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Why are you concerned about someone stealing your dog? Visit our page on Nevada family law to learn more. Dognapping: How to Protect Your Dog and Get Him Back If He’s Stolen | Jeffrey Welch's Blog, Dognapping: How to Protect Your Dog and Get Him Back If He’s Stolen | COZY DOGs | Dog Toys, Clothing, Harness, Beds, Health, Smart & More, What's the Current Job Market for Tracking Software Professionals Like? Cormac Connolly did not assume the worst when his beloved 12-year-old shi tzu, Jasper, went wandering away from home in Monaghan during the night of Monday July 27th. [23], In recent years, celebrities continue to be targeted with British West End theatre star Sheridan Smith's Shar Pei being taken twice in the space of a month with police believing it to be a repeat offence. I was told it’s civil, also. Your stolen dog might end up on a local for-sale ad online if taken by a dog flipper. I feel he’s alive and not lost and I don’t believe he just tied him to a tree and let him go. Please follow the advice here and be sure to contact the local authorities.

“I said it looks like him, but how would he have got to Letterkenny?”, It was only when McLaughlin took the dog to a vet in Derry – the only one open on the August Bank Holiday – to get scanned that he really believed it was Jasper. The American Kennel Club, which tracks instances of dog theft from their National Pet Theft Database, found a 31% increase in dognappings in recent years, with newly stolen dogs reported daily from communities across the country. It does not matter that Tex left the victim on the train and did not cross state lines himself.

The Dog Biting Law. “You can’t describe that feeling. While all laws come with stated penalties, most states have “sentencing guidelines” that are considered by judges. According to Pet FBI, some of the top small dogs targeted for cash include purebred Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, Maltese and Chihuahuas, while Pit Bulls, Boston Terriers, German Shepherd Dogs and Boxers fall victim to theft for dogfighting rings. BC; Burnaby; Burnaby, BC – The Burnaby RCMP is looking to identify two individuals related to an alleged theft of an 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier from her owner’s yard.

Dogs can be fitted with microchip implants that make them identifiable if they are found. Eichholz has since been has been able to piece together some of Molly’s journey after she was allegedly taken.  |, Beth Ann Mayer Furthermore, the act of receiving, concealing, possessing or disposing of such proceeds while knowing that they were illegally obtained faces a fine and/or up to ten years in prison.

If you’re on a tight budget, look for free or low-cost microchip opportunities that your local shelters, rescue groups, and other organizations hold. Anthony. Only 15 states specifically address the theft of dogs in their criminal codes. National Pet Theft Awareness Day is February 14th each year, which helps to raise awareness on a national scale. Those cases are litigated in state court. Chubba, a four-year-old springer-cross-poodle: missing. Most dogs are stolen by dog flippers: people who realize the high monetary value of specific breeds and can re-sell them as pets for a significant profit. The NAI team subpoenaed additional information from the DMV, questioned employees, accessed street cameras, and requested other potential evidence that could provide new insights. "[15] The senate was reported to have received more mail on the dognapping bill than on bills related to the Civil Rights Movement or the Vietnam War.

These include: What are the charges for stealing a dog? In the Dodie Smith novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians its sequel The Starlight Barking and its animated and live action adaptations, Cruella De Vil steals Dalmatian puppies to make a fur coat. If so, you’re unknowingly giving dog thieves an open invitation. “And now to think of her thrown in a cage with loads of other dogs is just awful.”, Stay on top of the latest news with our daily newsletters each morning, lunchtime and evening. Disclaimer: This website contains reviews, opinions and information regarding products and services manufactured or provided by third parties. But “when I got up the next morning at 8.30, he still hadn’t come back. Kidnapping a person is a severe criminal offense, but in the law’s eyes dogs aren’t considered kidnapped when stolen. One of the dogs recovered in Rathkeale last weekend has since gone back to the breeder concerned. How can you protect your pup — and your home? An estimated two million pets are stolen every year in the United States. “We had 14 dogs stolen from a single breeder. Searchlight NV criminal defense attorney Michael Becker offers an example: Example: Tex abducts a woman from Las Vegas and takes her to the train station. So if you have a stolen dog situation, hiring a professional in your local area can speed up the information gathering and analyzing process, helping you reunite with your sweet pup quickly. [24], Two stolen dogs were found in an operating room at South America's oldest university in 2009. It may also be burglary if the dognapper broke into a structure to take the dog.

The United States Congress was already working on legislation to restrict the handling and sale of animals for research when a pet Dalmatian was taken in Pennsylvania during June 1965, and ten days later a Dalmatian was reported to have died during experimental heart surgery in a New York hospital. Spending 12 hours here and 24 hours there, she had up to eight different owners in the week after she disappeared, Eichholz has learned. A select few states, however, have stepped up their laws with more severe charges and penalties.

We may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed without a trial. Resnick's bill … In order for a person to be convicted of kidnapping in federal court, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has to prove two things: But under certain circumstances, the prosecution does not have to prove interstate travel. A dog named Hi Joe, valued by his owners at around $14,000, was taken from his kennel in London, England.

It’s your only true proof. This does not mean “you can trace your dog if they’re taken. Based on this analysis, here’s our list of the top five states with the most severe dog theft criminal statutes and penalties.4. North Carolina criminal statutes identify a wide range of conduct considered illegal, such as theft or murder, made punishable by fines, imprisonment, and other sanctions.

Dognapping Surveillance video shows B.C.

Brother and I waited in the car while my mom went into a store and a man in a dark coat walked over, reached in, grabbed my dog, and started to pull her out through the window. An arrest does NOT guarantee a conviction. Intact dogs (canines that aren’t spayed or neutered) may be sold to puppy mills or backyard breeders, small dogs or dogs of popular, expensive breeds might be taken and resold, or dogs may be sold to dog fighting rings either as fighters or bait dogs.

Commenting on The Irish Times has changed. You may have heard the term “dognapping,” but it’s misleading from a legal standpoint. The dog was unharmed, just fortunate I was there and was able to quickly access a weapon! Criminal Defense Lawyers, Present

Law, Immigration unattended… 99% of the cases it is as simple as that. Why does it happen and are certain breeds or types of dogs targeted? My friend also knew I was coming into a good AMT of money. Never apart,never a dull.moment .love my best girl,Tigger. I believe my so called friend knows ild pay anything to get him back. Photograph: John D Kelly. If caught, Tex could be booked at the Clark County Detention Center on federal kidnapping charges for unlawfully seizing and taking someone over state lines. Meg has a microchip and is registered, which means Dunne has a better chance of recovering her if she’s found. Is there any other way of me getting her back that doesn’t involve me spending money on a lawyer?

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