evil mother archetype

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She is receptive, compassionate and a natural empath. It is a divine spark. Where as the sage and huntress are motivated by external goals, the mystic is motivated by personal fulfillment. The shadow mother feels devastated when relationships end and is preoccupied with fears of abandonment.

When overwhelmed by the archetype, she struggles to say ‘no’, often giving of herself to the point of resentment. The Devil is the quintessential bad seed. The founder of WomenLovePower.com, Ayesha is a writer, media personality and a brave new voice for feminine power and social change. Parvati became known as Chinnamasta” (Prdnatosim-tantra, sited in David Kinsley).

They are extraverted, principled and they give of themselves generously. The fairy godmother, by contrast, is the projection of a more benign and caring figure. It depends on culture and the kind of media that you consume as well. When a woman is operating in the queen’s shadow, she aspires to a position of power, but at the expense and to the detriment of others.

This then develops into more specialized needs such as a pizza with salami, cheese, bacon and a host of other toppings.

She resorts to charm, persuasion and diplomacy— soft power tactics– rather than coercision. Maidens are highly supsceptible to periods of darkness and depression. Self-care is her domain. Working in the negative, lover women can be vain, irresponsible, noncommittal, narcissistic, and drawn to emotionally lopsided relationships with complex men. 158) For many this image of Chinnamastā would certainly be a dark, foreboding, negative image. She is a vessel of ‘feminine passion’ that may present as a competitive spirit, athleticism, robust sexuality or even a willingness to ardently champion causes that are close to her heart.

Among her most apparent strengths are loyalty, commitment, emotional resillience and the almost magical potential to divine a man’s potential.

This is  another aspect of  being locked in a child-like state.

We wear masks. In this case she may break rules and social norms, take destructive risks, and manipulte those around her. Each is given characteristics that fulfill those needs, even if the real person is quite different. There are many ways in which the image reveals such truth, most readily in the symbolic severing of the head. As soon as she severed her head, her head fell on the palm of her left hand. The mother archetype represents a woman’s maternal instinct and predisposes a woman to assume the role of nurturer and caretaker in her relationships. Operating in the shadow, queens are driven towards revenge, even if it means the destruction of every thing around them.

Villains aren’t an archetype, but a necessary character type for any story.

Your use of our website and services does not constitute any right or license for you to use our service marks or trademarks, without the prior written permission of Ayesha Faines. The character of the Wicked Stepmother features heavily in fairy tales, and are most often potrayed as wicked, vindictive, evil and vain. They are stuck in their Kore (child-like) state, and thus are drawn to codependent relationships, much like the one between Demeter (the mother) and Persephone. The archetypical nurturer, for instance, might display all the best elements of caring and selflessness, whereas a depiction of a mother who abandons her child would probably have exaggerated flaws and complexes. The image is also cosmogonic: the flow of blood expresses the splendor of being surging forth as Shakti; these great currents emerge from the meditative abode of Shiva (as base or ground), flowing into form (the goddess on the left and right) and into the ecstatic non-dual (the severed head). The mother archetype is an idealized version of the mother, which means that it usually represents what humans want in a mother just as other archetypes represent values such as the hero or the villain. You have the mother who wants their child to succeed in the ways that they didn't and pushes hard for their child to excel. For a better understanding of the archetypes shaping your life, take my one-of-a-kind 13 Feminine Seduction Archetypes™ questionnaire. These negative aspects, the “shadows” of our persona represent emotional blindspots– they are our excess baggage, the passions and tendencies by which we self-sabotage. Mother women feel a strong call to actual motherhood, but they ‘mother’ in all aspects of their lives.

Psychologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud in particular have written extensively on how humans create their own archetypes of motherhood, and what that means both to human development and to society as a whole.

The archetypal young woman, maidens have extreme depth but they often have to mature before they can experience the full potential of their archetype.

StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes ... Raglan finds that traditionally the hero's mother is a virgin, the circumstances of his conception are unusual, and at birth some attempt is made to kill him. Her identity is not based on external qualifiers, like recognition or reputation, rather  her personal sense of completeness. The lover is the most instinctive feminine archetype because it represents the erotic impulse that inspires procreation. If there is one central psychological paradox that flummoxes most humans, it is this: our greatest virtues and our worst flaws are inextricably connected. I think the study concluded that there just wasn't any real universal quality that could be ascribed to motherhood. Queen women who embody the ‘light’ of their archetype excercise their power in yin ways. @bythewell - I think you can still call love a universal quality.

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