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Corporate schizophrenia can clearly be seen in the fact that ex-GM design chief Wayne Cherry was responsible for both the production Pontiac Aztek and the Cadillac Sixteen luxury-sedan concept seen here. It will launch in late 2019, ushering the German automotive icon into the future of fully-electric vehicles. Avec le concept Quartz, elle renouvelle la vision du segment. While it won’t be packing the legendary 2JZ, it does use a platform co-developed with BMW. -*spécialiste en véhicules allemands prémium avec des prestations de qualités. Ils représentent l’ambition et le savoir-faire unique de Mercedes-Benz. Porsche recently revealed some of the Taycan’s specs, including a 311-mile range and the ability to charge 80 percent of the battery in 15 minutes. ABARTH ALFA ROMEO AUDI BMW PORSCHE Présenté par - Voiture occasion. We don’t know much about the production pickup, but it will no doubt have a solid cult following. Of course, GM can’t just build one version of a vehicle, so expect this platform to be used as a Buick, GMC, and maybe even a Cadillac. The Chinese market is the area of focus for this vehicle, where the government is pushing citizens toward EVs in a big way. Subscribe for our latest news, reviews, and lists. Sometimes the difference between the concept and the production vehicle can leave you feeling a little disappointed or completely surprised. HX1 allie allure, modernité et capacité à se transformer. The fantastic Ford GT went out of production in 2006, leaving Ford without a genuine supercar in its portfolio. There's a Secret Organ in Your Head. Concept Cars Toyota's Rad 1989 RAV-FOUR Concept Is the RAV4 We Still Want The Toyota RAV4 has been part of the automotive landscape for so long that you forget where it came from. We’ll find out for sure before too long, because the vehicle is supposed to hit the market sometime in 2019. Décliné en premier lieu par une série de concept-cars, ce langage de formes a commencé à se déployer progressivement, depuis 2012, sur les modèles récents de notre gamme. A bord de la citadine électrique. You can’t have it all, apparently. Still, the concept incorporates some telltale brand cues, like the hawk-eye headlights and hexagonal grille. The sedan's clean, restrained lines became an icon of modern design and defined. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. Hearkening back to design themes from the Civic’s past, the Honda Urban EV concept caught people off guard when it debuted in Frankfurt. Meet the 10,000-hp Version of the 2015 Dodge Charger. The state of most concept cars lies somewhere in between and does not represent the final product. What truck lovers the world over need is a capable, small pickup—something akin to the mini trucks of the 1970s and '80s. Le projet délirant d'un camion Porsche prend vie sous le crayon d'Alexander Imnaze, designer indépendant. Manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new technology and styling, and to gauge customer reaction. One unused but operational concept car that languished for years in the North Hollywood, California, shop of car customizer George Barris, Ford Motor Company's "Lincoln Futura" from 1954, received a new lease on life as the Batmobile in the Batman series that debuted in 1966 on the ABC Television Network. Concept cars have been a mainstay of automotive design and marketing for more than a century.

Mais après l'échec de celle-ci, le constructeur japonais se réorganise et dévoile un concept de petit SUV qui viendra compléter sa gamme. Que ce soit salons ou véhicules futuristes : on vous donne nos impressions !

Hyundai’s luxury brand has a tough uphill battle, and one thing it’s lacking in a big way is an SUV. Built in 1959, it is one of Harley Earl's last designs. Ce concept conjugue l’expression exacerbée d’une nouvelle génération de SUV et l’univers des versions les plus performantes de la marque. But, alas, seemingly nothing was coming of it, until Hyundai announced not too long ago that the Santa Cruz will hit the market for the 2020 model year. Other times, the cars actually are used to create a production model. These are known as show cars, production-intent vehicles, and prototype vehicles. Hopefully the weird lateral vents in the front fascia get dumped, along with the right-angle treatments on the sides and rear fascia. Il accorde une large place à l'image, statique ou animée, et se distingue par un ton, à la fois informatif, prescripteur et passionné. chassis to test and develop their cars.

