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Mari Makinami Illustrious taucht in der Originalserie "Neon Genesis Evanglion" nicht auf. [25] Her Japanese voice actress is Megumi Hayashibara, who also voices Rei. Sie wurde für die Rebuild-Serie erfunden. Sie begleitete als Jugendliche ihren Vater auf eine Expedition in die Antarktis und erlebte dort nicht nur den Second Impact, sondern überlebte ihn auch als einzige. He is sent to NERV by SEELE as a replacement pilot for Unit-02 after Asuka's synchronization ratio falls below viability; however, his true purpose is to hasten the Human Instrumentality Project's implementation. In the English version films and episodes he is voiced by Tristan MacAvery, and John Swasey in the "Director's Cut" episodes and the Rebuild of Evangelion series. [19] She is also romantically involved with Gendo.,[7] but feels betrayed by Gendo when she realizes that he was using her in the same way that he used her mother. Unable to defeat the Angel, she finds Shinji and tells him to escape. Da er als einziger mit EVA 01 kompatibel ist, ringt er sich dazu durch, Pilot zu bleiben. Toji is a tough boy, the stereotypical "jock," and is in constant conflict with Asuka. Pen Pen, or Pen² ([2][? Full Neon Genesis Evangelion characters list with photos and character bios when available. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? His quick thinking and bravery help save NERV headquarters from the attack by Matarael, and he acts as a spy for Misato, helping her obtain information regarding NERV's machinations. She also appears to be Asuka's only friend. His original surname was Rokubungi, but he changed it to Ikari following his marriage to Yui. Substantial cleanup and reformatting may be needed. Asuka is brash, egotistical, and often verbally abusive (especially to Shinji), and has a very high opinion of her appearance and her considerable skill as an Eva pilot. During the film's climax she steals Unit-02 to battle the 10th Angel. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Parts of this article are considered too old and therefore are outdated. Mari steuert auf Bethany eine halbfertige EVA-Einheit.

She is also shown in a private conversation with an unknown character. ], "Kīru Rōrentsu")[2] is the leader of SEELE, represented as SEELE 01 in the monoliths. Her Japanese voice actress is Mika Doi, and her English voice actress is Laura Chapman. Makoto Hyuga[2] (日向 マコト[? He is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara in the Japanese series. Sie nimmt Shinji in ihrer Wohung auf, damit er nicht alleine wohnen muss und verzweifelt manchmal daran, wie schwer es ihr fällt, an den Jungen ranzukommen. Auch zu den anderen Piloten ist ihre Beziehung schwierig. In both the game and manga of Shinji Ikari Raising Project (碇シンジ育成計画[? However, no references were ever made as to whether her father is, either. Fuyutsuki spielt gerne Shogi, eine japanische Variante des Schachs. She is also Shinji and Asuka's guardian,;[22] letting them live in her apartment rather than have them live alone.
Wikis. Die 14-jährige Asuka hat amerikanische, deutsche und japanische Wurzeln und wuchs den größten Teil ihres Lebens in Deutschland auf. The characters were designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. [6] In the Rebuild of Evangelion films, he does not pilot Unit-03; instead Asuka pilots Unit-03. ], "Fuyutsuki Kōzō") is NERV's Deputy Commander and Gendo Ikari's right hand man.

At one point, Kyoko tried to strangle Asuka. [6] Over time and with encouragement from Misato, he learns to be less cowardly, more outspoken, and more confident, but his progress is undone near the end of the series. If you think you can help solve these issues, consider contributing to the article. She is the pilot of another man-made replacement for the Evas, the Trident, whose combat skills are somewhat more on par with the Evangelions', to whom they bear a resemblance in design compared to the Jet Alone robot. Mari's designation amongst the other Children has yet to be revealed. Er sehnt sich nach einem innigeren Verhältnis zu seinem Vater, der ihn nach dem Tod seiner Mutter im Stich gelassen hat.

Er scheint weiterhin längere Zeit in der Kälte des Weltraums überleben zu können. Er soll die Menschheit gegen die "Engel" verteidigen. However, after Rei I called her an "old hag" and said that Gendo himself called Naoko that frequently, she realized that he had merely been using her affections to ensure her performance for him. ], "Aida Kensuke") is an otaku, a military buff, Toji's best friend, and one of the "Other Children," Eva pilot candidates in the same class as Shinji, Toji, Rei, Asuka, and Hikari. Doch sein Vater, der diese Kampfeinheit leitet, hat noch andere, geheime Pläne. As revenge, she destroys the Dummy Plug system. Kaworu Nagisa (渚カヲル): Ein mysteriöser, blasser Junge, der auf der Mondbasis Tabgha stationiert ist. He re-married and had a daughter, while Kyoko visited a sperm bank and was impregnated. Ritsuko Akagi (赤木 リツコ[?

In the year 2015, the world stands on the brink of destruction. [1], Anno was influenced by Ryu Murakami's war novel Fascism in Love and Fantasy (愛と幻想のファシズム[?
Canons. Von Kindheit an ist sie in das EVA-Projekt eingebunden und trainiert, als Pilotin die Engel zu bekämpfen. Rein offiziell folgt er treu den Anweisungen von SEELE, doch er hat im Hintergrund noch andere Ziele. In vol. Ein unendlich blasses, 14-jähriges Mädchen, über das nichts bekannt ist. While piloting Unit-02, her plugsuit features a 5 on the back. In The End of Evangelion, during Instrumentality, Rei/Lilith appears to him not as any loved one but rather as a bombardment of Reis which forces their way through his AT Field while he cowers and screams in horror under his desk. Evangelion … The various characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion have been occasionally awarded placement in the Anime Grand Prix, an annual reader's choice award contest hosted by Animage magazine. Most of Evangelion 's characters' ages were plotted before broadcasting the TV series, but their birthdays were not settled. Because of its unique design, Mari pilots her Eva wearing a helmet-like contraption and her plugsuit is equipped with several attachments that connect to tubing that apparently help her in moving the Evangelion. [13] After he returns to NERV headquarters, Kaji and Misato rekindle their romance following a period of teasing and insults, when Misato confesses that she broke up with him because she realized that he reminded her of her father. In der Originalserie Neon Genesis Evangelion hieß sie Asuka Sohryu Langley, "Sohryu" nach einem japanischen Zerstörer im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Informationen vor ihrer Zeit als Pilotin stehen nicht zur Verfügung. [20] She is voiced by Miki Nagasawa in the Japanese series. Her main role during the battles against the Angels is to constantly monitor the Eva pilots’ synchronization ratios and send various emergency commands to the Evas as ordered by Misato or Gendo. [7] He becomes friends with Toji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida, something akin to a sibling relationship with Rei, and enters into a confused love-hate relationship with Asuka. [9] As the series progresses, his unscrupulous past is revealed, as is the intensity with which he loved Yui. [3] After the TV series finished, GAINAX released birthdays which were similar to those of each character's seiyū, except Rei Ayanami, Toji Suzuhara, Kensuke Aida and Kaworu Nagisa. Sie gehorcht Gendo Ikari bedingungslos und ist sogar bereit, schwer verletzt erneut auszurücken - wenn …

Sadamoto designed her to look British, and added glasses as a 'simple yet effective way to set her apart from the other characters'[18]. His English voice actors are Amanda Winn-Lee during the series and movies, Mandy Clark in the "Director's Cut" episodes, and Monica Rial in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. This symbolises that she is the pilot of Unit-05.

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