inside. The Ghost hunter spawned right where the guide said he would spawn and I was able to kill him and get the mask and the ivory key. This is when a Hunter will spawn for you to kill and get the Wraith Mask. Don't watch the videos. When he de-spawns you can get him to spawn again if it is between like 10pm and 2am and you log out and back in. Once you do that, a flash on your radar or static on the UI will warn you of their presence. Now you need to head back out to the other side of the courtyard, and go through the other single doorway, and interact with the phone on the desk. Your email address will not be published. Hunter Masks are cosmetic items that you can apply to your character.

Step out of the water, and stand behind the light, and salute the wall.

Head to a location near the stronghold close to Judiciary Square. I'm stuck @ this too... it's buggy and shouldn't ... since there's NO correct way of doing it. Both of these Hunters drop Midas and Revenant mask for you. His love for competitive gaming started with Counter Strike and Call of Duty. Work from Left to Right shooting the windows in numerical order from 1 to 13.

If the rear lights don't light up, you're in a bugged world and no matter where you shoot you won't spawn it. Updated February 26, 2020. Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike.

Did you shoot only the top row of the lower windows and the lower row of the top windows? I have tried both 20+ times with no luck. Start from top to bottom, and a hunter will spawn when you have shot all 4.

I went to the hazardous area right about DZ2 after 19:00 hours and shot the windows, bottom only, in order from left to right and bottom to top, and nothing.

Kill the Hunter to get the Demon Mask. Head into the room with the two doorways, and interact with the computer at the desk.

shooting the lightbulb will spawn a Hunter.

I have seen 2 different videos. Do this until you see three Hunters spawn the area. There are a few requirements before you can actually get the Hunter Masks. I have pretty much given up on this method and have attempted this Windows shooting option method MANY Times. To get this mask, you will have to do cover a lot of ground. How to get the Ghoul Mask in The Division 2. Anyone know what I might be missing? Go to the courtyard and stand in the middle. So clear out enemies otherwise Hunters do not spawn where there is activity. I've tried everything I can from the videos on youtube about how to shoot the windows out at … Division 2 can’t get specter mask. How to Get the Spectre Hunter Mask There’s a lot of misinformation and experiences passed along as fact when it comes to the Spectre Hunter mask in The Division 2. Here you can interact with the screen to find three maps on the screen.

Some important notes to keep in mind when doing this puzzle: Upon shooting all the windows above the Hunter will spawn in and you will need to defeat it. Not sure what more I can do at this point other than keep trying I guess.

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