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According to Steve Morris Engines, the brains behind the V16, the engine could generate more than 5,000 hp (3,728 kW) if tested on a dyno that can handle all the power. Devel Sixteen : la supercar de 5 000 ch est de retour. Dacia Sandero et Sandero Stepway, ne parlez plus de low-cost !

After about a year of radio silence from the Devel, Morris went to work designing a 16-cylinder engine with two development goals: hit 5,000 hp on a dyno and not be a grenade. Production. Of course, Morris is quick to say that the 5,000-hp engine will be geared more toward the track variant of Devel’s supercar. However, designing a custom V16 engine and making sure it survives use and abuse is another challenge entirely. The plan is to start casting blocks to reduce cost and help with cooling. Essai Dacia Duster Eco-G : le GPL a de beaux restes. Morris borrowed ideas from some of the engines he’s most familiar with -- obviously, the design should remind of you an ultra-long LS-style Chevrolet engine, but he also uses some tricks he’s learned from Chevy big blocks and Chrysler Hemi engines. The 16 cylinders displace 12.3 liters, while four massive 81 mm turbochargers help the beast breathe, and with the right combination of fuel (Morris prefers C16 race gas because of its stability) and boost level, it hits the number he set out to achieve. The downside of a cast aluminum block is that it isn’t as strong as a billet block, and the power is expected to scale accordingly. Essai Peugeot 508 PSE : l’électrification est en marche ! Now, there’s video proof the engine actually exists. When a company called “Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry L.L.C.” comes out with a car, it’s hard to take it seriously. Successor. Designer. Class. Pinterest. The Devel Sixteen’s massive V16 12.3-liter quad-turbo engine is actually real. However, there’s something about a 5,000-hp V16 jet boat that makes us feel good inside.

Devel Sixteen V16 5000HP Engine Dyno Partager la vidéo.

A new LS-based V16 engine capable of 1,200 to 1,400 horsepower without boost was introduced today at the Miami Boat Show. Transmission. None. Body Style. Devel Sixteen. Especially if the car in question is the “Devel Sixteen” powered by a huge V16 engine with a 12.3-liter displacement and no less than four 81-mm turbochargers. Autoweek may earn money from the links on this page. Get upfront price offers on local inventory. None. Essai Jeep Renegade 4xe : l’aventure hybride, Les ventes de voitures neuves toujours en baisse au mois de septembre 2020, Nos photos de la Peugeot 508 PSE, une nouvelle race de sportive, BMW M3 et M4 Competition 2020, les premières photos des nouvelles bavaroises, Ferrari Portofino M, les premières photos de cette nouvelle version du Cavallino découvrable, Voitures de rêve à Monaco - Emission TURBO du 18/10/2020, Toyota, une usine française version japonaise - Emission TURBO du 11/10/2020, Normandy Beach Race, un show à l’américaine – Emission TURBO du 04/10/2020, Vidéo : le V16 12,3 litres de 4500 chevaux de la Devel Sixteen, Essai Mercedes-AMG A 45 S : et d’un coup le 4 cylindres devient noble. Pinterest. Apparently. Related. Dessinée comme un avion de chasse (au sens propre du terme si vous observez sa poupe), elle devait développer la puissance colossale de 5000 chevaux. Facebook. With lofty goals in mind, the company reached out to the Michigan-based Steve Morris Engines to see if the company could hit the magic number -- Steve Morris, the guy behind the company, said absolutely. On this one, the motor produced “only” 4,515 hp (3,367 kW) at 6,900 rpm and 3,519 lb-ft (4,766 Nm) at 6,600 rpm.

Dubai. Quad-turbo 12.3 Liter V16. Engine.

Upon its introduction the new car attracted rave reviews from the press and huge public attention. Unknown Location In Italy. Award. A l'époque, tout le monde avait rigolé en entendant ça mais aujourd'hui, il semblerait que Devel touche au but. The vehicle was unveiled at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show looking like some sort of a Lamborghini Egoista and Veneno mashup. Instead of producing two enormous cylinder heads, Morris decided to use four separate heads, which reduces cost, makes repairs easier and should be more reliable. The video doesn’t say anything about the car, so there’s no word about when it will actually be available. Il n'y a aucune faute de frappe dans le titre : ce V16 quadriturbo développe bien 4500 chevaux. Assembly. Classic editor History Comments Share. Manufacture. The force-fed cast-block V16 engines will produce around 3,000 hp, with its naturally aspirated sibling making around 1,000. If the Devel Sixteen runs out of steam in production, it's good to know these engines do exist and make insane amounts of power. 4515 chevaux, soit la limite de mesure du banc moteur. Hyper . Watch NHRA's DeJoria Escape Huge Fireball in Texas. Il n'y a aucune faute de frappe dans le titre : ce V16 quadriturbo développe bien 4500 chevaux. The first part would be no problem for Morris -- he’s no stranger to high-horsepower forced induction engines. Sport. The foundation for this 14-liter marine powerplant is a patent-pending M16 cylinder block that supports four production-style LS3 or LS7 cylinder heads along with separate conventional intake manifolds. Last time we heard, it had a starting price of $1 million, but that was two years ago. Twitter. RMR layout.

