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Together they make up a quarter of the Survolt’s total mass, but are positioned to enhance the car’s handling. Citroen has also finally given us the inner workings of the Survolt, including the concept’s technical specs. Given that an electric motor delivers full power from zero revs, I’d been expecting a shattering shift away from the line. Given how long it took to seat me (entry and egress are dignity-free thanks to the roll-cage and cramped cockpit) I suggest we stick with plan A. However, once past 50kph (31mph) the Survolt is giving its best and just gets faster and faster. We drive the French car company's 300bhp, concept carbon-fibre racer flat-out - on The Mall... "Please be careful.” Bertrand Dantec has turned pale. All of a sudden, a green future looks a little bit brighter.

I glance at the speedo and see 125kph (almost 80mph) before the now stationary pack of cars ahead looks just a bit too close for comfort. Power comes from two massive water-cooled lithium-ion batteries (one in front of my feet, the other behind my head) that weigh 310lb each. There are some tasty electric sports machines, too, from Westfield and Tesla, but there’s no disputing the true star of the show. The rear differential whines like a jet-fighter spooling up for take-off and it’s nice to have some mechanical noise as accompaniment to the vivid acceleration, especially compared to the near silence of most of the other cars here and electric vehicles in general. The young, French chief of project design is sitting in the passenger seat of the £1.5-million Citroën Survolt, a unique, 300bhp, 150mph, carbon-fibre racing car of exquisite beauty that just happens to be his “baby”. “Left foot for brake. Citroen Survolt Concept.

But don’t hit them both at the same time.

The Survolt sits among the rest like a supermodel, drawing attention wherever it goes. Survolt has an all-electric drivetrain, combining sporty performance with respect for the environment.

Public roads, confined spaces… we didn’t want anybody to spin.”. We’re pointing down The Mall with Admiralty Arch ahead. “We changed the computer to reduce power at low speed. Citroen unveils 149mph DS3 Racing model 31 Aug 2010 Dantec runs through a series of “pre-flight” checks to get the Survolt fired up, and finally we’re ready to go. “Maybe I should drive?” Dantec jokes. “Great, huh? With his car unscathed, Dantec relaxes and we share the euphoria of our high-speed blast up this famous stretch of road. The brake pedal is stiff and lacking in feel (a side effect of carbon discs) but a good hard shove soon washes away the speed. I back off, but the car doesn’t slow – there’s no engine braking to speak of and only the one gear. I raise an eyebrow at Dantec. The Survolt is 3.85 meters (12.63 feet) long, 1.87 meters (6.14 feet) wide and 1.20 meters (3.94 feet) high and features a design with the front dominated by the vehicle's badge located above the large oval-shaped grille.

The compact Survolt takes sports car styling cues and gives them an individual twist. Right foot for go. Therefore, the prices varied from 750-3500 in UK currency. Ahead there’s an array of electric machines from scooters to cars from MINI and Mitsubishi: it’s the Eco Car Spectacular, part of the Prince of Wales’ Start festival that had been running all week at Clarence House, near Buckingham Palace. The cost for a cheap Citroen Xsara, would be around $1,000 in US currency. Admittedly I did nearly run over a promotions girl while trying to get to grips with the vast turning circle.

Initial acceleration is a little disappointing, however. Soon I change the motors and we’ll have 400bhp!”. Citroen Survolt Concept is the continuation of Citroen's exploration of distinctive and original electric vehicles, initiated with the Revolte concept car revealed at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Low-slung and sleek, the Survolt features strong contrasts between the voluptuous bonnet and sculpted flanks, highlighted by emphatic wheel arches that promise performance and thrills. And for reverse, pull the right-hand paddle and press that button on the steering wheel.” And please don’t crash, says the look in his eyes. “For the last five months I work, eat, sleep and dream this car,” he says. What he means is that he doesn’t want me to crash it. I get a last-minute briefing from the engineer. The Citroen Xsara seems like mainly a UK based car. Dantec runs through a series of “pre-flight” checks to get the Survolt fired up, and finally we’re ready to go. Electric scream: the Citroën Survolt is made of carbon-fibre and, for the moment, is unique, Five things to watch during the final US presidential debate, 'Flawed' data led Government to rule out airport Covid tests, Only half of letters from CPS to rape victims were empathetic, watchdog finds, Shielding workers sacked in the pandemic could wait three years for a tribunal, Citizens Advice warns, Lockheed Martin to launch satellites from Shetland, Leisure centres to receive £100 million to keep Britons 'fighting fit'. 184 mph 6.1 sec 463 hp 2000 cc 1833 kg 03 2010 Citroen Survolt Concept Boasting impeccable ecological credentials, this drivetrain combines driving pleasure, thrills, performance and power with the highest standards of comfort, as the car is silent. “I wanted it to have a feminine, sensuous shape, so women could love it too,” Dantec explains.

Just like a kart.

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