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The thermometer then was placed into the mixture and the liquid in the thermometer allowed to descend to its lowest point. Daniel was the eldest of the five Fahrenheit children (two sons, three daughters) who survived childhood.

Po smierci jego rodzicow, decyzja opiekunow, udal sie do Amsterdamu, aby zdobyc edukacje. The third calibration point, taken as 90 °F, was selected as the thermometer's reading when the instrument was placed under the arm or in the mouth. Work by others showed that water boils about 180 degrees above its freezing point. [16], The Fahrenheit scale was the primary temperature standard for climatic, industrial and medical purposes in English-speaking countries until the 1970s, nowadays replaced by the Celsius scale long used in the rest of the world, apart from the United States, where temperatures and weather reports are still broadcast in Fahrenheit.[17]. His son, Daniel Fahrenheit (the father of Daniel Gabriel), married Concordia Schumann, daughter of a well-known Danzig business family. The Fahrenheits were a German Hanse merchant family who had lived in several Hanseatic cities. A śledzie nigdy nie byli i nie będą zbyt mądrzy... Lepiej być niezbyt mądrym śledziem niż potomkiem tych co spiskowali z Rzeszą przed 1939. [14], Fahrenheit came up with the idea that Mercury boils around 300 degrees on this temperature scale. ISAAC NEWTON (1643-1727) hatte grundlegende Gesetze der Mechanik und das Gravitationsgesetz entdeckt. He used as a zero value of his scale the temperature of a mixture of water and salt in equal parts, and the freezing and boiling values ​​of conventional water were fixed at 32 and 212 respectively. At the beginning of September he became ill and on the 7th his health had deteriorated to such an extent that he had notary Willem Ruijsbroek come to draw up his will. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit died in The Hague (Netherland), on September 16, 1736, at 50 years of age, because of mercury poisoning. Five days after that Fahrenheit died at the age of fifty. Termometr upamiętniający odkrycie Daniela Gabriela Fahrenheita stoi na Długim Targu w Gdańsku. odbiera swoje dzieci ze szkoły

Zajmował się fizyką, głównie jednak pasjonował się termometrią. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit FRS (/ ˈ f ær ə n h aɪ t /; German: [ˈfaːʁənhaɪt]; 24 May 1686 – 16 September 1736) was a physicist, inventor, and scientific instrument maker. Son of the merchant […] Daniel Gabriel pochodził z dość zamożnej rodziny kupieckiej. From the early 1710s until the beginnings of the electronic era, mercury-in-glass thermometers were among the most reliable and accurate thermometers ever invented. Mai 1686 in Danzig; † 16. It is because of the scale's redefinition that normal mean body temperature today is taken as 98.2 degrees,[15] whereas it was 96 degrees on Fahrenheit's original scale. The most relevant theoretical contribution of Fahrenheit was the design of the Fahrenheit scale in the year 1724, whose symbol is ° F and which is the most used in the United States.

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