Loin des gros haricots des dernières nouveautés de BMW, ce joli concept-car associe l'énergie électrique à un style particulièrement épuré, en clin d'oeil à la 1602 Elektro-Antrieb de 1972. Its PRE-SCAN road scanning suspension allows you to not feel any bumps and humps on the road (developed later into. Subaru got everyone really excited at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show with its Viziv Performance concept. Tesla has already launched one into space, but we won’t see a production version of the Roadster until 2020. Crozz. Yes, it should launch from a standstill with a fury.

When this hits the streets in the near future, expect the production version to pack a potent hybrid powertrain that’s supposedly going to put about 700 lb.-ft. of torque on tap. Chevrolet FNR-X concept (Credit: Chevrolet ). You must be logged in to post a comment The production version will hit European streets in 2019, but there’s no word if it’s headed to North America or Asia yet. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, What You Need To Know About the All-New Hummer EV, "Earth Mover": PM Test Drives the 1992 Hummer, How To Escape a Submerged Car Using Science. EN SAVOIR PLUS. --*nos services : -*tous nos vÉhicules sont rÉvises exclusivement dans nos ateliers prÉvu a cet effet. Essais, nouveautés, fiabilité, sélection d'annonces auto... Politique de confidentialité et de protection des données personnelles, Conditions Générales d'Utilisation de la Cote Argus, Conditions Générales de Vente de la Cote Argus, Essai BMW Série 4 Coupé (2020) : notre avis sur la M440i. Here are 11 times when changing a concept car, or failing to put it into production at all, was a big mistake. Next up is taking the Telluride concept and releasing it as a 2020 production model. Hyundai Santa Cruz concept (Credit: Hyundai ). Here are 11 times when changing a concept car, or failing to put it into production at all, w. Concept cars are staples at major auto shows, but the cars typically look much different if and when they make it to production. Depuis 2009, la marque affirme son leadership en matière de crossover. It should go well over 200 miles on a charge and pack about 200 horsepower, so it won’t be a performance machine in the least. "Les proportions équilibrées de la PEUGEOT 308, son design épuré et technologique sont la base idéale pour un modèle radical. Unfortunately, the snorkel won’t likely be included in the production truck, along with the roof rack and bedside access panel that included water, electrical, and air access outlets. Laurens van den Acker, Directeur du Design Industriel : "Nous avons désormais une gamme cohérente et transversale, tout en ayant une personnalité pour chaque modèle. Et ce n'est que le début !" Porsche Mission E concept (Credit: Porsche ). Close to 10 years ago, the Mini E was used by a small group of drivers and feedback was excellent. Shrouded in mystery, the Toyota Supra has been making a painfully long return to the market. While it would... Daily drivers that also pull double duty as track-day racers can be tough to afford without... Automakers use concept cars for two purposes: to preview a future production vehicle and to play... One of the most depressing things is buying a new car, then pulling the value a... One of the unavoidable costs of car ownership is insurance. Inoperative "mock-ups" are usually made of wax, clay, metal, fiberglass, plastic or a combination thereof. Retrouvez les derniers concept cars des constructeurs présentés dans les différents salons de l'automobile à travers le monde If one thing had changed back in the early 1970s, today's Corvette would be midengine. Avec sa robe lumineuse, le nouveau PEUGEOT RIFTER se mue au  Salon de Genève en un show-car chasseur d'étoiles ! Onyx a été créé par des passionnés, qui ont puisé leur inspiration dans le monde de la compétition. Suivez toutes l’actualité des concept cars ! Mais la commercialisation de cette sportive est encore éloignée, et son V6 biturbo la privera d'une importation en Europe.

Its futuristic styling was heavily influenced by 1950s aviation and rocketry. It had a unibody, was compact, and looked super futuristic. They are often radical designs that employ non-traditional exotic or expensive materials. 1962 mid-engined experimental prototype that featured design elements of the.

Designers knew what they wanted GM's first crossover to look like, but in the convoluted corporate world of the 1990s, GM own manufacturing team wouldn't give it to them. This full-size SUV will pack three rows of seating and hopefully plenty of interior space.

The United States will get the I.D.

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