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(Fantasy) clothing creation guide.

Metallic works well too, but make sure any metal bits or metallic looking bits are smooth and clean looking too, otherwise it might look too historic. But let's take a step back and look at what kind of clothing is usually associated with futuristic settings. Another quick way of making standard clothing fantasy themed is by converting clothes form the relative future to one that could be created in whichever time period your universe falls under. I'll make a separate point for sci-fi/futuristic clothing and fantasy/historic clothing. That fancy Ming dynasty dress looks completely different with exposed shoulders and that medieval set of pants look completely different if you turn them into shorts with exposed legs. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Similar to how pixelated designs tend to look more futuristic so do designs full of geometrical shapes. For example, the corset wasn't popular until the 16th century and while earlier versions can be found incredibly early they weren't common place. Directly to your inbox. In other words take what exists and apply it differently. If it fits your universe it usually works, so don't be afraid of doing something different. It's something we have today as well, but they're oddly uncommon and work great for more futuristic looks. Before I delve into the more detailed aspects of creating clothing there's one final thing to keep in mind and that is that fashion repeats itself. Let it hang diagonally across their chest and over their shoulder instead. Besides knowing who we design for we also have to know what the rules for designing are within the universe of our characters. Black and white usually does the trick as well. In most cases simply copying the style of whichever era you've based your story on is enough, but it can be fun to create your own styles and in some cases it'd make sense to have your own styles as well.

Other clothing pieces could be various types of hats and scarves, (trench) coats and even something as simple as pockets or buttons used for fastening rather than as decoration to name just a few. (Find out more). You could even move the buttons to the side and have it close diagonally instead. Dragon scales, fiery furs and feathers and other elements can quickly turn a standard item into a fantasy one. Creation Confort Adaptive Clothing is developing, manufacturing and marketing comfortable clothing for the disabled/handicapped that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the incontinent or wheelchair-dependent person. Even things like tattoos, hair colors, eye colors and so on can help with this. We often express ourselves through our clothing, at least when we have the freedom to do so, so knowing who we're designing for is the first step in creating the perfect outfit for a character. Again, I don't mean make your character walk around naked, but add elements of covering up or exposing certain areas of the body. Of course there are more ways to alter historic designs and the middle ages aren't the only period to draw inspiration from. I'm talking about the jagged, triangular shapes you find on some stealth planes or the digital camouflage patterns. If done right you could even use these elements alone with clothing of today to sell a futuristic look. We even have the technology to create clothing without seems. Finally there's the aspect of fashion to take into account. They mixed more traditional Asian styles with the more Western Industrial Revolution period styles. You can even use different pieces of clothing to cover up body parts differently. - Taboos and nudity. We propose a full range of high-quality, affordable adaptive clothing for the caregiver, and the disabled or handicapped loved one. Examples of the prior are Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey and to some degree Star Wars and Tron. Besides, these are all just guidelines meant to spark some inspiration in you. Using this site means trees will be planted. So we've covered ways to make clothing look both futuristic and historic, but these are all just guidelines and mostly based on what's been done before. This adaptive clothing line is also intended for people suffering from Alzheimers, other type of degenarative form of illness or for an incontinent or wheelchair-dependent person who need quality seatless pants offering discretion. They work, they're safe and in many cases have become a standard. By playing around with this you quickly create very subtle, but more unique fantasy-themed items. You can continue to alter it to add cultural elements, like the previously mentioned elvish elements or you could stick with this and keep it simple. I'll allow my fangirl side to shine for a second and use the Legend of Korra as an example of how mixing styles can work amazingly well. Other elements you could include are mood-based changes (exists today), clothing that uses lights or glowing elements (exists today), clothing that can be repaired or changed on the go (exists today), smart technology woven into the fabric of clothing (exists today), changing colors (think chameleons) whenever you feel like it (exists today, kind of). But if you do want some guidelines, inspiration or just help this guide'll hopefully provide it.

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