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View Alison O'Donnell’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. “For good drama you need things to happen to people, but this felt almost like activism, in that it had something to say about how those things are represented on screen, the way they are portrayed. I thought I could probably write a three-star play.”. Alison O'Donnell (born 5 October 1952) is an Irish musician, solo and band singer-songwriter. I’m just gonna have to rise to the occasion. birth. Recently, Jackson has been broadening his range, with a Sergeant Bilko-esque adaptation of Beaumarchais’ The Marriage Of Figaro for the Lyceum, and an episode of Channel 4’s student comedy-drama Fresh Meat, which gave him an opportunity to work with his television writing idols, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong. “So… it’s common for young actors to imagine that in order to be good, you should be able to transform, to be other people, do accents and put yourself in their shoes. Maybe she’s hungry. Alison O'Donnell singer, musician and writer of songs & soundscapes . To. Bergen is beautiful... different to Shetland in that there are lots of trees, but it feels like it’s from the same palette and has a similar climate – we do have lots in common. Funny and upfront, O’Donnell is more eloquent than the rookie cop Tosh, possibly because she’s 35, although she could pass for a decade younger with her bright blue eyes and delicate features, and comes across as more confident. Another huge influence on O’Donnell has been the Shetland cast, in particular Henshall. “Because they needed me to do another series!” she laughs, something O’Donnell does a lot. He dashed off ten pages of his first play, The Wall, for a competition run by the Scottish Playwrights Studio, floating easily to the top of 169 entries and earning, on the strength of it, a mentorship with John Tiffany, a commission from NTS (at that time he was the youngest writer to receive one) and a residency at the Royal Court in London. O’Donnell is more confident now, but candid enough to admit that she wasn’t always so sure where she was going in her career. Jackson is unusual among the rising stars of Scottish playwriting in wanting to create popular entertainment for big stages – among his influences he lists Liz Lochhead’s plays, Bill Forsyth’s movies and the 1930s Broadway comedies of Moss Hart and George S Kaufman. It’s a relief to see Tosh return to the Scottish Bafta-winning crime series, based on the Ann Cleeves novels, after last season ended with her requesting a transfer, shattered by a storyline that saw her raped and struggling to come to terms with the aftermath. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. The fashion at the moment is the less you’re doing, the better you are. Last season at the end of filming we had been having a wee party and got a taxi back over to the hotel and it was midsummer, the 21st and the summer solstice, and it was a bit like dawn, as dark as it was going to get and there was something really atmospheric. He doesn’t ask anything of me, he just loves me for who I am. New 44 Scotland Street Chapter 53: Lobster à la Édimbourg, Outlander star Sam Heughan narrates a new animated film about the last fairy of Scotland - how to watch it. “I’ve never been shy,” yet she’s in awe of her character’s organisational skills. But for Tosh, it wouldn’t work all the time, for the wee zingers and funny lines.”. “Yeah, the costume designer is brilliant… shirts with pleats at the back and things in three sizes, so they fit as I grow. I’ve not tested it out yet though, so we’ll see.”, Motherwell native O’Donnell loved acting at school – “I did anything going. It has the same relationship to real-life events as a Quentin Tarantino film – not that I’m saying it has anything in common quality-wise with a Quentin Tarantino film.”, The way Jackson tells it, he became a playwright by accident: “I wasn’t the kind of person who spent their childhood with a notepad writing stuff.” His first writing job was the Glasgow Fabulous comic strip for The List, while working in a series of jobs around theatres in Glasgow. My ambition – and I would be the first to say I’ve not really managed to pull it off yet, but hopefully there’s still time – is to have my cake and eat it. O’Donnell has great comic timing too, and though she didn’t set out to play comedy, the roles with a lighter side kept coming. “He sort of loves me in a way I didn’t know was possible,” she says. A film adaptation is also under way. I was going home every day after the group-writing with sore cheeks from laughing so much.”, What will the future contain? “I thought how lovely that they trust me with this, and oh no, they trust me with this! Has having a baby changed her as a person, and an actor, at all? I can feed her while we talk.”. So it was strange to try and give a truthful performance and also keep a wee bit back for us. Classic stuff,” she laughs. People. Despite her love of acting O’Donnell followed her two older sisters to university, and studied international law, until three months in when she had a lightbulb moment and realised it was acting she wanted to do. