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It is widely spoken in northern Ghana especially among the leadership of the king of Dagbon. Originally, the actual shells from the snails were used as currency! All legally sold cocoa is exported through the country’s dedicated Cocoa Marketing Board. The most spoken language of the Akan language is Twi (which comes in four different variations). The country’s oldest university, The University of Ghana, is located in the suburb of Legon. Did you know… that cocoa beans played an important role as money for the Mayan and Aztec people? This election, held in 1956, returned the CPP to power with 71 of the 104 seats in the Legislative Assembly. A smiling girl wears a backpack while walking down a dirt road. About Napoleon, space shuttles and how lady-killer Casanova was so successful… Feel free to grab a slice of bread with chocolate sprinkles or, why not, a chocolate pizza from the fridge. It is so-called as there is an abundance of anthills in the areas surrounding the city. These Ghana facts and statistics provide a good picture of the reality of poverty and how child sponsorship through Compassion is making a difference. After 200 years, Napoleon Bonaparte had become more historical caricature than the bogeyman he once was. Where did the mole Dagbani migrate from? There are two distinct seasons: the rainy season from April to October, and the dry season from November to March. A boy wearing a backpack walks outside classrooms. 100 pesewas make one cedi. These Ghana facts and statistics provide a good picture of the reality of poverty and how child sponsorship through Compassion is making a difference. Also in the wilderness of Ghana includes the dangerous puff udder which is claimed to be capable of throwing venom at its targets over a dozen feet ahead. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website and to gather statistics. It contains for instance flavenoids, an anti-oxidant, and helps lower cholesterol. However, Ghanaians – and especially youngsters – are taught the importance of freedom of worship, meaning that tolerance and fairness amongst the population are indoctrinated.

Fufu — Cassava and plantain pounded together into a sticky paste. The south west of the country is in a warm and wet forest zone. Agriculture composes 19.5% of the country’s GDP. READ ALSO: Fante tribe: Culture, language, clans, food, traditional wear, facts Ghana is a country ripe with entertainment, tradition, exquisite landscapes and phenomenal food, and if you’re one of many who has developed a fascination with the country, you might want to learn a bit more about its culture.

Mole-Dagbon tribe is one of the earliest inhabitants of Ghana. Read also: 120 Surprising Facts About Norway The Land Of The Midnight Sun. The latter is especially popular with female pants and dresses. Poverty is a … The cowry is a small snail that is found in the sea.

The four territorial divisions were administered separately until 1946, when the British Government ruled them as a single unit. Never give or receive money with your left hand and always invite others to eat with you. The effect isn’t all too different from eating a Snickers: a bar made up of carbohydrates and cocoa butter your body can swiftly break down into energy.

Ghana facts tell us that as of 2015, the country is the 7th largest producer of gold in the world. There are more than 100 ethnic groups living in Ghana. As with any culture, food is central to Ghanaian life regardless of where you are in the world. The capital, Accra, is considered to be in the drier, arid, equatorial zone. Watch, learn, laugh, connect, and explore online, in-home or on-the-go. Ghana. Regardless, reason for Cocoa from Ghana to take additional pride in our mission to put the spotlights on cocoa-rich Ghana. Ghana is lucky enough to be home to the largest open air market in West Africa. Below are some dishes to introduce you to the scope of local Ghanaian food. Some of Ghana’s legendary players include Abedi Pele, Tony Yeboah, Samuel Kuffour, Michael Essien, and Karim Abdul Razak, among others. Through dance, people can illustrate and articulate a story or idea. Ghana is home to seven national parks, which are tourist attractions and protected habitats for wildlife, including hippos, leopards, monkeys, elephants, parrots and more. You will find tomato-based stews with complex flavours throughout Ghana. Production occurs in the most densely forested areas of the country, which are places like the Ashanti and Volga regions. Ghana probably isn’t a country we generally associate with rich and famous stars that are known worldwide. We dove into the long history of chocolate and unearthed some exciting facts about our favourite food. Donate to children in Ghana! However, the native religion of the influential Ashanti Empire was a form of pantheism known as Akom, a Twi word meaning “to be hungry”.

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