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Style-wise, the FF is sculptural yet streamlined: it has an innovative shooting brake shape, modern styling cues, and third millennium aerodynamic and conceptual solutions to underscore its sporty stance. There satellite pod to the left of the steering wheel manages the on-board instrument panel, itself located directly in front of the driver. Once again, this guarantees maximum stability. It is Ferrari's first production four-wheel drive model. The right-hand display shows the speedometer (a choice of analogue or digital readout), the main infotainment data and images from the front and rear parking cameras. Find an Autocar car review To shed some light on exactly how reasonable maintenance on an Italian supercar can be, Mike from has put together a list of common maintenance items applicable to nearly all late model Ferraris, priced out by a reputable dealership: *Major Service = belts, tensioners, bearings, seals, & gaskets (every 3-5 years). This is courtesy of a higher and more stable coefficient of friction between caliper and disc, and greater stress-resistance.All of this translates into lighter weight with the same impressive, fade-free performance, lower maintenance costs, and shorter stopping distances. This greatly benefits the FF’s weight-to-power ratio and thus its performance; - a low centre of gravity to be maintained and the retention of Ferrari’s sports car weight distribution with more than 50% of weight over the rear axle despite it being a front-engined car. The external architecture is exceptionally streamlined and aerodynamic. The FF: a name, as we said, inspired by the car’s four generous, body-hugging seats and, more significantly, the new Prancing Horse-patented four-wheel drive system. This goes to show that yes, service costs are a little more, but not much more. The Ferrari FF (Type F151) (FF meaning "Ferrari Four", for four seats and four-wheel drive) is a grand tourer presented by Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari on March 1, 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show as a successor to the 612 Scaglietti grand tourer. This fact, combined with instantaneous grip estimation on any kind of surface, guarantees perfect driveability and handling even when conditions are so poor that the rear-wheel drive can no longer send enough power to the road. Grip estimation was first used in motor racing and then developed for road cars.

The driver’s portal is very usable, more so than the next V12 in the family: the F12. This means the FF can be rear-wheel drive-only so that none of the exhilarating driving pleasure associated with this kind of car is lost. They can also be heated or ventilated (each to three levels). Leading-edge materials have been adopted for the pistons, piston rings and camshaft to minimise friction. It’s as much a car for day-to-day driving as it is for extraordinarily unique occasions. Lastly, the 4RM Control integrates the F1 Trac + E-Diff + PTU control functions, and manages both traction and stability by distributing exactly the right amount of torque to each of the four wheels, thanks to seamless integration of all the systems. It’s still a wild stallion ready to race if let out of its gate. Maybe it’s because the doors actually open the correct way, which makes your backseat entry and exit in the FF a bit smoother than in the Wraith. All of which makes the FF feel very much like home. This impressive result is attributable to a whole series of factors affecting every area of the car. THE FF DELIVERS EXHILARATING PRANCING HORSE DRIVING PLEASURE AS IT EFFORTLESSLY COPES WITH LOW GRIP SURFACES, HANDLES BEAUTIFULLY IN ALL KINDS OF CONDITIONS. Though this has changed, at the time it was still one heck of an accomplishment. Rather than being like the traditional racecar that the Italian brand is famous for, the FF has a taller roof to accommodate movement inside the cabin and comfortable seating. Ferrari - All the official contents of the Maranello based carmaker: all the cars in the range and the great historic cars, the official Ferrari dealers, the online store and the sports activities of a brand that has distinguished Italian excellence around the world since 1947

If ordered, the display is fitted into an enclosed section with a USB connection that can be used to charge smart phones or connect their own multimedia devices to the onboard infotainment system. It is a predominantly spaceframe construction and, like all recent Ferraris, is made from aluminium. The E-Diff is now integrated into the gearbox casing itself, a solution that has helped reduce the car’s overall weight. I did that same thing 15 years ago when I first sought to buy my first Ferrari, and was thereafter far less surprised at the ongoing expenses when things inevitably went awry.

Ferrari S.p.A. - A company under Italian law, having its registered office at Via Emilia Est No. Thanks to the SCM3, damping is now five times faster than with conventional shock absorbers. When accelerating out of bends in low grip conditions, the F1-Trac, E-Diff and PTU work together to distribute maximum torque to each individual wheel for optimum performance. Simulations and wind tunnel testing have optimised the car’s external and internal air flows to guarantee the most efficient cooling possible of the FF’s running gear, on the one hand, and achieve leading-edge drag and downforce figures on the other.

The FF is a car that makes driver and passengers alike feel very much at home.

The display graphics have been completely redesigned to make them user- and reader-friendly.

If you want to check out a list of options and their cost to compare your next FF’s sticker to MSRP, check out this link here: A Ferrari to test your skills in. By simply folding down one or both of the rear seats, however, luggage space and versatility increases and two occupants could easily enjoy a month-long road trip in the car.

