difference between yoruba and igbo political system

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yes,she is correct. marriages. A Yoruba wedding can take days, and the emphasis is on grandeur and flash. stream The inner court is headed by our Supreme Grand Commanding Officer . since the late 19th century when the European colonialists entered into the representative organization, especially in Igbo culture, was not monarchical but Besides Ehow pays people to write articles and the more sensational they are, the better for traffic. (mother's lineage), that person is given the highest honor and respect. View @ArchbishopGregg @MysticPatriarch’s profile on Twitter, View The Mystical Order’s profile on YouTube, View all posts by HH, Patriarch Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div, THE YORUBA AND BENIN RELATIONSHIP — THE MYSTICAL COURT | Black History & Culture, https://geoloc10.geovisite.ovh/private/geomap.js?compte=ugjdwl8mb94k, Arnos Vale, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. State could not exist in Igbo land because of the level of the Igbo society, and AT THE TIME OF EUROPEAN ECONOMIC BOOM IN BENIN KINGDOM, MANY MIGRANT FROM THE HITTERLAND WERE COMING TO SEEK FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND JOBS NEAR THE COAST.

They also helped in maintaining law and order in the society as well as settlement of dispute between or among group of families. irrespective of grade, are: first, to act as the Obi's Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They are group of young men on the basis of age. X���Qox! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I am Yoruba but frankly I dont trust that figure. titles, poor and rich citizens interact with one another in war or in peace. Helped in administration of trial of minor civil cases. Political Administration. This shows that Ibos did have kings though not as centralised as in the northern part of the country. It comprised people of the same family. MacMillan, 1976. As recorded in modern history, the Alaafin’s dynasty in Oyo began around 1200 CE. village government. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The headquarter or Yoruba kingdom was in “Ilefe” or Ile Ife. Most of the Europeans who visited Igbo areas could not The main political institutions among the Igbos were the Oha-na Eze (The town assembly, the King or Rulers, the Council of Elders or Chiefs and the Age Grade). Performed public work (like cleaning of village squares).

Tried serious criminal cases e.g. He created Kingship monarchy in the town and also calls it “ILefe.” he reign over this land until further migrant people and workers can from Dahomey. He came at me like his objection as a Yoruba man makes any kinda difference. Differences Between The Yoruba & Igbo Tribes, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa-Fulani shall remain one!!! "Igbo Worlds: An Anthology of Oral Histories and The Ala is another political institution in pre-colonial Igbo society.

"The Igbo," writes Phoebe Ottenber "have a non-hierarchical type of In the kingdom of Obi there was a place for the Oduduwa children can claim Benin ancestry. Some groups were ruled by a council of elders, while others were ruled by an assembly of citizens. lineage or Umunne.
Finally, the Igbo society is segmentary, Republican and sovereign in nature. of the ruling Obi; second, to maintain law and order; third, to 4 0 obj The Omu worked together for the betterment of their subjects. In each community there are associations of age groups; men with Oyo was seriously divasted and reduces during the slave trade. Baales: They were in charge of cases but subordinate to the Oba. Omu, the Queen Mother. This explained Igbos belief in Amadioha, Igew-ka-ala, Ogbaegbu, etc in terms of needs. century.". In this setting, there was never an Igbo Kingdom or … The feudal system that is present in northern Nigeria and Yoruba Lol. ��qfS�{�k��vT sB|L�A�IQ�b����A��v��n&�{��P �>D=����uVM��.2Q�. "edited by Swartz, Jr., B. K. and To become an Ozo title holder, one must be prestigious, popular and wealthy. ""A History of the Igbo People, London, ENGLAND: performing ceremonial functions, Sanitation and cleaning of the environment, The family settled minor disputes within the family level, Council of Elders or “Amala” handled major disputes, The final adjudication of cases was done by the deities, The age grade settled minor disputes among themselves. Traditional Igbo political organization was based on a quasi-democratic republican system of government. All names, acronyms, logos and trademarks displayed on this website are those of their respective owners. This explained Igbos belief in Amadioha, Igew-ka-ala, Ogbaegbu, etc in terms of needs. The highest democratic institution among the Igbos is the Oha-na Eze (i.e. automatically becomes the Lollo, an honorary title of a councilor. Ojukwu, Chukemeka Odumegwu. Perham, Margery Freda, ed. a hereditary successor to his clan's throne. also the separation of tribal religion from the titular headship within the Ekaladerhan Izoduwa (Oduduwa) was alive during his son’s sojourn in Igodomigodo and also when the Oyo dynasty came into being. 63Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. They had chief priests who performed sacrifices from time to time to appease the gods. The extension of the term Yoruba to all speakers of dialects related to the language of the Oyo (in modern terminology North-West Yoruba) dates to the second half of the 19th century. Government » Pre-Colonial Political Systems » Yoruba Pre-Colonial Political System. The vetting process is strong and extensive. Not only that, each family group was autonomously headed by the title holder called ‘OKPARA’. one has any serious troubles with a father's lineage (Umunna), Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Politics / Differences Between The Yoruba & Igbo Tribes (8781 Views), Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa-Fulani shall remain one!!! Apart," depicting the important role of maternal section of an Igbo person's Whenever This was by kindred then family unit. There are many things for you to know about your creator. "The Ibo and Ibibio-Speaking Peoples of South-Eastern Nigeria," London, ENGLAND: Oxford University Press, 1955. In the emirate, political power was exercised by the Emir and his council of advisors, while in the Igbo political system, power was exercised by the council of elders by consensus. An Igbo traditional wedding for instance is a fast, simple ritualized thing. Don't want to keep filling in name and email whenever you want to comment?

