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Cronos wandering the Desert of Lost Souls. Pandora's Temple, which is chained onto the back of Cronos as he fights Kratos in, The above was most likely done to make the fight with Cronos interesting, as in. Dio Brando. Standing at 1600 feet tall, Cronos is easily the largest titan in the God of War series. Gaia was unhappy about this and asked one of the 12 to overthrow their father; only Cronos came forward. He blames the Spartan for his torment.

This finally takes place in God of War 3, where Kratos kills Zeus. Kratos was successful at retrieving Pandora's Box, but Ares sensed that Kratos had the Box and hurled a pole at the Spartan, killing him. Titans In God of War II: Divine Retribution Kratos also discovered the magic of Cronus which was hidden in The Steeds Of Time. Thor | Cronos, who defeated his father Uranus, is depicted swallowing all of his children in order to end the cycle, though Zeus is spared and raised by Gaia to eventually overthrow Cronos in the Titan war, with the aid of his brothers. It could also be that Atreus kills another mythological father figure to Loki, Odin, thus realizing the death of the gods prophesized in Ragnarok. However, this makes little sense because he had seen and fought Atlas five years prior in Chains of Olympus. Dredge of Boreas | In God of War III, you learn that Zeus banishes Cronos to the pits of Tartarus, after Pandora's Box has been taken from the temple by Kratos.

Herodius | Tanjiro Kamado. Barbarian King | He decided to bring down all of the Titans and freed his siblings from Cronos' stomach, then engaged in a war against them. Whenever a warrior blew the Titan Horn, Cronos would come forth to allow them to brave the dangers of the temple with each one failing and getting slaughtered. Zeus would then go on to have a demigod child with a woman in Sparta, and that child would grow up to be the Ghost of Sparta. Persian King | Cronos attempted to blow him off, but Kratos used the Solar Flare to blind him again.

After being swallowed by Cronos, and falling down his throat to his stomach, Kratos located the Omphalos Stone, before he used the Blade of Olympus to slice his way out, causing him intense pain and spilling out his intestines. Draugr | Máttugr Helson, Others It is possible that when he saw Kratos in the Underworld with. In God of War 2, Zeus betrayed Kratos and eventually killing him. Kratos indeed killed his grandfather, Cronos, and sought to kill his father, Zeus. Kratos managed to rip off one of the Titan's fingernails and climb up his finger. After Zeus created the Blade of Olympus a powerful weapon, the Titans were banished to the darkest pits of Tartarus to endure great suffering for all time, but Cronos would be granted another great fate in that time. The games main character, Kratos, scales the Titan in order to enter the temple and claim Pandora's Box, a weapon that will allow him to defeat a god. According to Stig Asmussen, Cronos is 1,600 feet tall. The figure Atreus is holding in the mural resembles Kratos is many ways, but lacks the trademark tattoos and also has a blotch on his face which could imply a missing eye. The reason for this is partially unknown, as other Titans, such as Prometheus, are also fully organic, and as such he seems to be considerably weaker than the rest of the Titans. But his journey did not end there. Basilisk | Cronos, much like his son Zeus, was very power hungry and paranoid, as he destroyed his father Ouranos, only so he could replace him as the new ruler of the universe, but became deeply afraid of his own children, fearing that one of them would overthrow him, swallowing any of his children moments after they were ever born. Deimos | Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Cronos saw Kratos and attempted to grab him, but the Ghost of Sparta escaped him, resulting in Kratos ending up on his shoulder. RELATED: God of War Ragnarok Sequel Faces a Big Hurdle With Atreus. Odin | In-Game Information Persian Army | Cronos still tries to squash him, but Kratos manages to maneuver his way around Cronos' body, tearing one of Cronos' fingernails off. Kratos killed the main villain Ares in the first God of War game after the original Greek god of war forced him to kill his family.

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