The FF also has ABS/EBD, the anti-lock braking system which intervenes individually on all four wheels. And you can find a full list of these recalls here: and up to 185 cm (6 ft 1 in.)

The FF continues Ferrari’s tradition of offering at least one curious—often plus-sized—four-seater in its lineup.

The FF also sets a new benchmark in terms of sheer innovation: it is the first four-wheel drive V12 with a rear-mounted electronic differential, the E-Diff.

Thus, there is no mechanical connection between rear and front axles as they are linked to two completely independent traction systems. This is up to you of course.

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It features: a 6.5”, high-contrast display with touch screen control; a Bluetooth connection with Audio Streaming, to allow occupants to wirelessly listen to music from their own multimedia devices; a sat nav with maps and 3D views; voice command function; two USB connections; and a display with alphanumeric keypad for phone dialling. In fact, the demands of a sleek, elegant design are all part and parcel of the car’s extraordinary aerodynamic efficiency. The hydraulic gear and clutch actuation system is integrated into the PTU, as with the F1 Dual Clutch gearbox, and this delivers absolutely blistering gear-shifting times and thus improved system responsiveness. 2012 (12 reg) | 34,500 miles. And they’ll be as comfortable as in their own lounge. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

The amount of torque transmitted is controlled by closing the disc packs in the individual clutches. This air flows are channelled along curves around the tail-lights and over the roof and the nolder to guarantee low drag. seriously, dont meant to be critical or a pain at all, but are we worried about fuel cost or maybe tire costs on a 350K car? Years of research by Maranello’s engineers, Ferrari’s track experience and on-going dialogue with its F1 drivers who have driven the cars to victory around the world have enabled the company to hone each individual detail and refine every area of ergonomics to ensure that the driver remains perfectly at ease regardless of whether he is simply out for a relaxing Sunday spin, or clocking up the laps on the track. Drive the hell out of it and it will require more service.

1163, Modena, Italy, Companies’ Register of Modena, VAT and Tax number 00159560366 and share capital of … Yes, a Ferrari can be an expensive proposition. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

The old saying holds true, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”. The air that flows into the engine compartment exits through side vents that also lend the car’s flanks a deliciously aggressive yet sleek allure. The torque is also blistering: 683 Nm at 6, 000 rpm, with over 500 Nm available from 1,000 rpm up to 8,000 rpm (virtually across the entire range), guaranteeing unparalleled flexibility. It is Ferrari's first production four-wheel drive model. Lastly, the multi-disc clutches also deal with the different speeds of rotation between the front and rear axles, and between the individual front wheels, fulfilling the function of the centre and front differentials in a traditional 4WD system. However, as I've written about in the past, just because a car is expensive to buy, it doesn't have to be any more wallet-hungry, percentage-wise, than your average family car. For the first time on the FF, it covers all possible driving conditions from ice to dry track surfaces. The engine’s geometries and materials were also developed to harmonise intake and exhaust sounds to underscore the car’s extremely sporty character without impinging on acoustic comfort. Do your own research and decide for yourself ( is a great forum for more info and research). The main functions are available either at the touch of a fingertip or through voice commands: drivers can simply order the system to make a telephone call or select a predetermined road route. EAST FINCHLEY It is also fully compatible with new-generation iPods and iPhones.

The independent, high-containment seats easily accommodate four adults, all of whom enjoy the same space and comfort features. This is the kind of situation drivers typically find themselves faced with on extremely slippery icy or snow-covered surfaces. Does the car tell you?

With that said, do your homework and get references before entrusting your pony to an independent tech.

The latter uses a fluid the viscosity of which is altered by an electronically-controlled magnetic field generated inside the damper. The rear diffuser, which optimises air extraction from the underbody, has three channels, and incorporates two new features.

Are you as passionate about cars as we are? However, the fact it Is a Ferrari means you can’t drive this car like you would a regular sedan. This is very different to conventional 4WD systems in which wheel spin during standing starts is controlled by the ASR and/or by locking the differentials.

It can sometimes be bought for 370 as a 'Get it Now' price. The central section of the rear seat can also be folded down to accommodate particularly bulky items such as a large golf bag or two pairs of skis. Added to this is the new Power Transfer Unit or PTU for the front wheels, which is connected directly to the engine and located over the front axle. The FF may not look like a traditional Ferrari, but doesn’t look too bad, either. Its cabin also includes no less than 20 litres of smaller storage compartments for the kinds of odds and ends occupants might like to bring with them on longer trips. Generally, FF’s do well in common colors: white, black, red with tame color interiors: red, black, or tan. The FF’s styling, created by Pininfarina, is completely new in every sense of the word.

The 4RM Control features multiple logics specifically developed for the various low and very low grip conditions the FF may be faced with.

Ferrari FF 6.3 Auto Seq 3dr.

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