Well, color us surprised.

Twitter. The car will also use torque management and traction control systems to limit how much power actually hits the wheels, which shouldn’t be surprising for a supercar with thousands of horsepower on tap.

Morris has no idea how many engines he’s going to produce for Devel -- he expects around 20 but was clear that he’ll build as many as they need. 10-speed automatic.

Heck, you can call him up right now and order up a 4,000 hp-capable Chevrolet big blocks for the princely sum of $63,999 -- of course, that’s just for a long block.

Verdict ? January production averaged a couple of cars per day, then ramped up to twenty-two.

Last Car Available Here With 4-Speed Manual Trans?

Unknown. The engine itself is very impressive, but actually implementing it on a production car is not that easy to accomplish given the astronomical power figures. There’s also a “daily use” configuration of the engine good enough for 3,006 hp (2,242 kW) at 6,900 rpm and 2,407 lb-ft (3,260 Nm) at 6,400 rpm. Facebook. Edit.

Check out the video of the monster V16 on the dyno above. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Acura Mulls Restoration Program for First-Gen NSX, Dearborn's Fire Department Just Cut Up A GT500, 5 Things You Need to Know About the Ariel Atom 4, The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Costs $52,915, You Just Got To See the Updated 2021 Jaguar F-Type, Owners Say McLaren Made Too Much of a Good Thing, Watch a Video on Alfonso XIII's Hispano-Suiza at 3, Chevy Adds Two Easter Eggs to the C8's Windshield.

These are the ones you’ll see if the Devel Sixteen comes to fruition and swings over to the U.S. If you want one of these to slam into a car, you’re kind of out of luck. Morris also notes that a cylinder is firing every 45 degrees of the engine's cycle -- making it smooth despite the huge power it produces. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Devel Sixteen V16 12.3-liter dyno test shows 4,515 hp [video],, 2022 GMC Hummer EV Revealed: Pricing, Images, Range & Specs, New Volkswagen Golf R Spied During Final Testing, 2022 Kia Sportage Rendered With Revolutionary Design, Enter Now To Win This Ultra-Rare 200-MPH Cadillac CTS-V Championship Edition, 2021 Mustang Mach 1 'Very Close' To GT500 On Short Tracks.

Devel 16. DEVEL SIXTEEN Engine Development Partager la vidéo. Video: watch a 4,500bhp quad-turbo V16 engine go mad on a dyno. La Sixteen est toujours actuellement en développement et son V16 12,3 litres quadriturbo vient de passer au banc moteur.

All the way back in 2013, Devel, a Dubai-based cottage automaker, announced it would have a 5,000-hp V16-powered supercar capable of surpassing 300 mph. 2-door roadster. La Devel Sixteen, c'est cette supercar délirante dévoilée au salon de Dubaï 2013. La Autoweek participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Sad to Say That the Rumor About the GT350 Is True, Petty Not 100% Sold on NASCAR Getting Dirty Again, It's got four turbos, and it uses 'em all, Infiniti preps rollout of world's first variable-compression engine, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

After about a year of radio silence from the Devel, Morris went to work designing a 16-cylinder engine with two development goals: hit 5,000 hp on a dyno and not be a grenade.

Layout. While Morris can sell one of these to someone with enough cash, it can’t be for automotive use -- Devel has the exclusive rights for that. The Devel Sixteen’s massive V16 12.3-liter quad-turbo engine is actually real. Devel has also recruited forced-air-induction master Steve Morris Engines to build and test the crazy 16-cylinder engine mentioned earlier. Most of the world (us included), nodded and said "good luck with that." 2018-present. Devel affirme qu'avec un autre outil plus adapté, les 5000 chevaux seront largement dépassés ! Devel Sixteen, une future hypercar de 5 000 ch ! This bonkers block is set for the 348mph Devel Sixteen hypercar. The Cadillac V-16 was distinguished by its pioneering V-16 engine, a narrow 45° V angle OHV Series 452 displacing 452 cu in (7.4 L).

Fastest Car In The World.

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