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Thank you so much for your detailed suggestions. Enjoy! Here’s the scoop on the Plaza Inn Dining Package.

Do you recommend watching the later one (6:00) for it to be less busy? They worked out perfectly for my family of 5. Most are, but some pause for fireworks. You won’t be up close by any means, but you’ll be able to see the parade and then can leave quickly. thanks for providing useful information on All About Parades at The Disneyland Resort. 悪天候時のレギュラーパレードとして開催されていた「ナイトフォール・グロウ」。 2020年9月1日(火)より再開し、1日1回開催されますよ。 9月の開催時間は、以下の通りです。 9月の … They all said the dining line – 714.781.DINE – said it was there. We got there about 1.5 hours early and nobody was there. The daytime spectacular includes nine new parade floats, two original songs, two dozen characters, and more than 90 performers, celebrating the awe-inspiring moments at the heart of so many Disney stories. and Disneyland Forever. Thank you! Disney states “early 2017” and another site says Feb 1. Hi do you the typically hour for the World of Colour and the Fireworks? I absolutely adore them and think they’ve fun for all ages. Soundsational is returning! Promise! And, your child can stay in it for the parade. The fireworks started and we were forced to keep walking around the park. We purchased our goods and the kids were happy as a clams. According to Yesterland, huge crowds gathered to witness the event, and many people spent $10 to receive a "commemorative display box with an actual light bulb from a Main Street Electrical Parade float.". After the parade we rode Small World because the line was 5 min and when we emerged we stood up on the terrace at the exit to watch the show on Small World and had a perfect view of fireworks too. There will only be one parade. In some suggestions, I only move you a few yards, around trees or such – typically into where the parade went through. My grumpy kid, Jack, once nearly kicked Stitch for coming too close and trying to cheer him up. Better After Dark: Disney California Adventure Rides at Night, Why the Disneyland Halloween Party Is the Best Deal of the Year, These Are the 17 Disneyland Rides You Can't Miss, Top 10 Attractions at Disney's Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World for Wimps - Scary Rides to Avoid, Nighttime Shows at Disney's Hollywood Studios. https://disneylanddaily.com/refurbishments/, Hi Casey! . Mickey Mouse's imagination summons a host of iconic Disney characters, along with a fire-breathing dragon that he ultimately defeats. You can. It depends on when you visit. Thank you! You could set up by the Storybook Land Canal Boats or small world…….that map just provides a general idea. Harshlight/Flickr/Attribution License. Or do we have to purchase another ticket for reentry? With it underway and us 5 rows back, we couldn’t get to my husband on the primo blanket spot and my 6yo daughter had an epic Disneyland meltdown, saying,”You ruined everything! I’m going in March (Sadly easter weekend). I believe this means you will be dining (or picking up your food) at 6:45pm, but your return tickets will allow you to view the second show of the evening. And fireworks?

Fantasmic! ペイント・ザ・ナイト ( 英語: Paint the Night ) は、世界の ディズニーパーク で公演されている夜の パレード である。 One question: we’re going for the 10.45pm Paint the Night parade time as you suggest to avoid crowds as our children will still be on AU time (10.45 is 3.45pm) so they’ll be wide awake probably!

It does, but typically on weekends. Any estimate on what time would be “out of the park” and walking to The Grand Californian?

The second will start at Town Square and end at “it’s a small world”. Next visit we reserved the Blue Bayou Paint the Night package because I want to see how it is. Thanks!!!! Otherwise, just set up early and rotate on the blanket if you really want to watch the fireworks from Main Street. Be sure to turn around during the Nemo scene and check out Thunder Mountain for a surprise! Yes. If you want to see the parade, use that time more wisely and go to one of the spots I listed previously in this post. You can buy a pair of special Mickey Mouse ears or other products that do more than just shine when you turn them on. Do you know for there will be any parades than? Stay tuned for my Halloween post! Choose the side with less sun in your face for mid-day parades. You are truly a wealth of information! please suggest a good spot for the parade too so that we can leave soon after the parade. Wear them to Fantasmic!, the Paint the Night parade or World of Color and you'll find they change colors to complement the show. ・【10月更新】シンデレラ城前のグリーティング情報!開催時間は?ミッキー&フレンズが登場! First off, thank you for all the helpful tips on your site – it’s helped tremendously with planning our trip. I’m going with a friend who has never been to DLR so I want to make it special for both of us. We are going Tuesday, May 10-Thursday, May 12. Good questions. So glad I could help you. So, can you just tell me if attraction still run during the earlier evening parade? This fun parade is one my favorites, so it’s return makes me very happy! Be sure to turn around during the Nemo scene and check out Thunder Mountain for a surprise!

If Disneyland is running two parades in one day, the first will start at “it’s a small world” and end at Town Square. My family will visit during then(we are first timers) so I hope its still on.

My wife and I will be in Disneyland 11/4-11/7, with two friends (who have never been to DLR!). Wear them to Fantasmic!, the Paint the Night parade or World of Color and you'll find they change colors to complement the show. But, you could bring other things to make you comfy. Right before the parade starts they move the bench to the edge of the curb and none is allowed in front of you:) as soon as the last float goes by walk to the middle of mainstreet and a little back so the trees don’t block anything and perfect fireworks viewing!!!

The rides listed below are even more fun at night—or they are so different after dark that you may want to enjoy them twice. Feel free to ask again as we get closer to your trip. Takes a lot of stress out of your day and it’s pretty affordable. We’re regular park goers, but have yet to try the early waiting thing. See the parade from the location I recommend.

It’s typically about half way down the path to it’s a small world from Storybook Land Canal Boats. I’ll post immediately at Facebook.com/DLRPrepSchool. Grabbing a spot can sometimes be stressful. I just did this last week and posted details on Facebook. Will our special viewing area for Paint the Night be a good area to watch the fireworks? Walk out into Main after the parade to watch fireworks. Thanks, Jennifer. Cheers. We will be in the park next Wed, Thur, & Fri.. He or she will often notice and send your child a wave. It sounds like a good time to shop, but it's very crowded then and you're likely to be tired. It’s beyond helpful <3. Wed afternoon we’ll be spending in DL ending the day in Adventure Land. . , Just announced today that it ends 9/5/16. and Blue for WOC. While you may get a glimpse of some of the parade I don’t recommend setting up at any of these locations to see a parade at Disneyland. Blue Bayou for Fantasmic! Disneyland Fireworks: Disneyland sets off a fireworks show most evenings, but the show you'll see varies, with special ones for some holidays and seasonal variations. そのため、毎日実施されるのはレア!, ・【ディズニーランド】ナイトパレード「ナイトフォール・グロウ」徹底解説!キャラクターやルートは?, 花火プログラムとして開催されるのは、「ディズニー・ライト・ザ・ナイト」。こちらも、2020年9月1日(火)より再開し、ディズニーランド&シーの両パークで見ることができますよ♪, ディズニーに行った際の締めくくりにもぴったり☆ Not until after the new year. You can jump behind the parade and walk toward the castle from it’s a small world. Check this guide to Fantasmic to find more about watching it.

Can I use that to “reserve”our spots? We are heading to DL Sept 2 to 9. Thanks. We were able to see bits and pieces, but every time we stopped to try to watch an usher immediately told us to keep walking.

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