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. This was about wanting to do it properly, in a responsible, sensitive, considered way, with a character people care about. “And Perez has such integrity, he just wants people to do the right thing, He Just. “It’s highly stylised. Lyceum artistic director Mark Thomson commissioned the play on the strength of its first third. More plays? As IMDb celebrates its 30th birthday, we have six shows to get you ready for those pivotal years of your life ... your 30s. Then because she’s an obliging interviewee, she elucidates. “I often talk about how lucky we are that he never came into this show as the sort of star. When we first got together, in the honeymoon period, I remember looking at his face and saw something I hadn’t really seen ever before, and it was that he found me… delightful. O’Donnell is referring to the rape of Tosh in a storyline that handled the effects and aftermath on the victim and the wider community. In this series there are a couple of moments where Tosh does find herself in a dodgy situation and it was strange to film those because I didn’t want to take on that sort of scared nervous energy – your body doesn’t know the difference – because there was a wee person living inside me who was vulnerable to that. And then there’s the Shetland landscape, with the location integral to the plot and characters. Wants. People think of Tosh as the funny one, but I think Perez is funny. If you want to bring authenticity and truth, you have to find a way to be comfortable with who you are and allow yourself to meet the character half way. Last Name. There are the long dark winter nights, endless summer days and a body count that you’d think would scare off the tourists, but actually has them flocking in droves. “I’m still hoping for a late burst of inspiration,” he adds, grimacing. I remember being in the taxi, being a little bit squiffy and looking out and going wow, isn’t this place amazing? At the same time, he is in no doubt that the play is a comedy. He admits he has no liking for interviews. And I’m not somebody who’s always had this ambition to be a mother, but I knew I wanted to give it a wee go, so I’ve surprised myself by how…. EPIX (677), Thu, Oct 29 “And because we were working with Scandinavian actors, it allowed me to pretend I was in The Bridge while we were filming.”. “Filming this time we were very aware of how many people were there as a result of the show. But by the end of filming I was six months pregnant and pretty big so I start sitting down a lot, or I’m holding a folder. Also I’m very emotionally expressive and in acting you get to really go to extremes. Alison O'Donnell is an actress, known for Pet Sematary (2019), Shetland (2013) and Holby City (1999). Why was that? And I was not very comfortable with myself for a very long time.”. There’s always been a nod to Nordic Noir about Shetland, BBC Scotland’s hit crime series. That’s the surreal experience Alison O’Donnell found herself in shooting new BBC drama Shetland. Shetland star Alison O’Donnell has told of the joy of seeing her character find some on-screen happiness. “My best memory of the whole series was filming on Fair Isle,” Alison told The Sunday Post. One of the authentic touches that makes Shetland such a success is that Tosh dresses as if she actually were a Shetland police officer, with biting wind, horizontal rain and grisly finds to deal with. “My twenties were a hot mess. At this O’Donnell is uncharacteristically quiet. “After I got that letter from Liz Lochhead, I was so enthused that I wrote the whole first draft of the play in two days.” The Wall, a comedy about teenagers in Jackson’s home town of Stewarton in Ayrshire, was eventually staged by Borderline, the theatre company for which Jackson’s father, Eddie Jackson, was long-standing producer. Alison O'Donnell is an actress, known for, Thu, Oct 29 “No, she’s just not ready to leave. “You’re very close to nature in Shetland. Hunched in the corner of a café in Glasgow, Jackson is doing a good job of being inconspicuous. Not that we’re watching Shetland with one eye on the fashion (although nobody rocks a peacoat with collar upturned against the gale like Henshall), but you may detect that Tosh’s checky shirts are no longer tucked in and she keeps her parka on a lot as the series and her pregnancy progresses. Before Shetland, which she joined in 2013, O’Donnell had parts in Holby City and Feel The Force, but made. “I am a mouth,” she says. And at the same time feeling proud of what we’d made and hoping when people saw it they would feel what we’d given to it. I was in the hotel breakfast room one morning and there was a Swedish couple and an Australian couple talking about it and I was sitting there with my glasses on and no make-up, thinking they’re never going to spot me, thank goodness. O’Donnell had arrived at our rendezvous of the Vic cafe at The Glasgow School of Art on a sparklingly cold Glasgow day, unmistakably Tosh, yet more poised and polished and with a surprise worthy of a Shetland plot twist. “... by how much I love it. Her uniform of denim and flannel, topped off with a parka, flat boots and bobble hat is just the job for the job. “And for all we make it look like there’s lots of crime, we’ve done wonders for the tourist industry, so I think it’s a trade off!”, This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). I loved the teamwork and performance. He’s a sort of guiding light and I think people respond to that.”. It was while he was an usher at the Tron in his early twenties that he started to think about writing for the theatre. And I know I wouldn’t have got the part in Shetland...” At this point the down to earth woman from Lanarkshire smiles and says, “I’m not saying he’s the power behind me or the wind beneath my... or anything, but our relationship made a difference, yeah.”.

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