evil stepmothers in literature

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This is the power of literary fiction.

If fictional narratives are meant to do more than entertain, if they are, in the words of David Foster Wallace, “about what it is to be a fucking human being,” then, in one important respect, fairy tales fail us. This positive representation of the power of nature is perhaps a reflection of Romantic ideology, and provides a strong contrast to the magic of the stepmothers, which is unexplained, unnatural and dark. Yet why did this particular figure gain such popularity as a literary villain, and what role specifically did the fairy tales of the Brother Grimm have to play in this? We feel unconflicted gratification when Dorothy kills the Wicked Witch or birds pluck out the eyes of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters, because those characters.

I had thought of myself as a “good” person, but what does that mean? Perhaps then the key reason for this change was in order to reflect the social reality of the period. These depictions of stepmothers were so powerful that even today, we have internalised the narrative of a powerful woman equating to an evil woman. Rheinisches Museum für Philologie So, while in the first ones, the reader is simply told, ‘sie freute sich‘ (‘she was pleased’), in editions of 1837, her pleasure has become sadistic: ‘[sie]…lachte überlaut, und sprach »weiß wie Schnee, roth wie Blut, schwarz wie Ebenholz! Written in this rhymed form, Aschenputtel’s words becomes almost incantation-like, and the results are certainly magical – they cannot be explained in any rational or scientific way.

Haase, Donald, ‘Feminist Fairy-Tale Scholarship: A Critical Survey and Bibliography’, Marvels and Tales, 13 (2000), pp.

Read Online (Free) relies on page scans, which are not currently available to screen readers. That’s a common idea, stretching back to Ancient Greece and the principles of formal logic. Therefore, through their overwhelming influence on the plot of the tales, these women demonstrate again their strength and power, and pit themselves against the fragile, passive heroines.
I would add that the act of cannibalism is specifically used in this context as it defies all the characteristics normally associated with a maternal figure: one who is nurturing, caring and protective. I could not reconcile my self-image as a fundamentally good person with the negative thoughts I was having about innocent children. In what ways did the Brothers Grimm set out to emphasise her brutal and malevolent nature? ( Log Out / 

diesmal können dich die Zwerge nicht wieder erwecken’ (‘she laughed aloud and said: “white as snow, red as blood, black as ebony! For terms and use, please refer to our Terms and Conditions

It did not jibe with my ordinary, orderly—and yes, fairytale—idea of how my life would go. .

We feel unconflicted gratification when Dorothy kills the Wicked Witch or birds pluck out the eyes of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters, because those characters deserve the punishment they receive. Unlike the pure, virtuous protagonists, these women provide much of the narrative drive of the tales and possess a considerable amount of agency in their actions. Request Permissions. For although stepmothers are not doomed to be reviled, or to commit filicide by poisoned apple, a stepmother’s relationship with her stepchildren is fraught with pitfalls.

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"Stepmothers get what can only be called a "bum rap" in literature.
It is hard to spend hours with a character without finding points of similarity with ourselves or others we care about. Given the high mortality rate for childbearing women, the presence of a stepmother in a family would have been far more common than it is today. These depictions of stepmothers were so powerful that even today, we have internalised the narrative of a powerful woman equating to an evil woman.

But when I shared chapters of my manuscript with a friend, I realized where the disconnect between writing a realist character and writing a fairytale character occurred.

Thus by going against their intended maternal natures, these women transform into something monstrous and ogre-like. One of their most striking strategies is to draw parallels between the character and actions of the stepmother, and other malevolent figures and creatures of folklore.

This time the dwarfs cannot wake you.”’).

1.Jessica Ann Cox In 2013 the police imprisoned 39-year-old Jessica Ann Cox.

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