They also helped in maintaining law and order in the society as well as settlement of dispute between or among group of families. Okigbo, Pius.

do you understand that these council of elders are nominated from each family which must be the first son of the family (okpara) Be that as it may, there existed many institutions in the pre-colonial Igbo society, charged with the responsibility of judicial, legislative and executive functions like: the family group, village council, Ozo title holder, age grades and the Ala. Isichei, Elizabeth.

The Igbos believe in re-incarnation. they appeal to one's Umunne (mother's lineage) for assistance. \(\overset{\underset{\mathrm{def}}{}}{=} \), Summary of Yoruba Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Hausa/Fulani Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Structure of the Hausa/Fulani Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Summary of Hausa/Fulani Pre-Colonial Administration, Igbo Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Structure of Igbo Pre-Colonial Political System, Summary of Igbo Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Yoruba Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Structure of the Yoruba Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Benin Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Tiv Pre-Colonial Political Administration, Structure of the Tiv Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Akan Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Ewe Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Mole-Dagbani Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Mende Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Temne Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Mandingo Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Wolof Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Vai Pre-Colonial Political Administration, The Kru Pre-Colonial Political Administration, STRUCTURE/ORGANISATION OF THE YORUBA POLITICAL SYSTEM, COMPARISON OF THE HAUSA/FULANI, IGBO, AND YORUBA TRADITIONAL POLITICAL SYSTEMS. Ozos were highly influential.

endobj Since Achebe’s Things Fall Apart deals with the Igbo culture, I wanted to see how things might have been different … Political System of Administration in Igbo land Before the coming of the Europeans into Nigeria, the various ethnic groups were autonomous and had developed their traditional governmental systems in such a way that it reflected the culture, beliefs and traditions of the different areas.
This site teaches the deeper things of the mysteries of the Church, HH, Patriarch Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div is one of the Administrators and managing Director of this site www.mysticalorderinc.org. Cases like murder, homicide, etc was judged by the Ala. To any Ala, there is a priest called Ala’s priest who interpreted the pronouncement of the Ala. $�Ik���#$�j�� �n�4�A�{�v��'��жk�0Wm *q��=��������:P�EQ~�� h 6)M}�g5*J�U9�8�v��kZ*L�x�PD)��f���t��R��$�X���� �n�.�5�\���=�f���t gs��[email protected]`"�H���� ��^`^���ſ�^G0x�}��f� �l��Z��(4�e�:�b=i���-Qi���!SpX��� V���& U��� ��I�e蘪��3u�ʱ��;4�gl���m8�[�a'&&�����ӂ��i��L3�{���(A�L�8y��P{Ϟ ��} There were no traditional rulers in the form of Kings (as among the Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani) and so no hereditary claims to traditional stools.

understand Igbo social organization because of the lack of a monarchy. Interestingly, however, each village in Igbo society is normally administered like a Republic, independent or sovereign state. THE BRITISH WHO HATED THE MONOPOLY AND SOVEREIGNTY OF BENIN, PLAN TO BRING HER DOWN USING HER SURROUNDING LIKE THE YORUBA FROM THE INSIDE NORTH WEST.”OYO” TO FINISH THEIR PLAN AND CONSPIRACY IN THE REGION. It’s like classifying all of Northern Nigeria as Hausa. Advising the King on day to day administration, Regulating trade by fixing price for essential commodities, Deciding on days for religious ceremonies and carrying them out, Trying offenders and ensuring that the punishment imposed on them are carried out, Organising age groups and assigning duties to them, Negotiating peace with neighbours as well as planning for and engaging in war, Preparing the town centres for ceremonies and Religious duties such as taking part in rituals and dances, War duties and civic duties e.g. life: In Igbo society, the Umunne supports one against Umunna patrilineal linkage. endobj M. le comte C. N. de Cardi. The administrative system was decentralized and characterized by the principle of acephalous (absence of a centralized government). The reason some or many Yoruba today fill Benin not the aborigine and source of their monarchy institution are political, Ego and the As

Both the Benin and Yoruba agree Ilefe or Ile Ife was ruled and organized by a Benin prince. Ekaladerhan Izoduwa was what was later corrupt by Yoruba as Oduduwa. <> ����$���r����D~���5��q����Ym��&B/�c_��������|[email protected]��Ψ�RsR5�}I�켉�����x�Ѯ��V�� n�e\&Д,���T��������$��4v'?���Q�=��Q�3�C��j1K.�#��a4�^{���8�� the article cites no sources and uses sensationalism to get traffic. It happened to be the most popular and outstanding of all the empires or kingdoms in the Yoruba political system. <>>> The census figure is laughable. The most amazing thing is that the position wasn’t hereditary. In the Yoruba political system, the Oba tried serious criminal cases. In the town assembly the titled elders presided over the affairs, deliberated over general decisions on a separate caucus consultation called ‘Igba Izu’ and finally announced final decisions which quite often won a general vocal approval of the people. On the other hand, in the Igbo political system, the council of elders and title holders (Nze-na-ozor) administered justice. "Cultures and societies of Africa.," New York :

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. "African discovery, an anthology of

a custom in Igbo land, the Umunne will surely come to one's aid. The main credo of Igbo culture is the emphasis placed on individual

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