concrete roof construction details

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“We worked closely with Ross Raines [the builder] to ensure it went well.”. At $12 a gallon that's quite expensive. The nice thing about the broom method is you can dump a lot of material on the roof all at once, and then spread it out. But just because a home has a concrete roof doesn’t mean that it has to be flat. on Introduction. Pat Boeshart, inventor of the Lite-Deck system, points out that placing concrete on a sloped surface is not new. I have a few question on this. This mix can be more liquid than the first, as it will set fast.Finish Coat Do the final coat without sand. Cloyd “Joe” Warnes, a concrete expert and consulting engineer, has more than 40 years of experience with pitched concrete roofs. The mix wants to be pretty liquid for this first coat, so that it penetrates (but doesn’t fall through) the fabric.Brown Coat The subsequent layer consists of a 1:1 acrylic and water, and then add 1:1 cement and finely screened sand. I don't know what your structure underneath is, but make sure it can hold the weight, first. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 80% Shade cloth works well. You can do more coats if you wish, but three is sufficient for most applications. The purpose of the frame is to create whatever shape you want your roof to be. Warnes points out that if the concrete roof is properly tied into the ICF walls, the entire structure is significantly stronger. I've been trying to make a walkable roof for the last year and so far epoxy hasn't worked and regular roof coatings are not up to being walked on. It only needs to be strong enough to hold the fabric in place until the latex concrete hardens. With plywood underneath, it could be done. The finish coat is the same mix as the scratch coat, but you can make it a bit more liquid, and then paint it on thinner than the other coats. Can you give me an idea of how much your cost per sq. Warnes notes that pitched roofs can be built using a number of other technologies—such as steel joists and plywood—but only foam decking includes the insulation, sound attenuation, and other features most owners will want. ft was? I think the steepest we’ve personally done is a 9:12 pitch, and it worked out just fine. “A sloped concrete roof is much more complicated,” King confirms. Would the shade cloth as used on hi-rise construction sites work as the mesh you are referring to, or what type of mesh do you reccomend? Fast Setting - you don't have to be as scared of clouds on the horizon as with concrete. What would be a suitable and affordable painting option for the final step? How many gallons of this acrylic am I going to need for three coats? Not only does this make less mess when applying the latex concrete, it also provides a waterproofing backup, should a hairline crack appear. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Ideas? Sloping concrete roofs are possible. We can run a screw through the top of the bracing, through the wood and into the light-gauge steel stud to make sure that nothing moves.”. If I need the tarp I'd probably go with a recycled 20'X35' billboard vinyl material and for the netting I'd use recycled construction site netting, the kind you see temporarily wrapped around hi-rises as they go up. If you pat it too much, the post will start to bulge at that point. ), I have a flat roof on a three story builing here in Montreal and want to re3plce the tar roof with concrete. Others design the final roof finish to be applied over the foam. You can end the concrete at the wall, but run the foam out past the wall as eaves. Pockets running parallel to the ridgeline are usually cut into the foam on site. Sheet rock is attached to the integral furring strips.

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