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You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Mrs Lynch, the housekeeper, may have started life as a working class parlour maid, but through her intelligence and capability, rose up to the position of housekeeper. Winner of the 2001 Whitbread Award, Coram Boy relates the intertwining stories of Meshak Gardiner and Alexander Ashbrook, two young men of different abilities and backgrounds who nonetheless find their fate inextricably linked. But one shouldn’t confuse intimacy with familiarity. Could this be a children’s book? Mrs Milcote and her daughter, Melissa, were high born, but poor relations, and dependent on the Ashbrooks. This is an extraordinary book that brings an incredibly dark period of American history into sharp focus for teen readers. Some have been asking how to see the film made by Eagle & Eagle for TV Channel 4’s programme Book Box. Every time I found myself walking through the leafy woods of Gloucestershire, where I live, stumbling across half-hidden and forgotten drover’s roads, or walking parts of the great trading routes which criss-cross England: the Fosse Way, the Ridgeway, or the Cotswold Way, I felt the presence of the Coram Man. Coram Boy started with a passing reference made in conversation about the use and abuse of children in contemporary Rumania, and went on to a discussion about child labour in India or the Far East. Her novel for young adults, Coram Boy, was published to critical acclaim in 2000 and won the Children’s Whitbread Award.

Mrs Lynch despised Mrs Milcote, superior to her in class, but less powerful. My trilogy – the Surya Trilogy – was partly material from my own life; things I knew from my childhood in India, and not just my place in history, but also my parents’ history of a previous generation; remembering their stories, their take on events as they unfolded, dating back to two world wars, the colonial struggles for independence, and the gradual fragmenting of the British Empire. “ ending with the plea, “Please ma’am will you take one in.”  made me certain that there must have been people in communities, who made it their task to try and find placements for orphaned or unwanted children, just as there were matchmakers and herbalists.
When two Mohicans came to London to apply to the king for redress after their people had been defrauded of their land, Coram took up their case and argued fiercely for them. Interest age: 12+ Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Categories & Ages. It gave me the freedom to invent a Coram Man; a tinker, moving across England from town to town and village to village, trading in unwanted children, and being prepared to dispose of  inconvenient babies, using the respectable name of the Coram Hospital to persuade young women to trust him. But that makes Pip, in great Expectations, so particularly interesting, as he moves up the social ladder and redefines himself. Not only is it a discipline, teaching one to disseminate information, criticise, analyse and discuss, but it is a third and fourth eye of experience. It bids the imagination to understand.

How can I re-use this? Kipling’s six honest men came beating at my door. Tes Paid Licence. I have never started a book just because I wanted to write about a particular period in history. A story always came first – or a trigger leading to a story. It embraces almost everything we do and think and, in my view, should always have remained at the heart of the National Curriculum. Indeed, I soon realised that I could make comparisons between present day India and eighteenth century London and this gave me a real sense of what it must have been like. Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin (2004) Set in the mid-18th century from the true story of Captain Thomas Coram, who founded the Coram Hospital to foster orphans in London. Although Fiction can make the imaginative leap, bringing in emotion, plot, and the sheer power of storytelling, these days, writers of history have been hugely influenced by the narrative of television – whether with Simon Schama or Dr. Who, and have been making history more appealing to a mass audience than ever before. In the stage version, Mrs Lynch makes a speech in which she accuses the Ashbrooks of hypocrisy when her role in disposing of Melissa’s baby is revealed. So watch this space. The play is called a "play with music", rather than a musical Synopsis. But then, of all subjects, history is far more lateral than vertical, able to creep into all sorts of areas and, when you think about it, is the very hard core on which our storytelling stands. This reflected a key theme in his plans for the Foundling Hospital in that girls, as well as boys, received an education; the general view at the time was that education was not as important for females. This brought me to the Coram Foundation in Brunswick Square, which had been founded in the eighteenth century by a Sir Thomas Coram for the Maintenance and Education of Unwanted and Foundling children.

My decision to start writing “Coram Boy,” came one day while tutoring for an Arvon writing course near Hebden Bridge. But for children reading those books today – my life is already history, and the books fall into the category of “historical fiction.” I remember the line out of the musical, “West Side Story” when a boy, realising he’s classified as a delinquent says “Hey! So when a friend remarked, “but the highways and byways of England are littered with the bones of little children,” I was shocked and asked what he meant.

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