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Thinking about these things will give you more clarity and help you take a firm stance.

Plan enjoyable things to do with your friend to change their focus.

I told my roommate that I was an introverted person and needed a lot of time to myself. By sharing her wealth of experiences, insights, and lessons, she aspires to offer hope, compassion, and understanding to those who searching for answers. Do you dread every encounter with your friend, or does every encounter leave you feeling drained and exhausted?

She could be very good in some ways. Help!! We still do the volunteer work, so I see her regularly. There are ways to deal with a needy friend. How do I draw the line without insulting her. I used these articles to supplement my work in therapy and it help speed up the process.

This situation finally made me wake up. When does shame kick in? I stopped answering many of the calls only to get messages that would say it was IMPORTANT that I return her call. "Sharing on the Internet makes it easier for many to 'emote,' since it seems like it's anonymous," she writes in an email. When she doesn't get what she wants (i.e.- I have work to do or my boyfriend is over) she gets extremely passive aggressive and causes a lot of unnecessary drama for the next few days. Top 6 Gifts Ideas for Expressing Your Gratitude, Best Birthday Present Ideas to Give to Your Loved Ones, White Kitchen Cabinets Elevate Your Home Value In Style, Bad Belief Systems You Must Lose if You Want to WIN - Part 4 Aloof-ism and Excuse-ism, How creating a prototype adds life to product development. Be kind to yourself and protect yourself. I know I like to be needed and I like to help!

You can easily look around your own life and see patterns between you and your closest group of friends. Subtlety can work, but some people may have a difficult time getting your point. On her show she discuss self-help and spiritual life-skill topics that will heal and enhance the life experiences of others. They may have chased all their other friends away and you may be the only friend they have left, but that is not your problem—people have to learn to stand on their own two feet.
5. During the two year process of navigating through the unfamiliar waters of authorship, she discovered for the first time that she truly had a passion for writing. It is not healthy behavior and it often signals a bigger issue. I say move out. It's like being on call 24/7 because i can see their statuses and i feel guilty when it says something negative.

If you are always putting yourself in your friend's … Leave no room for misunderstanding and be direct as you tell your friend that you will not get even a single minute to hang out together. I have needs since my accident and mother's death (and cat's death, and having to move out of the first house i have loved in 10 years) - yet surprise surprise, she uses my accident AGAINST ME, telling me the shock of it has put her into a fear that everyone who leaves her house won't come back. I suppose the only solution is to move out at the end of year...when I can afford to. I feel so smothered. Why do I constantly join her in these activities I know are such a waste of time? You Have Suffered Enough Now It Is Time to Heal. With your insight, it should make it easier for you to change directions---although I know it won't be easy. I listen to her but I just can't do it any more. I realise this is drastic and quite rude and completely out of character for me, but I feel like I had no other choice... My 15-year-old daughter is in a tricky situation. But in any case, don't expect one person -- whether it's a romantic partner or a friendship -- to singularly meet your emotional needs. You may love and appreciate this person, but not want to spend all of your time with her or hear about his unending drama. We moved into a new place, and everything had to be her way.. even tho the house was in my name.

Let it go on to voice mail.
Instantly say 'Don't you hate it when people get clingy, it is hard because you can't tell them to back off directly, can you?' I feel like a sounding board or a therapist rather than her friend.

They may have rebuttals to your solutions, but stay firm. Here are some of the things you should consider before ending your friendship. Therefore, I am questioning and re-evaluating my role in this and in other friendships that weren’t the healthiest. You can be forward and concise with your boundaries or you can be more subtle. And the act alone makes us feel fantastic.

Perhaps someone can give me a point of view to help me out. 6.

I realize now it's their fault they are alone but with each one I believed at first that is was the isolation that occurs in old age which can happen to any of us. But what finally tipped the scales was when she began flirting with my husband.

Over time I struggled with feeling close to her, in that, she didn't seem needy at first, she seemed quite the opposite actually. You might also consider whether people seem happy to see you and make plans.

Posted Oct 10, 2010 .

She hated her job, she hated her looks, she hated the fact that she was single, she never had money. !,,,dont know why. She claims she can't help it because she has ADD problems. Before I left her, she would send me private messages on Facebook every single day, sometimes two or three times in the same day.

It sounds like she is too dependent on you. No one wants to sound like a jerk when giving constructive criticism, but sometimes we bury the…. Do not let every friendly interaction end with you listening to their problems.4. I see this because she has now found someone else whom is taking her calls daily. For example, if a friend asks you for money, say, "I don't have it. Wait at least an hour before you send your reply and don't give any excuses for replying late. Tell her that you have to tend to your own needs (or those of anyone else you can think of, including … I'm glad to say she took my advice to start counselling. Next thing, she's emailing me daily, texting me, and sending me mail in the post! Probably why i tolerate these behaviours too. Suggest that the person find some other friends, join clubs, or volunteer to take the pressure off of you.

I do wish her well but my happiness is important too. I can't put my finger on it, but I just feel GUILTY! There are some friends who are so needy that the friendship begins to weigh you down like an emotional ball and chain. A cheeky way to deal with a needy friend is to introduce him or her to one of your other friends who is equally clingy. Then the next day the same thing. A healthy friendship is reciprocal and balanced; it requires an equal amount of give and take, time and effort. We actually talk about suffocating/user friends of ours a lot! "When Facebook didn't exist, you weren't worried on a random Tuesday how you were going to tell hundreds of people what was going on with you," says Andrea Bonior, an adjunct professor of psychology at Georgetown University and author of "The Friendship Fix.". Tell your friend what is bothering you and how it is affecting you. 9. 3) Stop putting yourself in your needy friend's shoes. It's ridiculous nonsense. She never asks how I am or interested in my life. I know in this day and age people are really bothered by that, but I am bothered by constant phone ringing, so what can i do about that? Now none of us talk to her and she is spiteful and ignorant .No one should make a girl feel like that and talk like that about the girls mom!! If you are in an unbalanced relationship with a needy friend there is no time like the present to remedy the situation. But it is an instant fix and an easy way to stay away from someone if you have important things like college exams or increasing workload during end of financial year coming your way. Suggest that they find some other friends, join clubs, or volunteer to take the pressure off of you. I too kept giving her more and more chances, but I realize that she will always have more problems than the average person because of her mental state. Mad at myself that everyone else “got it” before I did. She and her boyfriend do not believe in cars. They want someone to take care of them while trying to convince you it is you who can't manage without their help. So I can escape her ownership just for an hour. Like you, I was the person who understood her, helping her and coaching her.

Feeling drained by a needy friend? The excuse was your mother turned on me and your mother hates me and your mother doesn't care if I live or die. Teach your friend how to treat you and themselves by reinforcing positive behavior in whatever way you can. How to Celebrate your Birthday at your Home? You just worded what i tried sending to Irene in an email.

I soon got rid,,then someone else i knew through her was stalking me.

Maybe I'll try be a needy person matchmaker and see if a couple of 60+ men can feed each other's neediness and make lewd comments to each other. If she gets into a relationship and the relationship is not going well, she starts to just melt down and becomes ridiculously burdensome to her friends. 3.

It caused me anxiety to be around someone who shared and spoke so little, and when she did speak it didn't seem very authentic or personal. I should get used to putting this in posts anyway. I will type this again. Over time, it became apparent to me she needs A LOT of attention. 4.

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