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Ultimately, though, the group settled on the goat pasture near Trinidad. The price of this book is out of sight, no way!!!!!!!!!! ©2020 Denver Westword, LLC. Terms, Nobody knew anybody else. “We lived for twenty years off the grid,” boasted Perkins.

“There’s this myth that we got overwhelmed by hippies and that’s what destroyed Drop City,” Richert says. therapists as artists. thrall of corporate interests, all of these were what the 1960s counterculture But, that's a bad rap. The group also designed Day-Glo posters that were marketed  globally by a firm in New York. This book, by early resident Peter Rabbit (poet Peter Douthit), is an almost contemporary 1971 history of the commune. the outside world. It started out in 1966 as a retreat for a few artists who practiced what they called "drop art" (thus the name of the city isn't necessarily a reference to dropping out or dropping acid, though both certainly occurred there). “We gravitated to Drop City pretty quickly,” Perkins said. Make a financial contribution or sign up for a newsletter, and help us keep telling Denver's stories with no paywalls. He never saw more than forty people in residence at a time, while the more stable population tended to hover around fourteen people. A Non-Fiction Paperback Original. Animosity in the county quickly mounted against the dirty hippies camping out and signing up for public assistance, but Richert says a few arrivals got food stamps for only a short time before an outraged bureaucrat cut them off, telling them they “have no right to be poor.” Yet as curiosity about the new settlement increased, so did opportunities for the Droppers to collect speaking fees. Places to Live, New... Lauren Boebert Proud Boys and QAnon Report and If It Matters, Dear Denver Mask Haters: Stop Being A$$holes, New Denver COVID-19 Rules: Masks Outside, Gathering Limit to Five. “The only rule we had was that there are no bosses,” Richert recalls. A valuable record of its time and place. Boulder and Denver the Two Best U.S. More brazen acts of getting high could be found on any college campus in America. We got to be ourselves. They placed an ironing board on a sidewalk, the iron “plugged” into a parking meter. Reckless consumerism, pollution But when the piece aired, it began with a long-haired ringer the television crew had brought out to the site so he could pop a pill in front of the camera, as the dour reporter explained: “This is a Drop City hippie dropping acid.”, Acid was surely dropped on occasion at Drop City. Surely, though, Drop City had its beautiful moments. Richert went on to pursue graduate work at the University of Colorado. See Also: Instead of a community of people dedicated to getting it together on the highest possible level, Drop City became a decompression chamber for city freaks.”. Gene and JoAnn Bernofsky went to Africa, scouting possible locations for a new civilization. A recent panel in La Veta featured an array of hardy ex-flower children, several of whom had spent time at Drop City before launching the Libre commune in Gardner, Colorado. that documents the experiences of those who built it and lived there. “Gene was calling it a ‘new civilization.’”. The first dome was forty feet in diameter and took shape over the first winter on the property.

At its peak, Drop City was a required stop for sociologists, filmmakers, pilgrims, putative gurus and anybody else seeking to fathom or exploit the counterculture, hippiedom and the whole ’60s thing. Then, like much of what seemed so Now, it was over, gone, vanished. There was a problem loading your book clubs. Photos peppered throughout! sheet metal recycled from automobiles. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. We weren’t any flash in the pan. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of its founding, this past month there have been panels and speeches, art and photography shows in venues across southern Colorado, gently debunking some of the media myths and reappraising the group’s legacy. “We worked so hard for a bunch of lazy hippies. 1971 history of the commune. Look around.

six-acre goat pasture, the residents found themselves as much amateur recovery We started painting the rocks.

A broader case could be made that the experience, to the extent that it was the expression of a counterculture yearning to shed the constraints of American consumerism and return to the land, helped pave the way for Earth Day and the recycling movement, Occupy Wall Street and tiny houses — and even Richert’s own current quest to establish a co-housing venture for artists in the Denver area, a place where artists would have their own private residences but share common areas, much like the original vision of Drop City. At the La Veta panel, Fleming recalled being impressed with Drop City but perceiving more chaos than art in the works.

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